A Call To Action: Help @SURPASSINGGOOGLE and Bring ULOGS to Greater Heights

3년 전

Hi, Steemheads!

I hope you are having an awesome start of the week!
I can barely find the strength to write but this I think is necessary and it's about time.

This is in connection to call for help by my friends @derangedvisions and @underground. Indeed, @surpassinggoogle needs support to bring his projects into completion. He recently lost the massive delegation from @ned and that delegation was helpful in making his projects come to life and supporting large communities here in Steemit. Without it things aren't moving as fast as it should and the projects @surpassinggoogle has are slowing down or put to a halt.


When he had the delegation, @surpassinggoogle made sure to help Steemians with it with curation. He inspired people and made people stay in the platform and love it. Even now that he does not have it, he still continues to curate, but his big projects such as Ulogs need support and he cannot do it alone with the little SP that he has.

I am appealing to the red fishes and minnows to help @surpassinggoogle bring @ulogs to greater heights. The condenser is still underway and it needs a few things. The project will benefit a lot of people and it is one of the best condensers and best project for humanity Steemit has yet. It needs you in it.

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How can you help?

First, be a friend. @surpassinggoogle needs friends right now. Go cheer him up when you have the time. I know he has been dealing with life's challenges with his dad being ill and it's just him who takes care of him. He has been quiet for a reason but who knows you might be able to inspire him for a moment. Please reach out and just be a friend and let him feel he's not alone.

Second, you can help with delegations. It is easy to delegate any amount of SP using the Steembottracker. Rest assured that @surpassinggoogle will be able to help thousands of minnows with the power you will be sharing with him. There are thousands of Uloggers that make Ulogs everyday that need support. Ulogs and @surpassinggoogle are helping lives with this project.

Third, you can refer someone who is a JSON Developer to help finish the @ulogs condenser. It needs finishing touches and people who will work in the backend that are dedicated to make a project come to life and are passionate in helping people.

How to delegate?

Go to https://steembottracker.com/ and go to Tools then Delegation Manager, you can set any amount you wish to delegate to @surpassinggoogle.

You can also click the links I made below to use Steemconnect to delegate specific amounts of SP to @surpassinggoogle.

1000 SP

Delegate 1000 SP to @surpassinggoogle here

500 SP

Delegate 500 SP to @surpassinggoogle here

100 SP

Delegate 100 SP to @surpassinggoogle here

50 SP

Delegate 50 SP to @surpassinggoogle here

20 SP

Delegate 20 SP to @surpassinggoogle here

10 SP

Delegate 10 SP to @surpassinggoogle here

5 SP

Delegate 5 SP to @surpassinggoogle here

I am calling Steemians to help boost @surpassinggoogle and finish his @ulogs project and bring it to greater heights. The man dreams for a better world for EVERYONE, let's help him push for it to happen here in Steemit. He needs your help now more than ever.

The liquid payout from this post will be transferred to @surpassinggoogle. Please help support and resteem.

Thanks for reading and I hope you hear my call.

Love and Peace,



If you still have room to fill since one can vote 30 witnesses, please consider voting these witnesses because they are simply awesome!





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Wow sis.. you are really a friend and a supporter for Terry. I am moved and is going to delegate now.

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  ·  3년 전

Hat's off to @mermaidvampire and the rest of the gang pushing this through, keep it up guys.
as I've said in our chat, one of these days.


Thank you

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this make me cry ...


Cry not

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Hello Sir Terry thank you for accepting me back to your projects. seem i was made a bad decisions to let the steemit look down of my sight but i m wrong... From now on i will be active again tell the platform stands

There's an error sis in delegating using the link:

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I'll check. Sa steembottracker na lang siguro. Salamat kaayo. ^_^


This needs private active key. You can use this: https://ulogs.org/@mermaidvampire/a-call-to-action-help-surpassinggoogle-and-bring-ulogs-to-greater-heights

Just check underneath her post, you will find the button but it won't work with posting key

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And thank you as well

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It is wonderful to see so many different people coming together to support this man that has done so much for so many on here. I have put my own little upvote in for support.

#thealliance #witness

Hello @mermaidvampire just got into this post.. I'm sure to delegate now.. I hope I can help. Thanks for this opportunity given to help back @surpassinggoogle, many we're struggling to find ways to give something in return to our Man with a big heart Sir Terry and I'm one of those.. count me in.. more power to you @mermaidvampire and @surpassinggoogle also. God bless everyone.


@mermaidvampire please help me how to delegate to @surpassinggoogle I don't know how.. please


Thanks, @roselyn028. The process is like this, go to the steembottracker website then tools then delegation manager then put your name then press enter then input the SP value then type in @sg's name. ^_^

  ·  3년 전

Hi @roselyn028! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @roselyn028
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)
  ·  3년 전

You are simply awesome @mermaidvampire. I hope that with your appeal , those users whom @surpassinggoogle has supported from the very beginning til this present day would come forward and reach out to help him. This is the time to support Terry in this difficult time. Many thanks for this post.

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We are here all the timeto support our mentor

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