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What's up Steemians?

Today I'm going to be presenting you with some of the website stats about Steem, garnered from the Amazon Alexa tool. These tell us some interesting things about Steem and where it's headed. Enjoy!

Website Rank

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 19.03.21.png

So as you can see Steemit is around the 1200 global website rank, which is pretty good so far. It's not as popular yet as blogger, which is ranked 205 or YouTube at number 2, but it should be slowly making its way up the ranks. As Steemit gets bigger it would be nice to see it within the top 1000, and then the top 500. If this happens, it will be very healthy for the platform going forward!

Country Traffic

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 19.03.14.png

The US leads the way with traffic, dominating the rest of the countries with 24.3% of visitors. South Korea has 10.7% and India has 6.2%. Then we see Europe with the UK at 4.7% and Germany at 4.6%. There's no surprise that the US was on top, but a bit of a surprise to see India there at 3 and S.Korea at number 2. One of the more interesting parts of this data is that Steemit is ranked the 343rd website in S.Korea, showing a huge audience there! This could be something steemit want to target in the future. In the UK steemit is ranked 1,085 showing that there too steemit ranks above average.


Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 19.03.40.png

These numbers for engagement aren't amazing, which is unfortunate. The 52.4% bounce rate may be because people are looking at one article then leaving, or because people are only clicking onto the main screen. However with the daily pageviews of 3.26 per visitor it may not be either of those. The time on the site of 6 minutes should be a lot longer, however its not a tiny amount for the internet at this time. Overall I think these engagement numbers could be a lot higher, but in the end it all comes down to the quality of the content out out by us!

Search Visits

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 19.04.02.png

It is interesting to note that only 26.5% of visits come from search engine visits, suggesting that the majority of people have the site bookmarked or come from other sites. This is a good thing as it shows that the user base is committed and visits regularly.


Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 19.04.35.png

Although the demography stats aren't fully quantitative, because there's no numbers involved just the ambiguous 'internet average' they can tell us a few things about the nature of visitors to Steemit.

In general much more males visit steemit than the internet average, and much less females. Less than average people who haven't had college education use steemit, whereas the rest is all around average. In terms of viewing area most people use home, not school or work, which makes perfect sense. These stats can't really be commented on but always are interesting to read.

That should be it for today guys, hopefully those stats gave you hope for steemit's future and opened your eyes as to where steemit's at right now.

Crypto Love xoxox

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