Voting bots should be removed

4년 전

If steemit is supposed to be rewarded social network based upon the content and curation by those who particiapte, then why the hell is technological automation allowed in the upvoting process?

Makes no sense, there is nothing 'social' about automation. Technology yet again takes human responsibility and choice away.

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I couldn't agree more. I don't use them and won't use them. It only serves to manipulate the rewards.


Unfortunately, I feel this belief is going against the norm. People are so clueless to the fact that these voting bots are just another form of control over us.


That is actually a very good point. It not centralized organizations or government, but rogue bullies buying or manipulating for gain. My experience with see in real time all of the games that go on in steemit that this is actually a reflection of the world at large. Think about all the spam email, viruses, hacks, etc. Why not apply this to a decentralized platform that provides a free for all opportunity? It's pretty sad this reality.