Gift 5 - Get Free Steem Dollars

4년 전

Hi everyone,

I will post this daily, and the voters will be paid 100% of SBD from this post after 7 days. The SBD will be distributed equally among all voters.

This is a gift to all my followers who visit this post.

You can upvote these posts as well:

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Great gift!Thank You very much!

Well dear

Nice approch btw what ur voting power mam


It is possible to check anyone's voting power. Yours is 89.11% at the moment, @ehujra


Yes i know the tool how to check some one or own but rite now have some issue local ISP not allow me to check yours ;)


Mine is between 58 and 60 % @ehujra

Followed, upvoted, and resteemed. Thank you for helping our community.

Thanks a lot