How I made $0.817 on Steemit within 10 days with 50 posts

5년 전

I was a hero member at BitcoinTalk and got to know about Steemit from there. Since then I have not looked back. But, something here at Steemit, I can not figure out...

This is the screenshot of my wallet on


This is the screenshot of my page on


No, I am not angry or something. I used to make 0.001 BTC (i.e. ~$0.59) per post on BitcoinTalk. I am not going back over there either. Just wondering what am I doing wrong after stumbling over to an account with a solo post that made $190 -

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I haven't gone over your posts, but some times it's not how many they are, but what they consist of plus the proper timing where they can be better read/observed/upvoted.

Try using to post when whale activity is high on the site, and flavor your article with a lot of ass-kissing + express the sentiment that Steem is going to change the world. Doesn't hurt to have some boobs either, but you already knew that.

Titles are also important. If you want to talk about a BitCoin investment you made on an exchange, don't title it "Bitcoin investment", you want to go for something like:

"12 Ways I, MoonGirl, have Filled The Incredible Demand for SteemDollars On a Friday Night While Dodging Black Helicopters in My Bathrobe"


Succumb to the whales is your motto? Why do we need to suck up? Why not just write what we want to write?
There is no quality to be found in "suck up to the whales" posts.

I have made very little doing submissions because I am not good at that. Check my wallet. Most of that is from 4 comments. Get out there and comment on articles you enjoyed and you will be surprised how successful you can be.

So by 50 posts you mean 50 comments as there is just a single Blog post in your account, so the rest is only comments I guess?

There are multiple factors at play on how much you manage to earn, what you post about, how you are writing, are you good at attracting and keeping readers, and even if you are lucky enough to get noticed by a whale.

But I guess you need to write posts and not rely only on comments if you want to earn more. Even if you are good in every aspect you may still remain unnoticed and end up with not much earnings, so here the rewards should not be your goal. If you manage to get some it will be fine, but you should not be focusing on that and with some luck you may actually get a trending post :)

Man you were lucky. Took me like 3 weeks.


Serious suggestion: Get a better user name. Yours appear to be a bot name.


I've been using this name for 17 years and before that FUBAR since the early 80's. If people don't like it I don't give a crap. Not changing who I am for some site.

It's not that bad, my results are quite similar. I think that Steemit reward system need a slight adjustment, though. Steemit philosophy is correct but we should rather give up an expectation that everything we write will be highly rewarded. Just post and expect nothing. You never know when you post something that will earn triple digit reward or more. You'll enjoy it more then when you keep expecting nothing now.


You'll enjoy it more then when you keep expecting nothing now.

That is how I made this 50 posts for less than a dollar, whereas with same effort I could earn 0.05 BTC on BitcoinTalk.


Thing is, if you just post something that took a lot of time and effort and it gets the same reward as something that didn't take time and effort, you feel like it's not worth your time to put forth the effort.

There is a lot of luck involved in getting your post to "trend" and be seen. That is half the battle. Or more than half the battle. Without getting into hot or trending you won't make more than pennies.

Apparently I suck at this... :(

Take heart there's more to life than upvotes ;)

I'm certainly no literary genius but there are things you can do to get noticed... you just need to understand the system and enjoy the platform.
I've made very little by posting, 90% of what's in my wallet comes from trading.

But here are a few tips:

Firstly... don't complain about getting low or zero rewards, the only thing that will do is get you frustrated and make others feel you are only in it for the $$ (Which is fine... just don't let everyone else know)

Secondly... Longer posts (400-600 words) with a little comical twist perhaps, as humans we can lose interest quickly... catchy meme's can draw the attention towards what you're trying tell people.

seems silly but it's just how the mind works in most folks (know your audience)

Thirdly... don't ever stop, repetitiveness is key.

Also... Timing is everything (know your stats)