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Ever wondered how much you could earn just by commenting on Steemit? I spent some time researching that. Below is a collection of comments I collected over weeks, where the earning may raise your eyebrow...


Is Darryl always so shrill and pretentious?



I have a series of posts I'm writing now about socioeconomic observations in prison. If the Steemit community likes it, Ill post it here exclusively.



The price still being in the accumulation area but as well still having low volume, and milder and milder price moves, I expect some action in the near future, it seems everyone who wanted to get out got out and now the market is only absorbing daily dumps from blogging rewards etc.
We should see some slow increase in volume over the next couple days followed by a stronger move.
Hopefully upwards, but there still is chance that we might break down lower in order of more accumulation.



I added some info myself on this screenshot :



@ozchartart. Nice analysis, I need to study up on my volume analysis. I was going to order this book and read it this weekend. If you read it please let me know what you think.



The natural beauty of the pictures astounds me.



I'm not sure traditional TA (especially long term) is going to work on STEEM/BTC or STEEM/fiat because of the high inflation rate. TA on market cap may be more useful. At $2.00, STEEM will be larger than Facebook in terms of market cap in 10 years, which is possible, but of course without a change in price.



Can I suggest a simple change to the presentation: The date format though used internationally, may be confusing for U.S. viewers. As you know the U.S. uses the format month/ day / year ..... so, your presentations at first glance can be mistaken for being an old post or relating to a different period., and might lose viewership. I used to face the same challenge at work having an office based in the U.S. but dealing with a network of overseas affiliates. To get around this we always used the format "Aug 5, 2016" / "Aug 6, 2016"

Enjoyed your post!



another AWESOME post by the OZmaster! keep em comin brotha!



Any chance you can do a post on how to setup Poloniex to look like that?

Thanks for the post, really helps n00bs like me.



Lovely woman with great class and style. The pictures are very good quality, I hope you had great fun in your trip, looks like it is a very beautiful place to visit.



I made an account just to up vote your post. Hope this helps reach a new audience.



Thanks for this informative writeup. Hopefully I've chosen just the right time to upvote it ;)

Re: self-upvoting, it's true that

By clicking this, you forego any curation rewards for your post

but you do so in favor of the post author, which is you!



Confirmed and welcome Larken!



Very nice photos, well done! Have you also partied there? I heard Ibiza never sleeps, lol...



Beautiful island, Hope to visit in the future!



I'm going to get on my jet plane now!



You made we want to go there! Beautiful!



very nice place and pics. Post some pics from Cyprus as well.



lovely pics... very nice island...



Welcome to steemit charlie. Glad to see you here.



Bingo! Yahtzee! Party on the moon!


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Great work. But, unfortunately your labor wont pay off. This post shows how shitty Steem whales are. They will never upvote this as it would expose their shitty work.


U never know...

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Hope this comment will gather at least some of what is above! ^-^


False hope... LoLz

What is with all the bot comments?

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