SOS. We need your help ASAP.

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Dang! I just watched this and realized it cut off a few seconds at the end. But there's enough information here to share our situation with you and for you to assess and figure out what it is you can do to help if you wish to. For some of you it will certainly be monetary donations. For some it will be to spread the word and find other who can donate. For some of you it will be prayers and good vibes. We need all of that right now. I will continue to add to the text here as my day progresses. I've been going over this so many times with so many amazing people for days now and I'm a bit beaten down. The video is much longer than I wanted to make it, but I feel the need to share as much as I can with you. It seems the right thing to do. Please do no hesitate to reach out on Discord - Movement19#0266. I am an open book and willing to talk to anyone willing to listen and lend some advice, help, what have you. Thank you right away for your time and attention and compassion. <3

PS - I'm sorry to have used YouTube. I could not get Dlive or Dtube to work for me this morning.

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@movement19 I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

Man... I feel for you both I really do I havn't got much at all but I want to help. Stay strong brother!


Your kind words help so much, bruv!

This is one shit-stack of a situation to be in, bro and my heart goes out to you. I have myself in a similar situation too and money is just not there anymore. I think a lot of us got carried away when steem was at 10$/15$ and it gave me a similar hope to you it seems. Glad you have found the courage to reach out and I will send what I can. I hate to see folk in this situation, but I know you're not alone in this kind of fix. Hope you get sorted bud and glad to hear the kids are ok too.


Man! Thank you so much.


Just remember me when you're rich and famous :)


I dunno bout the famous part. But we're all going to be rich together. And I don't mean with money, although that would be nice ;)

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Glad you put this on YouTube (which always works) instead of Dtube (which never works) or Dlive (which sometimes works). 100% upvote (for what little that's worth) and will try to send a little SBD, too. I wish the best for you and your family and hope you will keep us updated.


Updates go without saying. Even if I have to take a week or two off from podcasting, I can still post from my phone and laptop. Heck I could even do some of the podcasts if I really had to.

its good having a face to the story, so loving the video style

Cant hear it though because of the riversounds which make the speakers go bezerk but you still have my small 100% vote, as I understand from the comments beneith that you need them

stay strong my friend!


Thank you.

That's a rough situation but be strong! You have my prayers and best wishes :)

I am so glad that you and your fam will be safe now <3