life journey in steemit

6개월 전

hi there, it is mrblu again.

its been 1 year since I join steemit,
yeah, its long journey here with this reputation level of 62.

I have a lot of things to learn.
on how to be a successful writer in this community.
some of my posts are trending, some are not.
that's life here in steemit.

but then even I have cents income, I'm still continuing my passion
in writing, more articles love life poems.

yeah, some poems are very touching indeed,
luckily went on trending page. ^_^

steemit mining our own thoughts,

it generates the power of knowledge and skills on how to express yourself by writing.

yes, the steemit price goes down since BTC is also down..but who cares?

I'm not just here for money but the passion to write some article that I love to share to the community,

steemit give me a reason to continue the things I have started.
steemit community changes my thoughts about how to deal things in life,
take the smile of positivity in life.

I love Steemit, ("__")

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i also continued now my passion in steemit,,thanks bro,,merry christmas also..


thanks bro

keep soaring @mrblu merry Christmas from Nigeria


thanks @admiralsp