My 3 best ways to be successfull on steemit

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I think much of you wants to be successfull on steemit.There are a few ways to do that.

Now I will share with you 3 best rules to be successfull on steemit.

  1. Write quality post.

Write quality post , not quantity matter.I think there are a lot of post copied from newspages or elsewhere.No one wants to read a lot on steemit , they want short and qualitative.No one wants to read news on steemit , they could watch TV.

  1. Use good tags.

Don't use low rating tags and don't invent so much own tags.Focus on the most popular tags.And always use 5 tags not less.

You can see the tags here: Tags

  1. Comment to other posts.

Commenting to other post you could make some upvotes , that means you make some dollars but also commenting you could getting popular. But not leave hallow comments like "good news" ,"How are you" or "Good post". Leave a comment related to that post.And The comment must be 3 or 4 lines.

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Using irrelevant tags, especially popular tags, makes it hard to find good and relevant content.
Please try to use only relevant tags when posting.

#introduceyourself / #introducemyself

The “introduceyourself/introducemyself” tag is for creating initial, first introduction post that tells us about you. Users are encouraged to use this tag exclusively for that, and not to reuse it.

Blatant misuse of tags is spam. Spam is discouraged by the community and may result in action from the cheetah bot.

The Guide To Using Tags: The Game of Tags.

More Info: Abuse Guide - 2017.

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This is a wonderful guide for beginners and also people who wants to go on in steemit. I totally agree that steem post should be high quality and also we should not just upvote a post without reading it. People works hard to create a post and it should be rewarded by not just upvote but reading or watching it.

hola! I like your post! Thanks for it! I went to jail because of cryptos... lets make steemit together to a better place with our content! I would like to read a bit more about you and maybe do you have some more pictures? I also just wrote a introduce yourself. Maybe you upvote me and follow me swell as I do?

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Welcome to Steemit. I hope it is good for you. Invite some friends and build the community

4 Lines, nice!

This post is wisdom. In fact it inspired me to read through the list of tags. Maybe even to go edit my own posts!

Good info and very accurate! Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)