Top 3 best ways earn on steemit

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How could you earn on steemit?

I think everyone want to earn a few $ fast and much on steemit.

The best way to earn on steemit is commenting.You also could earn from posting but I think the best way is from commenting.

That guy just earned $17.Just because he commented on a post. I don't encourage you to do the same thing , I mean don't post hallow comments like "Good news", "Nice work" or "Upvote me".Your comment must be related to the post , and when you leave a comment he must be at least 3 - 4 lines.

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I have been trying this strategy, but commenting is not an easy task either,
the article needs to be of your domain and plus, your comments should add value to it, otherwise it makes no sense to comment for the heck of it.

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Commenting is better than posting something interesting for other people? I agree just in that way if comment makes sense it can receive enough upvotes. It could be the same with the posts, so I would get both of them to the same level.. but also your advice is helpful for someone who is just wasting time with pointless comments :-)