Top 3 best ways to become successful on steemit

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I posted a few days ago a post about how to become successful on steemit and it was really appreciate. And now I made another list.

If you didn't saw , you can see Here.

1 ) Post frequently

Don't post tons of articles thinking that if you have more posts you will have more upvote and more money.Post one or two posts once at two days . Do it regularly so that your followers to know when you post and have more chance to be upvoted.

2 ) Always improve

If you make a post and it didn't has success ask your self what went wrong and people didn't like it.

3 ) Use more channels

You can use DTube if you are a vloger or Bescouted if you are a photographer. There are a lot more channels , but i still don't know all of them.

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