Calling for Help.

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Just now I was scrolling some Zbrush-related channels on Utube and have found THIS

I dunno what has happened with this man, but he uses only his head and one foot working in 3d software.
I want to say that working in 3d is quite a task for regular people, and what he is doing.. just... I have no words to describe my feelings.

And I just thought that if we will bring him here and on Dtube.. it would be much better for him in case of monetization (he put the link for donations under the video) and gaining some viewers.

So if somebody can make him an account that would be great. I can do this but in a month or so.. dunno even how much does it cost on AnonSteem right now.

Please, share this post and leave a comment. Maybe here are another ways of helping him which I don't know.

Thank U for Ur time everyone.

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I’m at work now but I’ll take a look from home tonight. I have some ”discounted account creation tokens” I’ve been stockpiling and would be happy to supply one and delegate a bit of SP so he’ll be able to interact freely.

Does he have a contact email I could send the invite to? I use and it works well for getting folks set up. Plus it’d be great if you wanted to broach the subject in comments or his stream chat to be on the lookout for an invite.

edit - I couldn't find a good way to direct message him an account creation link, if you manage to get in contact or figure anything out, please let me know and I'll set it up.


Yep. Now I waiting him to reply. Thank U Bryan! At least 7 people replied to this post of mine and suggested at least 3 different ways of creating account =)
All we have to do now is wait for his reply.