An Offer to Steemians to Try Uptrennd – Free Uptrennd Tokens!

2년 전

Fellow Steemians, I am a longtime supporter of Steemit, but as a technologist I also explore other social platforms. I recently stumbled upon Uptrennd and have been blown away.   

The Uptrennd team openly supports Steemit and the Steemit community. They believe in the value of many co-existing platforms for the betterment of all. 

In that spirit, Jeff Kirdeikis, the founder of Uptrennd, is offering:  

For anyone on Steemit that is ready to diversify and try out a new platform, we’re offering 10X Uptrennd tokens for whatever reputation level on Steemit you are. Reputation level fifty? That’s five-hundred points. 

His full post can be found here: A branch, to the Steemit Community   

Here is a rundown of the best things I like so far on Uptrennd: 

  1. Every upvote is actually worth something!  
  2. No Bots! Real people authentically interacting on a social network.
  3. Whales can’t game the system!
  4. A great community which is diverse, yet respectful.
  5. The ability for users to grow their returns by taking the points they earn and choosing to level-up (which increases the value of future votes others give them).
  6. The interface is nice, including the ability to quickly post thoughts and reference articles/posts from other sites · Direct Message functions between users is already in place   

Uptrennd is in early Beta but has already made many improvements, just in the few weeks I have been on the site. The development team is moving fast.  Being new, there are still opportunities for growth: 

  • It is not yet a fully decentralized site. It is in the roadmap however 
  • The crypto-currency (1UP) is not on the big exchanges yet 
  • At this stage, the topics are focused on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and technology. However, the plan is for it to expand out to any topics and categories people want   

The site is growing fast and drawing in people who have thoughts to share and discuss.  This is an opportunity for Steemians to earn a bounty, based upon their Steemit reputation score, just for trying out Uptrennd.

Instructions for the bounty are straightforward (go to the A branch, to the Steemit Community  post for full details: 

  1. Open a free Uptrend account (no waiting period) – only if you don’t already have one 
  2. Make a post on Steemit, and somewhere on the post say “this is my Uptrennd verification for (insert Uptrennd name here).  
  3. Then put the link the url of your Steemit post in the comments of the Uptrend announcement.    

For the record, this is my Uptrennd verification for Matthew Rosenquist 

See you all on the Uptrennd site as well!  

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Will definitely have to check out Uptrennd.

Will definitely check it out.

UPDATE: I just received 680 1UP tokens (my Steemit reputation is 68) for trying Uptrennd!

uptrennd is so awesome