Steemit, please add this crucial posting feature!

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I am huge fan of!  Let me establish that first.  I have been around for a long time and have posted tons of blogs, mostly around the topic of cybersecurity (both my profession and hobby).  But, I have found that has one important feature that Steemit lacks.  

Posting Time Commit

The problem is around the amount of time it takes to post even short insights on current events on Steemit.  Most blogs take time to write, pull in images, format, etc.  I tend to be caught up in news stories and want to add insights, experiences, or thoughts by pulling in a news story link and then contributing my input.  I don't want to rewrite or spend time summarizing what someone else has already done a good job.  In fact, I want my readers to go to that news site and read the whole articles(s).  

What I like about, as compared to Steemit, is that I can grab a news story link and the interface pulls and embeds the image and abstract so I can then provide my thoughts on the story.  It is quick and easy.  I can then focus on the message I want to add to the linked content.   

It ends up looking great and is a hugely efficient way to communicate, which then spurs conversations.  I do the same on LinkedIn and it works very well!  So why doesn't Steemit support this function?  

Somebody please add it to the feature request list!  (and post in the comments below if you want it too!) 

Make posting EASY!  

Steemit, please institute this capability!!!  Until then, most of my posts end up on Minds (even though I am a huge fan of Steemit) because it is much less time consuming to post thoughts on referenced links.

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Steemit definitely needs this feature. It has become a standard for other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, for a reason: it promotes interaction and sharing of ideas around news and events.


Agreed. I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened.

That would make posting a lot easier!

@ned how do we get this on the product roadmap wishlist?

the factor of time would certainly contribute to which website i would post blogs on as well

I agree with you for sure and steemit need to add ads to improve the value of each post and attract more interesting inverstor. Regards

It would be great to be able to just paste a link and get some stuff pulled through. Of course we should be adding our own opinion to add value, but this would help a lot of people.

You can definitely add links and images, but I definitely come here for the summary and perspective. Not for Facebook links


The obvious risk is some bot that just randomly post links, but the normal spam controls should still apply, with a low number of likely followers. However, for those that like to discuss current events, this would be awesome! Grab a news link and then layer your thoughts, perspectives, etc. to discuss on our platform.

Great Post 😆