1:30 CST Live - Requesting 150,000 SP Vote Delegation For #SPL & More To Come

3년 전

Starts at 1:30 pm CST - Answering All Questions & Concerns - Come Into Youtube Channel To Learn About The Details

Today I will be live streaming and offer steemians the opportunity and help me support community driven games and challenges by offering my upvote to the weekly winners and losers of the Steemit Poker League with vote delegated support of 150,000 SP.

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excelente amigo

Would be very cool if you could make this happen. And I know you can. There are a lot of delegations to worthless communities. SPL is easily one of the best communities for steem. Brings a lot of people in and its totally legit. @ned check this one out please

cool, loading up now!

When you get it, lemme borrow a few lol.

woow perfect.