What difficulties did you personally encounter during Covid-19?

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I felt lot of difficulties during Covid-19. People were feeling lot of fear during these days. Because of fear people did not go outside of the houses. They did not meet with anybody. All were feeling fear to meet each other. The doors of houses were close because of corona fear. We could not go to the homes of our relatives.
Personally, I bear lot of difficulties during covid-19. My whole family, was sick due corona. Firstly, I shifted my sister into District hospital in corona ward. The ward was full with corona patients. I was only in that was save from corona. I did save myself from corona and took care of all patients in my family. The condition of my elder sister was very dangerous. First three days were dangerous but after three days, she felt herself better.
I provided timely medicine and food. Due to care, they all recovered. Now they are passing their lives very well with their children. But it was hard time for me and my family.
I am very thankful to my God for helping me at that time and give me courage to face all difficulties

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