11 Different Ways To Earn Money In Steemit / Steemit'te Para Kazanmanın 11 Farklı Yolu

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To be successful in Steemit, you need to have a lot of information about the system. The environment is extremely analytical and has a rich application ecosystem. I think I've come a long way in time to get to know the Steemit system. I wanted to share with you what I learned in this article, focusing on making money.

We can basically collect the methods of making money in Steemit under 4 different headings. At this stage, I'm not going to go into detail, I'm just going to specify the titles.

  • Capital-based earnings: Curation reward, vote sales, steem power delegation, leasing steem power to operate

  • Labor-based earnings: Author reward from your posts and comments

  • The earning achieved by the synergy of your capital and labor: Upvoting of your post through bot use, upvoting your own post.

  • Earnings obtained by serving on the Steemit ecosystem: Operating as an upvote bot, becoming a witness, working as a resteem service, developing applications

After drawing the general frame, I can now move on to a more detailed description. I won't keep the level of detail too high, because I want this article to remain a readable length. I wrote about each topic under the article in more detailed manner. You can also take advantage of the other articles I reference at the bottom of the article. Mathematical calculations in these articles may have been differentiated because of the change in Steem price, but the main idea has not changed.

1. Curation Reward

In steemit, every account can use 10 daily votes. In proportion to the steem power you have, you receive a curation in return for the upvotes. Curaiton reward accounts for 25% of revenue generated on a post. This rate gradually decreases if the vote is submitted before 30 minutes the post is published. On the other hand, early voters of a post generate a higher rate of curation than the average curation income of 25%. Ideal curation timing for popular content can be considered between 15 and 20 minutes.

2. Selling Votes and Automatic Voting

To obtain curaiton reward, you need a great discipline to regularly use 10 daily voting rights. It's almost impossible to make this work stable 7/24. And when your vote power isn't used, it's wasted. You can't get any income through it. To prevent this situation, you can vote automatically for the authors you like using https://steemauto.com/dash.php You can use "fanbase" on the menu for this purpose. Also again using https://steemauto.com/dash.php you can be included in a curation trail, and you can automatically upvote the same messages following the master curators.

Another alternative is sell your unused votes on https://smartsteem.com/ through the “sell votes” menu. When your vote power rises to the specified rate the smartsteem system automatically sells your vote and pays you an automatic batch every 2 days.


3. Steem Power Delegation

Steem stands out with some sort of interest rate compared to other crypto currencies. By purchasing Steem and converting it to Steem power, you can delegate this steam power and generate regular income. For the steem delegation you can use these links: https://smartsteem.com/delegators and https://www.minnowbooster.net/delegate . Such a delegation gives your Steem Power an annual return of around 18%. In return for this ROI, you take the price fall risk of Steem. If the price of Steem rises, you gain from the delegation as well as from the price increase. You can cancel the delegation at any time, Steem power comes back in 1 week after the delegation is cancelled.

4. Steem Power Lease

You can rent Steem power by paying some amount of Steem in advance from https://www.minnowbooster.net/lease. You can use this steem power to upvote your own messages, to exchange votes with someone, to operate as a bot, to earn higher profits than you pay for the rental.

5. Author Reward

You can create an audience by creating quality content, developing good relationships with people, and continuing to write in a consistent manner at Steemit. When people upvote, revenue is generated on the post. Those who have high steem power will be generate high rewards by uptoving in proportion to their Steem power. 75% of the revenue generated on the post is given to the author. Author reward is reflected in your wallet after 7 days. You also earn money in the same way by commenting under posts. Let's say that at the end of 7 days 10 sbd revenue is accumulated on your post. 25% of this is distributed as curation reward. There's only 7.5 sbd left. Your final gain is the half of this amount, 3,75 sbd and 3,75/x Steem/Steem power. you can find x value on https://steemnow.com in the upper-right corner of the site. x is steem's last 7 days of median value. You can read the following article about producing high quality content.

11 Tips For Creating Quality Content

6. Upvote Bot Usage

After publishing your post, you can send SBP or Steem to certain accounts that work as a voting bot to vote for your post. Bots are divided into two: fixed-rate voting bots and bid-based boots. I recommend that you give priority to fixed-rate bots that provide guaranteed return. The most important bots voting at fixed rates can be reached through https://smartsteem.com and/or https://www.minnowbooster.net/ They provide an investment return of around 15% on weekly basis.

You can reach bid-based bots through https://steembottracker.com.

Bot use is as critical as quality of content to be successful at Steemit. You can read the following article to learn why.

5 Advantages Of Using Paid Upvote Bots

7. Upvoting Your Own Post

When you upvote your own post, you get both the curation award and author award. This represents the most efficient use of your Steem power. In this way, you provide an investment return around 40% on yearly basis. If you upvote your comments, you get the same result. However, I do not recommend this type of use, because I do not find ethical. I also don't recommend that you create poor content just to upvote. It will negatively affect your reputation.

8. Operating As An Upvote Boat

If you have an account with a high Steem power you can enable your account to be listed on the site https://steembottracker.com/ and use it to provide bot services to others. If you think that you can promote yourself you can also give the bot service independently.

9. Providing Resteem Service

If you have a large number of followers, you can provide resteem services to others for payment. Similar to upvote bot usage, the users send an amount of SBD with their post's link on memo and these accounts resteem the post.

10. Serving As A Witness

The income distributed on Steem is due to Steem's inflation rate of 9.5% per annum. 10% of the revenue generated by inflation is given to the accounts that serve as witness in return for executing the system. Witness has a mission similar to the miners in other crypto currencies. They're elected by steemians. To be able to function as witness, you need to have technical knowledge.

11. Developing Applications On Steem Blockchain

The Steem system has reached its present level thanks to its vast ecosystem. Independent developers are writing applications to serve the Steem ecosystem. These may be for the purpose of obtaining commissions, or for the purpose of obtaining the witness vote. If you have a good idea and have the technical knowledge, you can develop a new application. You can check out application examples on https://steemprojects.com/

Other articles I wrote about Steemit success is listed below.

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Thanks for reading.

Image Sources: https://giphy.com and https://pixabay.com/

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Steemit'te Para Kazanmanın 11 Farklı Yolu

Steemit'te başarılı olmak için sistem hakkında çok fazla bilgiye sahip olmak gerekiyor. Ortam son derece analitik ve zengin bir uygulama ekosistemi var. Steemit sistemini tanıma yolunda zaman içinde epey mesafe kat ettiğimi düşünüyorum. Öğrendiklerimi bu yazıda, işin para kazanma kısmına odaklanarak sizlerle paylaşmak istedim.

Steemit'te para kazanma yöntemlerini temel olarak 4 farklı başlık altında toplayabiliriz. Bu aşamada detaya girmeyeceğim, sadece başlıkları belirteceğim.

  • Sermaye temelli kazançlar: Kürasyon geliri, oy satışı, steem gücü delegasyonu, steem gücü kiralayarak bu gücü işletmek

  • Emek temelli kazançlar: İleti ve yorumlardan elde edilen yazarlık geliri

  • Sermaye ile emeğin oluşturduğu sinerji ile elde edilen kazançlar: Bot kullanımı yoluyla iletinizin oylatılması, kendi yazınızı beğenmeniz.

  • Steem ekosistemi üzerinde servis vererek elde edilen kazançlar: Hesabınızın bir upvote botu olarak işletilmesi, witness olma, resteem servisi olarak çalışma, uygulama geliştirme

Genel çerçeveyi çizdikten sonra artık biraz daha detaylı bir anlatıma geçebilirim. Detay seviyesini çok yüksek tutmayacağım, çünkü bu yazının okunabilir bir uzunlukta kalmasını istiyorum. İlgili konu başlığı altında konu hakkında yazdığım daha detaylı yazılara yer verim. Ayrıca yazının en altında referans verdiğim diğer yazılardan da yararlanabilirsiniz. Bu yazılardaki matematiksel hesaplar steem fiyatının değişmiş olması nedeniyle farklılaşmış olabilir ancak ana fikir değişmemiştir.

1. Kürasyon Geliri

Steemit'te kullanıcıların günlük oy 10 hakkı bulunuyor. Sahip olduğunuz Steem gücüyle orantılı olarak iletilere verdiğiniz oylar karşılığında kürasyon geliri elde ediyorsunuz. Kürasyon geliri bir ileti üzerinde oluşan gelirin %25'ini oluşturuyor. İletinin yayınlanması üzerinden 30 dakika geçmeden önce oy verilirse bu oran aşamalı olarak azalıyor. Diğer taraftan bir iletiye erken oy verenler %25'lik ortalama kürasyon gelirine kıyasla daha yüksek oranda kürasyon geliri elde ediyor. Popüler içerikler için ideal kürasyon zamanlaması 15 ile 20 dakika arasında düşünülebilir. Detaylar için aşağıdaki yazıma bakabilirsiniz.

Steemit'te Yüksek Kürasyon Geliri Elde Etmek İçin 7 Öneri

2. Oy Satışı ve Otomatik Oylama

Kürasyon geliri elde etmek için günlük 10 adetlik oy hakkını düzenli olarak kullanmak büyük bir disiplin gerektiriyor. 7 gün 24 saat bu işi istikrarlı olarak yapmak neredeyse imkânsız. Oy gücünüz kullanılmadığında ise boşa gidiyor. Üzerinden herhangi bir gelir elde edemiyorsunuz. Bu durumun önüne geçmek için beğendiğiniz yazarların yazılarını otomatik olarak oylamak için steemauto.com üzerinden talimat verebilirsiniz. Ayrıca yine steemauto.com üzerinden bir kürasyon kuyruğuna dahil olabilir, usta küratorların beğrendikleri iletilerin aynısını otomatik olarak beğenebilirsiniz. Diğer bir alternatif ise smartsteem.com üzerinde “sell votes” menüsü üzerinden kullanılmayan oylarınızı satmanız. Oy gücünüz belirlediğiniz orana yükseldiğinde smartsteem.com oyunuzu otomatik olarak satıyor ve size 2 günde bir otomatik toplu ödeme yapıyor.

Steemit İle Birlikte Kullandığım 8 Uygulama

3. Steem Gücü Delegasyonu

Steem diğer kripto paralara kıyasla bir tür faiz kazandırması ile öne çıkıyor. Steem satın alıp steem gücüne dönüştürerek bu steem gücünü delege edebilir ve bunun üzerinden düzenli gelir elde edebilirsiniz. Steem delegasyonu için smartsteem.com ve minnowbooster.com sitelerini kullanabilirsiniz. Böylesi bir delegasyon steem gücünüze yıllık %20 civarı getiri sağlıyor. Bu getiri karşılığında Steem’in fiyatının düşmesi riskini almış oluyorsunuz. Steem’in fiyatı yükselirse hem delegasyondan hem de fiyat artışından kazanç sağlamış oluyorsunuz. Delegasyonu istediğiniz anda iptal edebiliyorsunuz, delegasyon iptalinde steem gücü 1 haftada geri geliyor.

4. Steem Gücü Kiralama

Minnowbooster.com sitesinden peşin bir ödeme yaparak steem gücü kiralayabilirsiniz. Kiraladığınız bu steem gücünü kendi iletilerinizi beğenmek, birileri ile oy takası yapmak, bot olarak faaliyet göstermek gibi görece karlı işlerde kullanıp ödediğiniz kiradan daha yüksek kazanç elde edebilirsiniz.

5. Yazarlık Geliri

Steemit’te kaliteli içerikler yaratarak, insanlarla iyi ilişkiler geliştirerek, istikrarlı bir biçimde yazmaya devam ederek kendinize bir izleyici kitlesi yaratabilirsiniz. İnsanlar iletinizi beğendiğinde ileti üzerinde gelir oluşacaktır. Yüksek Steem gücüne sahip kişilerinoyları Steem güçleri ile orantılı olarak büyük olacaktır. İleti üzerinde yaratılan gelirin %75’lik kısmı yazarın oluyor. Yazarlık geliri 7 gün sonra cüzdanınıza yansıyor. Ayrıca iletilerin altına yaptığınız yorumlardan aynı şekilde para kazanıyorsunuz. Diyelim ki iletinizin üzerinde 7 günün sonunda 10 sbd gelir oluştu. Bunun %25’i kürasyon geliri olarak dağıtıldı. Geriye 7,5 SBD kaldı. Nihai kazancınız bu tutarın yarısı olan 3,75 SBD ve 3,75/x steem gücü oluyor. x değerini https://steemnow.com/ sitesinde sağ üst köşede bulabilirsiniz. x Steem'in son 7 günlük medyan değerini ifade ediyor. Kaliteli içerik üretmek için yapabilecekleriniz konusunda aşağıdaki yazımdan yararlanabilirsiniz.

Kaliteli İçerik Üretmek İçin 11 İpucu

6. Oylama Botu Kullanımı

İletinizi yayınladıktan oylama botu olarak çalışan belirli hesaplara SBD ya da Steem göndererek iletinize oy vermesini sağlayabiliyorsunuz. Botlar sabit oranlı oy veren botlar ve teklif bazlı botlar olarak ikiye ayrılıyor. Önceliği garanti getiri sağlayan sabit oranlı botlara vermenizi tavsiye ederim. Sabit oranlı oylama yapan başlıca botlara https://smartsteem.com/ ve https://www.minnowbooster.net/ siteleri üzerinden ulaşabilirsiniz. %15 civarında bir yatırım geri dönüşü sağlıyorlar.

Teklif bazlı botlara ise https://steembottracker.com sitesi üzerinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

Bot kullanımı Steemit’te başarı için çok kritik. Bot kullanımının önemi ve botların nasıl kullanılacağı konusunda aşağıdaki iletimden yararlanabilirsiniz.

Bot Kullanımının Sağladığı 5 Avantaj

7. Kendi İletinizi Beğenmeniz

Kendi iletinizi beğendiğinizde hem kürasyon gelirini, hem de yazarlık gelirini siz elde etmiş oluyorsunuz. Bu durum steem gücünüzün en etkin kullanımını ifade ediyor. Bu yolla %40 ila %50 arasında bir yatırım geri dönüşü sağlamış oluyorsunuz. Yorumlarınızı beğenmeniz durumunda da aynı sonucu elde ediyorsunuz. Ancak bu türden bir kullanımı önermiyorum, zira etik bulmuyorum. Ayrıca sırf kendi iletinizi beğenmek için kalitesiz içerik yaratmanızı da tavsiye etmem. İtibarınızı olumsuz etkileyecektir.

8. Hesabınızın Upvote Botu Olarak İşletilmesi

Yüksek steem gücüne sahip bir hesabınız varsa steembottracker.com sitesinde listelenmesini sağlayabilir, hesabınızı başkalarına bot hizmeti verecek şekilde kullanabilirsiniz. Eğer tanıtımını yapabileceğinize güveniyorsanız steembottracker.com’a kayıt olmadan bağımsız bir biçimde bot hizmeti de verebilirsiniz.

9. Resteem Servisi Vermek

Çok sayıda takipçiniz varsa başkalarına ödeme karşılığı resteem hizmeti verebilirsiniz. Sistem, bot kullanımına benzer biçimde, resteem servisi almak isteyen hesabın memo bölümünde resteem edilecek iletiye yer vererek SBD göndermesi esaslı olarak çalışıyor.

10. Witness Olarak Görev Yapmak

Steem üzerinde dağıtılan gelir Steem’in yıllık %9,5 oranındaki enflasyonundan kaynaklanıyor. Yaratılan bu gelirin %10’luk kısmı sistemi işletmeleri karşılığında witness olarak görev yapan hesaplara veriliyor. Witness’lar diğer kripto paralardaki miner’lara benzer bir görev üstleniyor. Seçimle belirleniyorlar. Witness olarak görev yapabilmek için teknik bilgiye sahip olmak gerekiyor.

11. Steem Ekosistemi Üzerinde Uygulama Geliştirmek

Steem sistemi geniş ekosistemi sayesinde bugünkü seviyesine ulaşmış durumda. Bağımsız geliştiriciler Steem ekosistemine hizmet etmek üzere uygulamalar yazıyorlar. Bunlar komisyon elde etmek amaçlı olabildiği gibi witness oyu alma amaçlı da olabiliyor. İyi bir fikriniz varsa ve kodlama bilgisine sahipseniz siz de yeni bir uygulama geliştirebilirsiniz. Uygulama örneklerine steemprojects.com üzerinden bakabilirsiniz.

Steemit konusunda yazdığım diğer yazılara ait linklere aşağıda yer verdim. (Bu konuda amma çok yazmışım😃)

Steemit Hakkında Çok Sorulan 14 Soru ve Yanıtları
Steemit'te Paylaşımlarımın Beğenilmesini Nasıl Sağlarım?
Bize Yatırım Yapan Bir Balina Olsa..
Öğrendiğimde Ufkumu 2 Katına Çıkaran Steemit Gerçekleri
Steemit'te Nasıl Bir Likidite Stratejisi İzlemeliyim?
Steemit'te Gelirimi Artırmak İçin Ne Yapmalıyım?
Bugün Ne Yazsam?
Öyle Bir Başlık Yazayın Ki Kimse Yazdığım İçeriği Okumadan Geçmesin

Türk topluluğunun Steemit hakkında detaylı bilgiler sağlayan seçkin yazarları var. @anadolu @arafs ve @sauronbey hesaplarını takip etmenizi ve bloglarını detaylı incelemenizi tavsiye ederim.

Okuduğunuz için teşekkür ederim.

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Thank you for mentioning us in this post, @muratkbesiroglu!

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if only i knew what delegating power means. Does it help you power up your reputation? i am 3 days old here so bear with my silly question but i am yearning to learn


it means renting your steem power and receives benefit


Good suggestion sir


very helpful post big thanx for it


How do i grow my Profile ? I post Hot Fitness Models from all over the world ! Thank You

Great post!

Sen var ya harika bir detaysin reis

Quick question, why is steem bounty not in your list, did u think it did not qualify or did u not know about it?

A really great and comprehensive post. Thank you so much for putting this information out. I can certainly use some of the ideas.


Thank you so much for this @muratkbesiroglu. You cleared up so much for me in this post. I was wondering if you could write a piece on powering up. I am speaking specifically to the 90 delegation as opposed to using your STEEM or SBD to buy STEEM Power. What are the pros and cons? Are there any pros and cons. This is especially for a non-technical minnow like me who is still trying to find my way around this platform.

Great post for all steemit users, thanks

thank you so much!! resteemed

Very informative post about all the knowledge of steemit. Many people does not know it’s proper system.

This is one of those great post you save for the bookmarks, I absolutely LOVE information, especially Steemit community insights. It's highly appreciated affirming standards and best practices active users follow around the feed. I share content like this often for new users and invites I send through my omnichannel.

Steemit holds so much promise for all in involved. Not unlike the latest next thing on the Internet, here just feels so far ahead of the legacy sites like Facebook and Instagram (with Steemit modules like @steepshot, @zappl, @dtube et al.) I'm actually making a small, but humble profit from my own original ideas. I LOVE sharing my art and vision with other like-minded individuals I find here. It's really a whole new world for creatives, working out in the field, or even people living nomadically, Steemit and it's parts make working remotely somewhat appealing (if compelling enough).

@dtube could sponsor top creators with higher tier pools and exposure to create channel original series that reflect the ideals, novelties, and sights found on Steemit. There's a point news and regular updates of Steemit and its networks would make savvy infotainment.

@steepshot could take on Instagram, with higher volume of photographers, smoother blog integration would make this a killer bridge for visual content creators to share solely their artwork.

@zappl is Steemit's version of Twitter, basically, however text content posts are streamlined to limited 140-characters. So consider this like a hyperlink RSS blast feed for your online networking needs. It's been a bit screwy lately, but I enjoyed this integration for its ease of use and post formatting.

Now if they can sort the bot thing out, automation could be better delegated. It's not so often good quality content from a core creative audience rises to the top of Trending. Or perhaps an aggregate algorithm that could triumph such endeavor, I do have high hopes!

Thank you @muratkbesiroglu for this insightful post!


Thanks for writing this article. It seems like the more energy,time and quality work you put into steemit, the more rewarding the experience will be over all. I need to work on all of these areas LOL.


Thank you! I’m super new and this was a great primer.


great information about how to make money on Steemit, thank you.


Nice information with properly explained ways to earn good.


I agree w/ Zappl!


Thank you for all this info


thanks for sharing this great information.


That's really a great post buddy. Thanks a lot it helped me a lot :)

I am new on Steemit, it could be great if you have have a look on my article: https://steemit.com/instagram/@rajmehta3007/few-apps-that-i-used-to-get-my-instagram-page-to-1million-followers-and-sold-it-for-usd10-000

I do all the above except for DAPPs and Witness. Witnesses require dedication and proven expertise.

While there are flaws in Steemit... it is nice to be able to earn a return on investment while sleeping or on vacation.

thank you for this great post. very helful

Anyone using the smartsteem 'delegation' or 'sell vote' service? Is it good?


I am mate I delegate to a bot my sp only a little and get pay outs daily and haven't tried the sell vote one


I am using smartsteem's vote selling service. I haven't experienced any problem


I've been using sell vote and loving it!


Yes that's good my cousin used.

Thanks for sharing. Resteemed.

Thanks so much for this very helpful and I believe endless possibilities on this platform and the blockchain and what certain users can develop is truly amazing


yeah this is a great platform

درامد از استیم می تواند بر اساس یک سیستم عادلانه و بر اساس شایستگی های فرد در ارایه پست های جذاب باشد اما متاسفانه به دلیل ضعف سیستم استیم و امکان سواستفاده از آن فرصت برابری برای افراد در درامد زایی وجود ندارد

Appraciate Murat Bey :))) İyi bayramlar

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@dlive is one of application built on Steem that I think we want to use if we want to earn through posting your video. Many of my friends are posting their talent on facebook that dont let them earn anything by doing so. Great information my friend...

I did not know there are so many different ways to earn steem money on this platform. Thanks for this awesome overview of different possibilities! I am happy to upvote this post!


i could have sworn your avatar image was Jim Brewer


Close, but not close enough ... lol

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yes @vicky3585 this is good information for new people like us

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Awesome post. I think you have studied Steemit community deep enough.
Thanks for all the links and help. Really very nice post for any new comers on steemit. I will definitely recommend you post.

Regards @muratkbesiroglu

Is there a recipe for musicians/artists as well for a good/easy rewards for art/music?


All the best and keep up posting good blogs


Thanks @muratkbesiroglu

I'm curious to see if there will be soon some ... so called "big whales" that would be a positive curators for artists and their blogs to give a jump start much better for this community

I have already a dtube chanell and dsound ... people are not so into it and expecially to sustain it

Thanks for the infos @muratkbesiroglu



Dtube pays out sweet rewards @MelissaKellie don't you think


Maybe ... i feel like people are not searching for Art/Music :-) Much more into convenient things ... like in music ... covers :-) which for me has a different direction on which i don't want to channel my energy ... but this world loves the concept of "what's new ... better not to try ... what's old ... like cover music and we know how it sounds ...go for it ... on and on" In rest ... no comments :-) Have a Blessed Day @neddykelly and feel free to enjoy some of my raw art/music




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Thanks @bybrawe

I have my account already


Feel free to listen my music

Have a great weekend


:) i like your music. keep doing music. nice work

Thanks for the information.

Hello! Thank you! This help me alot!!!

Wow, many things I didn't know or wasn't sure about. Thank you @muratkbesiroglu, it cleared a lot of my doubts

Hocam iki dilde içerik üretmeye başladığınız zamandan beri kaliteli içeriklerinize ulaşabilen insan sayısı ile birlikte size duyduğum saygı kat be kat arttı. Emeğinize sağlık ürettiğiniz bunca güzel içerik için

One more time a post full of amazing information.I use your posts as a guide :)
yine şaşırtıcı bilgilerle dolu bir post olmuş.Yazılarınızı rehber gibi kullanıyorum :) @muratkbesiroglu


Rehber olarak kullanılsın diye yazdım. Özelden çok soru geliyor. Tümünü karşılayan bir çalışma olsun istedim.

Perfect. I have been struggling to understand how Steemit works.

#upvoted #resteem #resteemed

Perfect. I have been struggling to understand how Steemit works.

#upvoted #resteem #resteemed

Awesome post, very helpful and insightful. Thanks!

Emeğine sağlık yeni başlayanlar için çok güzel bir rehber olacaktır



Thanks for telling the important thing, I just found out that there are 11 different ways to get rewards. I love reading your reviews.


Thank you 🙂

thanks you soo much for sharing such tremendously and I hope everyone is now understand the ecosystem of steem and steemian will be awarded now..

I got a D in maths, a D in Science, a C in English and a Ungraded in Religious studies.
I understand a little bit of that :D


lol. I got better grades but this steemit is wide for all of us to understand. I think the only people making money are those who understand the ecosystem


Haha. Creds to you man.
I never even took music as a subject too.
You are right there I think.
One must have an understanding for sure.
I am enjoying the ride though.
Hope you are too :D

but most of all the main one is bots, if you got the money you better be using bots, or else nobody gives a shit what we write or post.


it is true. Most people dont know but even the whale no one is getting organic 500 upvotes free.

Great article. 11 great things you could do to earn some steem. Like you wrote some are more ethical then other.
I do have one question about delegation:
Do you also get rewarded for a free delegation?


good post but you have the same money you pay


i think his post made him more than he spent in reality. Look at it 9 hrs later. i can only dream this

I’m newbie, this will help a lot, thanks for sharing.

Gran post

Gran post

Hi @muratkbesiroglu! This post was simply fabulous! I loved the way you have broken down the information in a very simple and easy to understand manner. Also, the information is very much to the point! I was looking for this kind of info only. Thanks a lot!

thanks a lot for share this information, i am a new user , and i learned with this article now i begins to folloe your advises.

Thanks for providing all this info, @muratkbesiroglu. To have it so well laid out in one place is extremely useful to a newbie like myself, and I will be archiving and studying it closely. Having looked at your blog it looks like there’s plenty more where this came from so too, so I’ll be watching out for you.

Neat, tip! :)

I'm new to steemit and this article is very useful. keep up the good work.

@muratkbesiroglu slm abi thank you for sharing


i follow you bro you are welcome

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Teşekkür ederim 🤠

Den Besten Beitrag ever
Danke Mann!!

Thanks for this post, its pretty good to know all the ways to get money in this site, it serves as incentive to play it safe and good

üstat çok üretkensiniz gerçekten, sık aralıklarla böylesine uzun yazıları hem türkçe hem de ingilizce olarak kaleme almanızı takdirle karşılıyorum. yazılanlar arasında 3 numara benim ilgimi çekiyor, yani hesaba belli bir steem gücü aktarıp bunu delege ederek, ufak da olsa düzenli gelir elde etmek. yani bir bakıma repo.

bu konuda şunu hesaplamak gerekiyor. diyelim ki gobaba'dan 3000 tl karşılığında steem aldım ve bunu steem power'a dönüştürdüm. bu tam olarak 375 sp yaptı. oy gücü olarak da 0.04 yapıyor. 375 sp'yi delege ettiğimde düzenli olarak ne kadar kazandırır? 9000 tl'lik yatırım yapsaydım ne kadar kazandırırdı? bu sorulara biraz çaışmam lazım :)


Bu işi profesyonel olarak yapıyorum. Üretkenliğimin sebebi o olabilir. 😃Yıllık %20 civarı kazandırır ama Steem'in fiyatının düşme riski her zaman var.

I find the best way to just keep farming up SP.

And then upvote your own posts :D for the ultimate profit

Excellent summary of opportunities on Steem blockchain. I suggest users should try to get involve in more than one activity and definitely in writing post.

fantastic your post, thanks for share this information. it is very interesting know more about the subject.

Nice peice of work thanks

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Thank You For this Valuable Information

Hello there!!!
thanks for sharing this information it will be helpful for all new users.

great post, good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!

Hola, gracias por la información la voy a poner en practica 😁

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That is an excellent guide for us beginners who want to get the best of this great platform, the triple C: Community, Coins and Content haha.


Thanks you form this so much usefull information!!!!

Thanks you for this so much usefull information!!!!

Thanks for the tips! STEEM has a bright future!!

Thank you very much for sharing such an important thing to us.I started steemit one week before.Your post will help me.

Thanks for the tips! STEEM has a bright future!!

Nice job.Thanks for this post.This post is very important for me.

Wow interesting stuff for the new opportunities.

very helpful things you let us know

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Nice article! One question though. Since this post is about money, why wouldn't you use a referral-Link. Or am i wrong? Please correct me :)


i followed you

Thank you.. this information it is so necesary to grow up at this social network... never it is so classified as you do at this post really good.
Thank you for share

  1. Operating As An Upvote Boat → 8. Operating As An Upvote Boat

Very useful tips. I hope to use them when my account grows a bit. Thank you very much.


I am new as well and just followed you

Thanks for your article I think I’m going to try some things.

Que clase magistral.. gracias por nutrirme de tu conocimiento, espero llegar a ese nivel de entendimiento y madurez dentro de steemit.

Thanks for the tips!

Thank you so much, I really need this blog today.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

Lovely and succesful day.

Thanks for this well written post

Thanks so much for the tips @muratkbesiroglu.

Informative post,thank you , appreciated


hellow friend, meet another new steemian. we will someday be this smart in this ecosystem

Wow, I previously assumed that steemit is simply just all about writing and getting upvote 🤔. Thanks for this article, still need to find out more from the links you shared, especially the one that has to do with the bots, I don't fully understand it.


hey i can help with the one on bots. There is a cheap bots i found.
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0.01 steem for 100+ upvotes. I am only 3 days in steemit and i used it. @bdbot just it then transfer that amount to them with your post as memo.

all the best sister


Thanks a lot, I'm definitely gonna check it out. I didn't know it was legit


I just did now, more than 60 upvotes but not up to 0.02 earnings. What's the point

I'm definitely resteeming, thank you

hello, I'm new to steemit, you would help me get steemdolar by visiting my profile, hugs


i will visit your profile if that helps. Follow me back tho too as i am new and would love to get more new followers

Hey @muratkbesiroglu - this is a super useful article. Thank you! Just realised I should comment more :)

Realy good information for the steemit, because that man adopt this information that win the Dollar from steemit. Specilly for new men.

This information is really helpful though it has been explained severally. Thanks for sharing. You're amazing.

Really amazing source on #steemit

This post is very helpful. I got some information I didn't know before.

Thank you @muratkbesiroglu.

Çok teşekkürler efendim, bilgilerin bu şekilde toplu olarak bir yerde bulunması çok güzel olmuş, her daim müracaat edeceğimbir kaynak...

This is just awesome. Insightful information on how to use Steem it in a better way.

Hi @muratkbesiroglu. There is still much I need to learn from the steemit world. I could say that I have survived by inertia, hahaha. I try to put into practice each council. And those in this post are very helpful to understand how the reward system works. So far I think I've only focused on winning through my own publications and socializing with users; which I enjoy a lot, because I tend to be very sociable. But I think the time has come to pay a little more attention to those other ways that can help me be more and better rewarded.

Great post! - Harika yazı! ;)

Thank you for the tips... I'm fairly new to steemit this will definitely help!

Thanks for sharing this information with us... I think we the minnow will highly benefit from this

This is very handy and useful to know . thank you for sharing this rich infos. This is worth to upvote .

@muratkbesiroglu does it affect my account for upvoting other posts? do i by anychance lose any power for upvoting other people posts?

is there a limit for the post i can upvote in a day?

Thank you very much @muratkbesiroglu for a great and actionable article. We are @layra , a Mexican Crypto Media focused on spreading the word and helping people in spanish understand and use blockchain, btc, alts and help them detect scams and frauds.

We are a month old channel and we have been struggling to get votes and followers, but thanks to your article some great ideas and strategies are surging.

Thank you very much @muratkbesiroglu and we hope we can follow and upvote eachother. Many congrats

Saludos from Mexico City!


Oh man, great resource. Commenting to keep this post at my beck and call, heh.

Thank you! Followed you!
-Frolickin Raptors

Very good information I will keep it in mind.

Gracias por compartir estos consejos de ayuda para crecer en esta comunidad!!

teşekkürler! Thank you for clearing some aspects to me. I was reading the FAQs today; there's a lot of information you covered in just a couple of sentences.

Thanks for sharing. I am new and it really help.

Wow... Thank you so much for this

I am sort of new on steemit and thus postbhas given me more enlightenment on the money making aspect than I have had in the past week.

Nice one sir.

Thank you so much

Thank you for this informative post . I learn many new things about steemit . I hope you will post more article like this and will helpful for people like me.
Thank you Again.

that good for all , its nice information to any one to began in steemit :)

This is one of the most comprehensive, thorough, explanatory and interesting -HOW TO - post on Steemit. There have been thousands of Steemit Help posts but none just quite like this yet. Hats off to you! Let's hope a bunch of people will resteem as I am doing right now and let's hope @mratkbesiroglu will have the insight and will to respost this weekly or bi-monthly with any few additions when applicable or user input added :)
Love @krytonika

Thanks for this article. You have became my favorite steemian since I Joined a few days ago. My challenge is writing quality content in enlgish even though I barely speak it. I'll do my best.

Good article! Thanks

Thank you very much for your detail post. I have learned a lot thorugh your sharing.

Well informing, Well researched and communicated.
just won a fan!

thanks for information

thanks for information

Thanks for these ideas, @muratkbesiroglu.. .surprisingly most people are aware of these different ways to earn here on steemit, just that most of us are not effective at them.

Great information bro thanks. Resteemed it :)

@muratkbesiroglu Thanks for writing this very informative and extended article 😀

This article explain everything about steemit. And how to earn more from it.

Great post, useful information for newcomers like me, thank you for posting this, all the best to you.


i am a newcomer too. very confused at all the information. lol

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Good segestion

good review, thanks

Great post mate!

Thanks you so much for this post! I'm new on this community and I´m glad to know this!!

Good Post thanks for share this knowledgeable post

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Excelente post para los que estamos entrando en este mundo de Steemit, muchas gracias por lo aportado ya que me aclaras muchas dudas.

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What is steem power???

What is steem power???

One of the things that i dont like about steemit is that someone who is considered a whale makes a comment( and by the way that is 99% a stupid comment) all of a sudden 10 of his followers upvoted his comment because he is considered a whale a maybe some of them will get a reward.
And in the most part the dont get any rewards they are just licking the whales ass.
It really pisses my off when i see some amazing comments and they dont get at least one upvote.


I agree with all you said @amahovac93, and i was going to upvote your comment (which could move it to the tip of this thread). But then i have noticed this comment is self-upvoted. So I don't. Because I never upvote selfupvoted comments. Never.

Best post full of lots of useful information and links to more in depth look at some topics. I have been looking for more info on bots. Thanks

I am new in this blog
Really have a question to ask, is there any way one can be recieving notification when post are been uploaded here ?
Am in here to learn
I believe i will acquire real knowledge here

Extremely useful information. Im more confident using the smartsteem service. Thanks!

steemit is a great oppurtinity for us .and i strongly recomnded to everybody learn this project

Thank you very much @muratkbesiroglu for inspiring #people and #giving #value to them. I learn very much from people #like you. #Grateful 🙌

Some really great and useful stuff for seemit newbies!

mükemmel bir post aradığım bütün bilgileri vermişssin tamda pes ettiğim zamanda gördüm

That's pretty useful to know! Thanks a lot!

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Awesome post, very useful.

This post is so helpful especially in us a beginner user of steemit ! I really appreciate your blog ! :) If I had an extra steem I would give you ! But for now I will just give you merit by following you ! Hope you follow me back sir. :)

Truly epic post, thanks for sharing. Really learn a lot from it. Would definitely try to get some steady income using your tips.

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Thank you for this information..this is worth reading and helpful to all steemians specially to newbies in this platform..I appreciate this @muratkbesiroglu.❤

Wow this information gives me an idea on how to earn much more. Ive been doing some of info like upvote buying. I will try some of this. Thanks for the info

Bilgiler icin cok tesekkurler.

Thank you for the info

How is work? Teach me

Thanks for giving awesome information
I follow you please follow me back

Excellent work friend @muratkbesiroglu from @Venezuela always supporting your post, I learned a lot thanks to your work ... Congratulations is still men ...

thanks for posting such a informative post may be very useful for beginners

Bu kadar şeyi nasıl başarırım bilemiyorum..

That's looks great but I only relly to author reward.

thank you very much for the information and recommendations

Your account has to be old enough to earn handsomely here

Thank you! Great post !!!
Are you from Turkey?

So many ways it really good

this is not mainds


Really awesome post. Thanks for sharing these tips.

Great post! Thank you! Maybe i make a translation to hungarian language, if our community want it.


that would be great for the community that only understands hungarian. I speak Swahili

Great Information! A must read for everyone!

Thank you for this article, I have been looking for a post like this. So many terminologies I find difficult have been analyzed in detail. Once again thanks.

Thank you for this very informative post. I was wondering if I will get any reward for up voting my own posts. Now I know. Keep going mate.

What about me? ;-) I don't have much SP (just could give you one cent by my vote.... pffff) Is there a benefit in upvoting my own posts or comments if no one voted on my post? Nothing out of nothing is nothing I guess, but maybe on Steemit this works different??


lol. you are really funny. got me thinking


Well actually it was a serious question, but funny is okay too 😉

This post is very helpful for us. And i also want to know about the working on steemit then your post will help me in future.

One of the best articles I've read on using the Steemit platform. Will certainly refer back to it to learn more and grow in the ecosystem.

Thats the best way to get deleted our steemit account as soon as possible cause if we use fake upvotes or promote our post not naturally then its not not allowed for sure !cart.jpg

Many thanks for the tips, it's really appreciated for rookies like me.

Thank you buddy, iam a new user on steemit and this information was very helpful for me.

It was a very helpful post thank you for these post..

@muratkbesiroglu the explanation was reliable and really in easy language and i have properly understood all things but the question arises in my mind is why the dollar we are getting are decreasing day by day as on my first day it was 0.83$ then now after 4 days i checked then it was 0.73$ what is the reason behind this can you please take a time and explain me about this content?????

Awesome post u have nice content thanks

This is an excellent post.
I have written four articles for Newbies and one dealt with getting paid. This article is very well organized, it explains the subject matter very well and gives me several executable actions to take after I read it. Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a thouroughal article.

This is a nice post. But some tips are not useful for users. Expecting a post only for new user.

Sir really thank you very much for share this precious basic information.Such your basic information really help to needy people like beginners.I like most your sharing opinion.