What Should I Do To Be Successful In Steemit? / Steemit'te Başarılı Olmak İçin Ne Yapmalıyım?

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Malcolm Gladwell tells us that the path to success is not linear in his book The Tipping Point, which had been very popular throughout the world. When you set out to accomplish a goal, you strive for a long time without getting any significant results. The development of things is so slow that you think you can't get anywhere. The majority are stuck in this incubation stage. A few of those who continue on their way with determination reach what Gladwell calls the tipping point. Things speed up and the work that is done is appreciated by a wide audience.

In my Steemit adventure, which began in January 2018, I think I have reached the tipping point described by Malcolm Gladwell. What I've been writing lately is getting a lot of attention. I'm rapidly gaining followers and my posts are on trending lists. Steemians ask questions about how I did it. I have previously shared the tips for success at Steemit focusing on specific topics. So some of my writing will be repeated. In this article I will try to recap and summerize the content. My advice is based on the concrete results of a large number of small experiments I did during my Steemit adventure. Therefore, I do not give any suggestions below, which I personally not applied. After reading and finishing the article, I recommend that you read the details under the topic titles through the links I share.

Time Investment

The more time you spend on any subject, the better you are. Malcolm Gladwell explains this in his book The Tipping Point by 10,000 hours rule. It is not common to be successful without spending 10,000 hours of time on any subject that coincides with a 5-year full-time shift. When I started posting in Steemit, I was working as a manager at a bank. Two months ago, I left the bank and started to work full-time with Steemit. After starting to work on Steemit posts fulltime I started to get better results. Me decision was radical. I don't recommend it to you. The message I want to convey is that success is in proportion to effort.

Monetary Investment

My financial investment in Steemit has helped me raise my account. I have suffered from the financial investment I have made, but I'm not too obsessed with this situation because I believe in the potential of Steemit. If you want to take a quick route in Steemit, I recommend investing in a small amount of Steem. You can also earn income while increasing your reputation by using upvote bots to promote your posts through the investment you have made. In addition, thanks to your investment you can earn curation income for your upvotes. The benefits of bot usage can be found at the link below.

5 Advantages Of Using Upvote Bots


Title Selection

In less than a second, people decide whether to look at the content your post. The title used is very important in this decision. You can find my advice on the subject at the link below.

Use A Title That Grabs Everybody's Attention

Topic Selection

Finding topics that may be of interest to viewers and sharing about those issues are effective on the results. Finding a suitable subject every day is not an easy task. You can find my advice on the subject at the link below.

Image Usage

The human brain processes visual information much faster than written text. Therefore, the image used is very important in the decision whether to read a post. In addition, the visual you use in your profile is vital. The last time I changed the image I used in my profile, I was surprised to see that daily number of my new followers doubled. I use the images from https://pixabay.com/ , https://giphy.com/ and https://www.canva.com/ that are open sources of images, gifs and posters.

Tag Selection

In Steemit, we have the right to use 5 tags that are valuable as gold on each post. Those who follow each tag are looking for new posts listed on that tag. When we add 5 commonly used tags to the bottom of our post, we increase our visibility by about 5 times compared to single tag usage. It is important to avoid the use of tags that are irrelevant with the concern of being visible, such behavior will damage our reputation and cause more harm than its benefit.

Quality Content Creation

My general observation in Steemit is that people respect labor. And carefully crafted content comes forward in a way. It is critical that the content is comprehensive. You can find tips to improve the quality of your content in the following article.

11 Tips To Create Quality Content

Compliance With The Rules Of Steemit

As with any community, there are behaviors that are not tolerated in Steemit.

  • Do not steal content, show resources for images and citations

  • Don't troll any of the Steemir community members (I have never met such behavior. I think Steemit has an elite community.)

  • Produce quality content and improve good relations with people instead of begging for a vote or a follow

  • Use correct tags

  • Do not use upvote bots or selfvotes for insufficient content

Writing In English

After starting to publish my content in English as well as in my mother tongue Turkish, the number of likes on my posts has increased dramatically. For translation I use sites such as https://www.bing.com/translator , Yandex translation tool and https://translate.google.com/ I have to make twice as much effort, on the one hand my English is developing.

Reputation Score

After my reputation score was over 70 last week, my followers started to rise much faster. It takes a lot of effort to get a point at this level, perhaps a difficult level to achieve, but the higher your reputation score, the better.

The Use Of The Steemit Tools

In order to use Steemit effectively, it is necessary to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the tools in the Steemit ecosystem. Using these tools makes it much easier to grasp and understand the situation in Steemit from an analytical perspective. You can read the following article on this subject.

11 Applications I Use Along with Steemit.com

Benefiting Different Ways Of Making Money

There are many ways to earn income in steemit. The efforts shown here are becoming much more efficient as you recognize and apply different methods of generating income. You can find detailed information on this subject at the link below.

11 Different Ways To Earn Money In Steemit

I'd like to point out that the clues I'm trying to give you do not guarantee success at Steemit. I can sort out the reasons as follows.

  • The nature of jobs that require creativity, such as writing, photography, films, and startups, is not fair. The works of the majority of people in the production of artistic/innovative jobs hardly see any interest. A small number of people are able to make a living with this kind of work. Therefore, it is not rational for a person whose primary goal is to make money to be professionally involved in creative work. If the goal is to make money in a short period of time, it will be difficult to resist the difficulties encountered.

  • The tips I give here are mainly about the way you promote and shape your content, rather than the core value of the content. Because the ability to create a rich content is based on accumulation. This accumulation can only be gained by experience over time.

  • There is always a distance between theory and practice. Some of the Steemians who like the advice I have listed here will not take any action on this subject, so they will not have any practical benefit.

Thanks for reading.

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Steemit'te Başarılı Olmak İçin Ne Yapmalıyım?

Malcolm Gladwell dünya genelinde büyük ses getiren "Kırılma Anı"(The Tipping Point) isimli kitabında başarıya giden yolun doğrusal olmadığını anlatır. Bir hedefi gerçekleştirmek için yola çıktığınızda uzunca bir süre kayda değer hiçbir sonuç elde edemeden çabalayıp durursunuz. İşlerin gelişimi o kadar yavaştır ki bu gidişle hiçbir yere varamayacağınızı düşünürsünüz. Çoğunluk bu kuluçka aşamasında takılıp kalır. Kararlılıkla yola devam edenlerden birkaçı ise Gladwell'in kırılma noktası olarak adlandırdığı aşamaya ulaşır. İşler birden hızlanır, yapılan iş geniş kitlelerce takdir edilmeye başlanır.

2018 yılının Ocak ayında başlayan Steemit maceramda galiba Malcolm Gladwell'in tarif ettiği kırılma noktasına ulaşmış bulunuyorum. Son günlerde yazdıklarım büyük bir ilgi görmeye başladı. Hızla takipçi kazanıyorum ve paylaşımlarım trending listelerinde üstlerde yer alıyor. Böyle olunca bunu nasıl başardığıma dair çok sayıda soruyla karşılaşıyorum. Steemit'te başarılı olmaya dair ipuçlarını daha önce konu bazlı olarak paylaşmıştım. Dolayısıyla yazdıklarımın bir kısmı tekrar olacak. Bu yazıda genel bir toparlama yapmış olacağım. Yazdığım tavsiyeler Steemit maceram sırasında yaptığım çok sayıda küçük deneyin somut sonuçlarına dayanıyor. Dolayısıyla bizzat uygulayıp sonuçlarını gözlemlemediğim herhangi bir öneriye aşağıda yer vermedim. Yazıyı okuyup bitirdikten sonra konuların ayrıntılarını konu başlıkları altında yer verdğim linkler üzerinden okumanızı tavsiye ederim.

Zaman Yatırımı

Herhangi bir konu üzerinde ne kadar zaman harcarsanız o konuda o kadar iyi oluyorsunuz. Malcolm Gladwell Kırılma Anı isimli kitabında bu durumu 10.000 saat kuralıyla açıklıyor. Herhangi bir konuda 5 yıllık tam zamanlı bir mesaiye denk gelen 10.000 saatlik süreyi harcamadan başarılı olmak sık rastlanan bir durum değil. Steemit'te paylaşım yapmaya başladığımda özel bir bankada yönetici olarak çalışıyordum. 2 ay önce bankadan ayrılıp tam zamanlı olarak Steemit'le meşgul olmaya başladım. Steemit'e ayırdığım zaman çoğalınca elbette daha iyi sonuçlar elde etmeye başladım. Benimki radikal bir hareket oldu. Size tavsiye etmiyorum. Vermek istediğim mesaj başarının gayretle orantılı olduğu.

Parasal Yatırım

Steemit'e yaptığım parasal yatırım hesabımı büyütmem konusunda bana çok yardımcı oldu. Yapmış olduğum parasal yatırımdan zarar etmiş durumdayım, ancak Steemit'in potansiyeline inandığım için bu duruma çok takılmıyorum. Steemit'te hızlı yol almak istiyorsanız küçük bir miktar Steem yatırımı yapmanızı tavsiye ederim. Yapmış olduğunuz yatırımı botlar aracılığıyla paylaşımlarınızı promote etmek için kullanarak tanınırlığınızı artırırken bir yandan da gelir elde edebilirsiniz. Ayrıca yatırımınız sayesinde beğenileriniz karşılığında kürasyon geliri de elde edebilirsiniz. Bot kullanımının faydalarını anlatan yazıya aşağıdaki linkten ulaşabilirsiniz.

Bot Kullanımının Sağladığı 5 Avantaj

Konu Seçimi

İnsanların paylaşımınızın içeriğine bakıp bakmamaya bir saniyeden az bir zaman içinde karar veriyor. Bu kararda konu başlığı çok etkili oluyor. Bu konudaki detaylı tavsiyelerime aşağıdaki linkten ulaşabilirsiniz.

Öyle Bir Başlık Kullanayım Ki kimse Yazdığım İçeriği Okumadan Geçmesin

Görsel Kulllanımı

İnsan beyni görsel bilgileri yazılı metinlere kıyasla çok daha hızlı bir biçimde proses ediyor. Dolayısıyla bir yazının okunup okunmayacağına karar vermede kullanılan görsel çok etkili oluyor. Ayrıca profilinizde kullandığınız görsel de hayati önemde. Profilimde kullandığım görseli son değiştirdiğimde günlük takipçi sayısı artışımın ikiye katlandığını gördüğümde çok şaşırmıştım. Görsel kullanım konusundaki tavsiyelerime aşağıdaki yazı üzerinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

Görsel Temini İçin Kullandığım 3 Ücretsiz Uygulama

Etiket Seçimi

Steemit'te her paylaşımda altın değerinde 5 adet etiket kullanma hakkımız bulunuyor. Her bir etiketi takip edenler o etikette listelenen yeni iletilere bakıyorlar. Çok kullanılan 5 etiketi iletimizin altına eklediğimizde görünürlüğümüzü tek etiket kullanımına kıyasla yaklaşık 5 kat artırmış oluyoruz. Görünür olma kaygısıyla ilgisiz etiketlerin kullanımından kaçınmak gerekiyor, böylesi bir davranış itibarımızı zedeleyecek, faydadan çok zarar getirecektir.

Kaliteli İçerik Üretimi

Steemit'e dair genel gözlemim insanların emeğe saygı duyduğu yönünde. Emek verilip özenle hazırlanmış içerik bir biçimde öne çıkıyor. İçeriğin kapsamlı olması kritik bir nokta. Fotoğraf paylaşımlarında da çok sayıda fotoğraf içeren iletiler öne çıkıyor. İçeriğinizin kalitesini artırmak için yapabileceklerinize aşağıdaki yazımdan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Kaliteli İçerik Üretmek İçin 11 İpucu

Steemit Kurallarına Uyum

Her toplulukta olduğu gibi Steemit'te de yapılması hoş karşılanmayan davranışlar var.

  • İçerik hırsızlığı yapmamak, kullanılan görsel, alıntı vb için kaynak göstermek

  • İnsanların morallerini bozan trollükler yapmamak (Böylesi bir davranışla hiç karşılaşmadım. Seçkin bir topluluk olduğumuzu düşünüyorum)

  • Kaliteli içerik üretmek ve insanlarla iyi ilişkiler geliştirmek yerine oy ya da takip konusunda dilencilik yapmak

  • Yanlış etiket kullanımı

  • Ödül havuzundan daha fazla pay almak için yetersiz içerikler için bot kullanmak ya da bunları oylamak

İngilizce Yazmak

İçeriklerimi anadilim olan Türkçe'nin yanı sıra İngilizce de yayınlamaya başladıktan sonra beğeni sayıları bir anda 3 katına çıktı. Çeviri için https://www.bing.com/translator , yandex çeviri aracı ve https://translate.google.com/ sitelerini kullanıyorum. Eskisine kıyasla iki kat çaba göstermem gerekiyor ama bir yandan İngilizcem de gelişiyor.

İtibar Puanı

İtibar puanım geçen hafta 70'in üzerine çıktıktan sonra takipçi sayılarım çok daha hızlı artmaya başladı. Bu seviyede bir puana ulaşmak büyük bir gayret gerektiriyor, belki ulaşılması güç bir seviye ama itibar puanınız ne kadar yüksek olursa o kadar iyi.

Steemit Araçlarının Kullanımı

Steemit'i etkin bir biçimde kullanabilmek için Steemit ekosistemindeki araçların sağladığı olanaklardan sonuna kadar yararlanmak gerekiyor. Söz konusu araçlardan yararlanınca Steemit'teki durumu analitik bir bakış açısıyla kavrayıp anlamlandırmak çok daha kolay oluyor. Bu konuda aşağıdaki yazımdan yararlanabilirsiniz.

Steemit Ile Birlikte Kulandığım 11 Uygulama

Farklı Gelir Kaynaklarından Yararlanmak

Steemit'te gelir elde etmenin çok sayıda yolu var. Farklı gelir elde etme yöntemlerini tanıyıp uyguladıkça buradaki gösterilen gayretler çok daha verimli hale geliyor. Bu konudaki detaylı bilgilere aşağıdaki linkten ulaşabilirsiniz.

Steemit'te Para Kazanmanın 11 Farklı Yolu

Vermeye çalıştığım ipuçlarının Steemit'te başarıyı garanti etmediğini belirtmek istiyorum. Sebeplerini aşağıdaki gibi sıralayabilirim.

  • Yazı, fotoğraf, film, yeni girişimler gibi yaratıcılık gerektiren işlerin doğası hiç adaletli değil. Sanatsal/yenilikçi işlere yönelik üretimde bulunan insanların çoğunluğunun eserleri neredeyse hiç ilgi görmüyor. Az sayıda insan bu türden işlerle geçimini sağlayabilecek bir seviyeye gelebiliyor. Dolayısıyla birincil hedefi para kazanmak olan bir insanın yaratıcı işlerle profesyonel olarak ilgilenmesi rasyonel değil. Amaç kısa süre içinde para kazanmak olunca karşılaşılan zorluklara direnç göstermek güç olacaktır.

  • Burada verdiğim ipuçları ağırlıklı olarak içerikten çok biçimle ve içeriğinizi nasıl tanıtacağınızla ilgili. Zira zengin bir içeriği yaratabilme becerisi birikime dayanıyor. Bu birikimi kişi sadece zaman içinde tecrübeyle kazanabiliyor.

  • Teori ile pratik arasında her zaman bir mesafe oluyor. Burada sıraladığım tavsiyeleri beğenen Steemitçilerin önemli bir kısmı bu konuda herhangi bir aksiyon almayacak, dolayısıyla pratik bir fayda elde etmemiş olacaklar.

Okuduğunuz için teşekkür ederim.

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Tebrikler, birçok konuda çok doğru şeyler söylemişsiniz, yatırım yapma şansı olmayanlar farklı platformlar kullanarak daha fazla gelir elde edebilirler. Bu konuda pek çok farklı yöntem mevcut diğer yazınızda yazdığınız gibi. Gelen ödüller ile doğrudan botlara yatırım yapılabilir, aynı sırada çok zarar etmemek için power down yapılarak küçük zararlar ile sirküle edilerek sistem düzenli bir hal alabilir. Bu konuda birçok yeni katılan kişi SP kiralamayı düşünüyor. Lakin bence özellikle şu aralar sp kiralamak pek mantıklı değil. Eğer ki başarılı olacağını düşündüğünüz bir projeniz yoksa. Onun yerine SP'nizi bir sonraki aşamaya bırakıp öncelik olarak itibar puanı yükseltilebilir


Itibar puanı yükseltmek bence de daha iyi bir seçim


Peki itibar puanımızı nasıl yükselteceğiz?

I'm rapidly gaining followers and my posts are on trending lists.

I was forced to stop reading the moment you said those words, like that.

The thing is, you're purchasing a false sense of success when you use bots. The rewards beside your posts are indicting how much you've paid to post here, not how much you've earned. It's kind of like renting a lambo for the weekend and telling people you own it.

True success cannot be bought. You're talking about followers. You're also purchasing a following. When it comes to friends, who do you trust more? The one who you said, "Hi there, will you be my friend for $10," to or the friend who approached you and asked if you'd like to hang out some day? Look around. Your friends here are offering up some rather hollow and almost shallow feedback. If you're the creative type, like me, these types of empty comments are the exact opposite of something I'd want to hear.

You talk about your reputation score. That was also bought, whereas mine was earned. So you basically went out and purchased a bowling trophy that says, "Worlds Greatest Bowler," and now you're telling people you're the world's greatest bowler, even though you weren't awarded the trophy after bowling. Buying a trophy doesn't mean you've won a trophy, so it can't be considered an achievement. Acting like it's an achievement is much like living a lie.

To each their own. If you prefer this approach, that's fine, but I have trouble agreeing with this approach when it's being presented as 'success'.

Sure, maybe your house here is in the nice neighborhood, but some of us can see the debt you put yourself in to get here. It is unfortunate to the true success stories here that they are no longer allowed to move into this neighborhood but I guess that's fine because this neighborhood is only a movie set and those aren't mansions, they are simply walls made out of cheap lumber and painted to look like a nice house from the front only.

I can show you hundreds of accounts that offer a true representation of success, including my own. Everything in our wallets was earned here, no debt. I could explain how to achieve it, but unfortunately, I don't think people want to hear what I'd consider to be the truth.

Anyway, good luck. Have a nice day.


Great comment @nonameslefttouse!
There's no such thing than earned reputation.

But some people seem to enjoy burning money no matter what...:-)


Success story of 2018: I spent 45 minutes worth of idling fuel waiting in line within my running vehicle at the fast food drive-thru to buy a cheeseburger because I had a coupon for a free drink. Everyone applauded.


Hahaha, that's a great one! I bet I have done something similar in my life at least once...:-)
Vouchers are extremely good marketing tools!


good example to others like me


If that free drink was a bottle of good vintage wine, then I say that's a good deal.


I'd go to a cheeseburger and wine drivethru any day.


You just made my day :)


I'd like to hear what you have to say m8!


Follow my blog then. Read some of my work. I don't have time to write another article here.

I will share something humorous with you though. There's a thing called 'delegating' here where people delegate their Steem Power to other accounts. Then there are bidbots. People spend their money and purchase the rewards seen next to their post. This post above is a prime example of someone who paid for rewards that aren't truly worth anything.

So anyway, there's another member here on the trending page who delegated away his SP to a bidbot, then purchased a vote from said bidbot, and he's writing financial type advice. Imagine that. That's like buying a bag of apples, then choosing to pay a random stranger each time you'd like to eat one of the apples you already own; and he's sitting around telling people what to do with their money.

The comedy writes itself.


Isnt that what most of the companies do for marketing anyway ? hah.

I've followed you m8 my first. Hope you can return the favor. I'm quite new here still would see which space I'd fit in. Yeah I read up on people sharing their SP and delegating good to know it doesn't work.


Well said. I'm new here, so I'm still understanding this complex environment, but I've read about those bots and stuff like that, that make you generate money easily, but that seems like cheating to me.


Sure, you can give someone else money so money shows up beside your work, but that's not profit. You can put a Bugatti logo on a Chevy if you wanted, but that won't make the Chevy a Bugatti. It's not cheating, it's just ridiculous.

If people want to go into debt just to be able to instantly achieve what many of us have been able to achieve for working hard over the span of years, so be it, they can go right ahead and have everything we have except for the money we made. There are many ways to approach this game. If spending money instead of making money is your game plan, then do it.

If you want to make money, take the youtube style approach. It'll be slow at first, frustrating, it'll give you a headache, but eventually, you'll get somewhere; provided you don't give up. Also, if you share a photo and get paid 10 cents, that's more than Facebook ever paid you. Take it or leave it.

Try to build up a valuable following. These folks on the trending page pay to be seen but if you select 10 of their followers at random, you'll see low value accounts like yours right now because you just started. You want high value accounts to follow you if you plan on earning because the more Steem Power someone has in their account, the more they can give you if and when they vote for your work. Keep in mind, not all of your followers will vote for your work, so the more value your following has, the better your chances of earning something when they actually do vote.

I'm following you now. You're a digital artist, me too. Study my approach. Add some personality to each post. If you were a blogger who talks about trees, unfortunately, nobody wants to follow a tree, but the minute you add your personality to said tree blog, that makes it about you and the tree, and people tend to gravitate towards other people. For instance, I enjoy motovlogs on Youtube, but I don't subscribe to EVERY motovlogger because, straight up, many of them are far too boring. Get it? Got it? Good!


Thanks man, I appreciate the insight. I didn't know that about the trending, that's a great tip! Which one would you recommend to check? The New or hot, or promoted instead?

Will give it a shot to add my own personality to my entries.



Hii im just follow u pls follow me back thanks


I am new here, not only here, i do not think so i will make money here, but i think i would meet some good real peoples, i read this first post today, and also your comment, that's nice. i want, you write an article to explain how you achieve it (reputation).


I don't want to write a post about that. I think it's been done 10000 times already much like the "How to be successful on Steemit" post has been done about 10000 times(probably more).

Every incoming upvote you get raises your reputation. If you do something stupid and get a downvote, that lowers your reputation. A low value account vote won't raise your reputation as much with one vote as a higher value account.

Reputation is just a number though and it doesn't really mean much now since people can just buy high value votes to raise the number.


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I love this comment, and it touches on something that has fascinated me since I found Steem. Do you value artistic integrity or do you value the payouts? Can it be both? To what degree? Where do you draw the line? I like to do photography and other art. I'm also interested in bleeding-edge technology that disrupts fundamental ways that humans relate to each other. So when I signed up for Steem it was partly as an experiment, to see what happens when the profit motive and artistic integrity combine in a transparent way. What wins out? I saw one guy getting hundreds of dollars worth of crypto every time he posted a shitty photograph, and the comments section below his posts were filled with people kissing OP's ass telling him what an artistic genius he was. It drove me nuts that people would go out of their way to kiss his ass in the hopes that he would throw them some crumbs from his fat crypto wallet.

That said, is that not how the real world works? If you dine in a pricey restaurant and are rude to the waiter, chances are the waiter will still be nice to you instead of telling you to fuck off because he wants your tip money. In one situation, your behavior could get you an ass kicking. In the restaurant, you get an ass-kissing because there is $50 worth of tip money on the line.

Anyways, I got on Steem, and a $20 post payout means nothing to me. So I figured I could shake things up. I could interrupt the parade of fake niceties, because my integrity was worth more than any post payout I could hope to get.

But I soon found that I was paying a lot of attention to how big of a wallet that my post commenters were sitting on. Even though the post payouts were whatever, I wanted more. Just because why??? Maybe it's a competitive instinct. I don't know.

I will say that from your post, you're well aware of the games being played on this platform, and you've decided you're going to play them by your own rules. I respect that and appreciate your post for addressing something that's been on my mind. I am not on Steem platform a ton...just started using it again after many months off, but your comment is the most real shit that I've seen on here.

I'll follow you and upvote your good stuff, FWIW. You're setting a good example that not many on this platform are following (yet).


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your content win my heart , i surely follow these steps on steemit

Beautiful .. Yes, steemit is best place for creativity and the good profit
Well done for your words
Thanks for sharing..


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Very interesting!

nice post

When I started posting in Steemit, I was working as a manager at a bank. Two months ago, I left the bank and started to work full-time with Steemit.

Oh... I guess the bank didn't pay you very well. Cause according to your Steem statistics, you're even losing money now.

That's what happens when you go all-in on bid bots.
You may consider a change in strategy though...

Steem on! :-)


And then what? If he posts one time, just once, without paying for bidbots, his whole house of cards falls apart. Success? People that are actually successful here dont say that about themselves.


Hmm... Steemit is the best platform for earning, what do you think?


Hii IM just follow u pls follow me back thanks


Well, you said something really important here: it's just a house of cards, not a real one :-)

Excessive vote buying and community building are mutually exclusive.


Hii IM just follow u pls follow me back thanks


It is not about money. I like writing


Do you write just for yourself? If you're expecting people to read your articles, then you should rather try to build up a community around you that is actually interested in your work - and not just jumps into your blog posts because you've bought the trending position.

The attention you buy via bid bots may boost you to the front, increase your visibility and help you to artificially inflate your followers count, but that's all. Just answer yourself how many people (human beings) have really been engaging with your content over time. How many real conversations did you have here? Or do people just read the headline of your article and then invent themselves a comment that appears to fit with the rest...?

Excessive vote buying and community building are mutually exclusive.
As someone who loves writing you may appreciate having a real audience...

Go for it! :-)

Hyvin sanottu. Olen uusi täällä, joten ymmärrän yhä tämän monimutkaisen ympäristön, mutta olen lukenut näistä robotteista ja tavaroista, jotka tekevät sinusta rahaa helposti, mutta tuntuu olevan huijausta minulle.

çok teşekkürler @muratkbesiroglu, çok güzel bir yazı yazmışsınız. Ancak büyük bir çoğunluk erken pes ediyor, bu duruma bir çözüm bulmak gerekir diye düşünüyorum. Ben de tam vazgeçmek üzere iken siz, @anadolu, @kusadasi, @punky, @damla, @arafs, @doctorbishop, @baycan ve bunun gibi bir çok hesap aklıma geliyor ve yeniden bismillah diyorum. Hayırlısı inşallah...


Hayırlısı. Steem fiyatı biraz hareketlense yukarıya doğru, hepimiz canlanırız😃

başarı için napayım bilmyom

Thank you for putting this together ! Your recent posts have really helped newbies like to me get a better grasp of how this platform works. While, quality of content contributed are the key drivers - persistence & having a sound strategy is what should define success here ! - Just being optimistic :)

Emeğinize sağlık, çok teşekkürler. Steemit'te başarı sağlamak için rehber alınacak nitelikte çok değerli bir paylaşım olduğunu düşünüyorum. Açıkçası bence çok kısa sayılabilecek bir sürede katettiğiniz yol ve elde ettiğiniz başarı benim gibi yeni başlayanların örnek alıp motive olması açısından çok büyük şans. Umarım bizler de en azından motivasyonumuzu artırıp devamlılığını sağlayacak kadar başarı gösterebiliriz.

Thanks for sharing such interesting information. Though, it seems like the present day steemit, if your reputation is still low, regardless of how useful the information you share may seem, people hardly pay attention to them. The personal investment you made was the major reason your growth here was rapid. At the level you are now , your post will not struggle to gain attention because people always upvote those with high Sp and reputation. It's obvious that those with no personal cash to invest have a very long way to go.

There are a lot of posts out here angry about the bid bots, do you think they are ruining steemit? By the way thanks for another solid post, I have a number of yours open in tabs for ongoing reading. Good on you!

I love steemit community .Steemit is the best community to earn money.

Happiness is the highest level of success!

Sağolun hocam. Her halinizle bizlere çok iyi örnek oluyorsunuz. Tskler.👏👏



Thanks for the advice! I find it very encouraging that you're doing so well in Steemit after only having joined a few months ago. A lot of the posts I see doing well are from people who have been around the platform for awhile so seeing you do so well is great.

Congratulations on your success and thanks for sharing your wisdom. Upvoted and followed!

Ohh what an amazing post sir!!! This will help me for my growth

@muratkbesiroglu I have recently joined Steemit so i am quite new to steemit now so can you please tell me how much money should i invest ??


money investing and part of steemit but also need hard work for upgrade your profile status...


It is up to your budget. Starting with minimum possible inverstment could be wise choice. For educational purposes.


@muratkbesiroglu Can you suggest me how much should i invest ?

@muratkbesiroglu wao what a amazing blog. I think if anyone follow your instruction he must be successful in steemit
best of luck for your future. & we all should follow your instruction.

  ·  3년 전

steem coin can rise their value through steem community it they want..steem community should support steem coin to stable it and to raise its demand with in the community as well as community should believe on steem dollar...

Know yourself and your strengths.
I chose three bloggers, @sweetsssj, @mynameisbrian and myself for very specific reasons: we are all very different and we don’t hide it. Perhaps most importantly, we are all prolific bloggers with idiosyncratic world views. We all live on different continents, too. We write a post at least every other day and sometimes two in one day. Each of us offers readers a different menu but we’re all very passionate and don’t really follow the worn-out self-help guru meme that still seems to be infecting the blogosphere.

Ah şu sanatla para kazanma konusu yok mu... İçim acıyor haklılığını düşündükçe. Sadece burada değil, gündelik hayatta da öyle. Ne desem boş sanki.

Elinize sağlık gene çok güzel bir yazı olmuş.


Para babalarını savunmak gibi olmasın ama düşen Steem fiyatları nedeniyle çogu balina zararda. Sadece ilk zamanlarda Steem fiyatı 1 dolarin altindayken yatırım yapanlar kar etmis olabilir.


Sanat kısmını ıskalamışım bu yorumun. Amatör yazarken edebiyata daha fazla vakit ayırabiliyordum. Profesyonellik de zormuş.

This post has received a 24.60 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @muratkbesiroglu.

Hiii @muratkbesiroglu, thanks for sharing your information about Steemit and surily I will try to follow your suggestions.
But still I have a doubt about steemit that how can get more n more focus of high reputed steemers on my blog, if I'm a new user??
and don't miss to leave your opinion on my Blog @devkapoor423, so that i may improve my mistakes.
thanks and love @muratkbesiroglu.

Açıklayıcı ve bilgilendirici bir post olmuş. Gerçekten bahsettiğiniz gibi ve benimde gördüğüm kadarıyla fazlasıyla emek sarfediyor ve steemit çapında birçok projede yer alıyorsunuz. Tr ekibi olarak şu düşünce içerisinde olduğumuzdan eminim;
Daha güzel şeyler başarmanız ümit ediyor ve destek olmaya çalışıyoruz. İnşAllah güzel şeyler olur reis :)

It is a very good post for new users like us to learn a lot from this article, so we can able to get success on steemit.

@muratkbesiroglu thanks for sharing your experience through the journey on @steemit, it's really very helpful for me as i'm new here in @steemitcommunity. from today i start following your all content in which you explain about the success on @steemit. i'm feeling very happy to be a part of your followers list. good to see you in future for more promising content. thanks once again.

Steemit is good earn to money I love you steemit

Thanks @muratkbesiroglu, for sharing this post. I'm fan of you and always wait for your every post, Because i found genuine information related to steemit.
@muratkbesiroglu, What do you think about paid promotion to grow a post on steemit???
Thanks n keep support @vikas4233

@muratkbesiroglu investing money to get upvotes and comments in starting stage is helpful or not and investing money in steemit is of worth.

with regards

These are great tips! I'm really new here, and would like to build up a following while also curating and upvoting content. I want to be a PART of the community. Just going through the various posts, I am blown away at some of what is created here. It's absolutely amazing!

very useful article it is possible to earn steemit

very helpful information i got from you hope i can do the same thanks for sharing

Genuine information about how to work on on Steemit to get attention ,I m very thankful to you for sharing such important information....
Hat's off to u for such informative..

For success in steemit...pray to god...n upvote my postd

Hey @muratkbesiroglu its very nice tips & some what called trips provided by you.. i m new on steemit. definitely its going to worth for new people like me. thanks..

thanks sir for giving a great advice to the steemit community sir i want to know your using for translating google is best or anyother best software...

Te da una gran oportunidad para tener éxito. así que podemos obtener algún ingreso extra de esa operación ....................
Beneficiarse de diferentes formas de ganar dinero, escribir en inglés, puntuación de reputación

Hay bro how are you i hope u gud bro how to increase steem powers

Really quality content. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Felicitaciones, a los nuevos como yo nos sirve de mucha ayuda.

This is so insightful.
Thank you!!!

Helpful! Thank you :)

@ muratkbesiroglu sir steem ek good project very sec....

At a point in time, i say to myself that making it on steemit is very hard. I get lots of motivational messages like this from friends all day. Thanks for adding up. I'm not gonna stop fighting. I've got to surpass you

@muratkbesiroglu . thanks for sharing this important information for new to steemit like me how want to make their profile in good reputation . and i am sure with this we can make our reputation good .

please upvote and comment on my post and follow me .


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Thanks for the advice!

@muratkbesiroglu thankyou for your lovely post on steemit this could be very helpful for those who are new on steemit this post boost my confidence level for steemit thanks...

Steemit is one of the best place and way to share an gain and learn about everything. Thanks for sharing

Cannot upvote this, its totally meaningless.

exceptionally supportive data from you. Trust I can do a similar a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing


Thanks slot of sharing your great experience which u have followed and reach the position today you are. People like you are great motivators to new beginners like me. Again thanks

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Great article> I would love to be just like you and am beginning my journey currently. Please check out my first piece.

  ·  3년 전

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@muratkbesiroglu thanks sir very useful info for steemit begainer

@muratkbesiroglu wow, amazing post. thank you! it did give me wider picture of steemit, which i needed as i am only a motnh here (or maybe less). thanks for sharing your experience , i am just going to read links you've included, thanks a lot and good luck on steemit! x

Writing great content is the key to success, if you agree with me kindly upvote comment.

My rep only 25 and iam new member of steemit.But iwant hard work of steemit.

Brother.. i think you need to be honest and hard worker. Because steemit is best platform for every single person..
So never lose your untill u get succeded..
Thank u..

nice post

I´m new here. This was very helpful and nice to read! Thanks

Steemit success of 1 rules
Your blog post no copy paste
I things
Only self new update on the right
My fallow and upvote https://steemit.com/mgsc/@ambujshu73/how-to-crypto-currency-mining

An honest and humble article.

Excelente información amigo muy bien explicado me gusto, yo soy nuevo en steemit, y me ayudo mucho tu noticia gran conocimiento para mi gracias amigo muchos éxitos saludos.

@muratkbesiroglu I think sir you are the best writers of STEEMIT...

Very helpful post. I really appreciate the time that you took to write it out. I think everyone new to steemit should read this. Even someone like me who has been around for a little while, I still consider myself new, and definitely learned a lot from your post. :) Thanks!

Very nice post.

Thank you for sharing this with us. This information is invaluable, especially when you are just starting off and have no idea what to do.

very useful for newbies for good startup...40YQWVI.gif

ellerine sağlık, yazınızı translate ile türkçeden ingilizceye mi çeviriyorsunuz.

guzel bir yazi lakin steemit de hersey para degil bana göre bazen guzel icerikler üreterek te guzel bir okuyucu kitlesi oluşturulup bu işin üstesinden gayet güzel gelinebilir. başarılar.

Every good job has its reward!!!

Such a gentle gesture of you's ,to share useful piece of information,and I definitely liked that you emphasized on inserting images in the blogs.

Thanks very much for sharing this.. Your advice is really gonna be helpful.. You deserve much appreciation!!!

Thanks for sharing sir. I've learnt a thing or two I'll need to put into practice

Abi 1 sbd yollarsab botlara başlayalım hayrına :D Yazıların bu arada çok güzel özenle hazırlanmış tebrikler.

Since I am a Minnow, And it has been just a Month for me on this Amazing Platform! As a Newbie its Really hard to get noticed and get a better upvote! I have been looking for many Steemit tips to learn but Couldn't find it that helpful as yours! With each an every tiny detail you have covered! simply loved it! :) Thanks Alot!

Your post has profound benefit to us beginners... But, i will like you to please write on how to use steemit tools? So, we can know more. @muratkbesiroglu @aasanka

Problem with quoting Malcolm Gladwell is the likelihood that you are actually quoting someone else.

Thanks to share this

Hocam yazılarınızı gerçekten severek okuyorum. Çok başarılı bir yazı olmuş.


Teşekkür ederim

Very informative post. It is definitely going to help me when I write my post. Thank you so much.

Amazing, thanks sir!

@muratkbesiroglu ....your article is so big,but its very helpful for me and new steemit user. i learn many things from your artical and i will apply in future.

Thanks for dissecting the roadmap!

It is great you publish your content in two languages. and you have good understanding of steamit

You have touched a lot of awesome points in here. I have to say I agree with all of the. I do need to spend even more time in here and also work in my reputation. Just reached 65 and I am so happy and proud people still enjoy what I do. But as You say... the higher it gets the more difficult it is and also the higher you get the more People expect from You.

i really want steemit succes :/

Congratulations friend! you are very talented! you deserve your honors! God willing I have the opportunity to go very far as well as your friend!! May God continue to bless you!

Very long story

Such a great post! Thank you for sharing the value that we could all learn from these wise words <3

Long jump!

Thanks for this post. And while I do agree about what you said of quality content. I have seen so many instances where very good content goes virtually unnoticed.

Concerning the latter. I have seen instances where minnows and whales have written on the same topic, and even in instances where the minnow's piece is better, he/she gets very little in the way of upvotes while whales get huge sums for mediocre content.

Just an observation BTW.

Steemit is new to me but I am giving it a shot! Better with practice! Thanks!

Nice, steemit it's a nice place for creativity you're right. Excellent tips and thanks for sharing!

Best post !!!
Thank you for sharing geniune information

muratkbesiroglu (70) Nice post , i am newbie in steemit but after reading your article post i have believe if i am consistent in my work i will achieve. your article give direction those new people specially website you mentioned in article i like so much. i try my best t achieve reputation in steemit with quality content

inspiring article for me, thank you

Hi @muratlbesiroglu first of all I am gonna your fan now let me follow you first, then after it thank you for giving us an opportunity to test the certified and proven formulas for the success on Steemit.
Good luck and thank you.

Thabk you so much for such an amazing written article @muratkbesiroglu . Firstly I used to think that all people with high reputation either used paid mehods or are using steemit from long time! Now I know that it requires alot of effort!
Thanks again :D

Vote 4 vote <3 Nice job friend

I like your posting.
May I translate your posts into korean?
I want to inform you and your posting to KR Community.


You can use it mentioning my account as the original content creator☺


Thank you very much
It is a small amount(SBD), but we will also distribute reward.
I will mention the original content creator.

Steemit'te gelir elde etmenin çok sayıda yolu var. Farklı gelir elde etme yöntemlerini tanıyıp uyguladıkça buradaki gösterilen gayretler çok daha verimli hale geliyor. Bu konudaki detaylı bilgilere aşağıdaki linkten ulaşabilirsiniz. amazing

Fallow me guys i will upvote for you

@muratkbesiroglu sir how to survive initial stage in steemit.It is very frustrating when my quality post can not earn enough upvotes.

@muratkbesiroglu Thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome and please support me and upvote me if you like my comment

thnku.. for explaining it.. in a gud manner..

@muratkbesiroglu Indeed everybody should follow the path you desribed in your blog.

Just lean and follow expert advice

  ·  3년 전

As a newbie in steemit these informations and experiences you share are precious. Thanks alot.

@muratkbesiroglu sir as you said you where the bank manager in bank and you left the job and started working on steemit full time so my question is how much you where giving to this ecosystem when you were bank manager???


I was writing 2 articles in a week. Nowadays I am writing 6 articles in a week

This is such a very long paragraph and read it but some word are not in english language how to I read those word.

@muratkbesiroglu sir give me Ida's earn for Steen plz suggest me

this is the post or content which i was trying to find, that will help all new members on this platform for the future growth, thanks @muratkbesiroglu

Sir, I like all your photos and all your posts. By learning from you, I also started posting.
Sir will definitely see my post and tell me how my startup photo is

muy buena tu publicación, es de gran ayuda¡¡¡

I don't see whales mentioned anywhere on that list. You joined very recently but make hundreds of SBD per post. I've been here since Steemit started and make literally less than 1% of your averaged earnings. I think rapid success of the magnitude you've enjoyed is mostly attributable to whales, and catching the eye of a whale involves a great deal of luck.


I earn less than %5 that is shown on the posts. I use paid upvote bots to promote my posts. Considering the monetary costs I haven't earned a penny in Steemit. I hope to earn sometime soon.


Does steem work?
Who is making all that money?
Are bots worth it if no ROI or profit?


I earned 1500 sbd in total in the last 3 months I suppose, from bot roi and from the organic likes. As I had invested in Steem and its price has dropped significantly, I have no monetary surplus. But it could be the opposite.


That makes sense.
Since it dropped, could be a good time for everyone to buy and being the value back up.

Not a good time to start using bots?


That makes sense.
Since it dropped, could be a good time for everyone to buy and being the value back up.

Not a good time to start using bots?


Oh, that's really surprising. I was wondering about that. Is it really worth creating the illusion of huge payouts?


Fake it till you make it
In a world of illusions, illusions go far
Marketing agents appreciate people brands or products tht can generate the illusion of success. They can use it to bring success to other products they are selling. Fake success can become real success this way.


That's not how I operate.


How do you operate? What is the secret to your success?


I don't consider myself very successful. I make only a few SBD per post currently. All I've done is to post several things per day for the past 2 years.


It means you haven't earned anything yet? I thought you are making thousand of dollars every month.

a very well said.it is really a great motivation speech.steemit is really a great platform am lucky to be a part of it.steemit is the future and yes cryptocurrency is the path of blooming.steemit will arise day by day with millions of hands together.

Ive done this.
Mostly all of it .
Im still nowhere

Help 😭😭

@muratkbesiroglu i am not Successful in steemit but i know that when you help me i am be a Successful!!!!!!

You are hardworking sir ,i motivate by this post ,thanks to inform me

youu are wonderful thanks to your mind. help, we are all steemit users. thanks a lot please upvot me i long play stemeet but still beginner player :(

I have read this post 3 times....And got so much confident that very soon i will be also on this place where the author is..
I have also resigned software engineer job n will starting myself as a full time steemiter...

Thanks a lot sir for giving us such a valuable advice..

very informative post and it will help us to improve the position in this platform .

@muratkbesiroglu many many thanks to give us your kind advice in order to help us to be successful in this platform.

Çok bilgilendirici ve çok iyi yazılmış yazı.
Bu yazının bazı yazı işaretlerini öğrendim.
Teşekkür ederim.

@muratkbesiroglu , This is good knowledge For Create Good Post On Steemit . I am Trying To Follow Your Rules. Please Sir Comment On My Post For Improvement In My Blog On This Platform .https://steemit.com/mgsc/@vijaysingh/it-happend-only-in-india

Steemit is itself a successful platform because its decentralize and free from corruption..Steemit will one day takeover other sicial media platforms like facebook and twitter in long run... I am very pleased to see its growing fast as expected.. Now a days I stopped looking facebook or twitter after getting up in the morning.. but my firdt schedule is to look at steemit and other users posts.. thank you community for your effort

Thanks... really a must read article. I also hope to reach the tipping point as you. In fact, all your articles are must read ... thanks once again for such valuable informations.

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I think hard work

Yazı için teşekkürler. Yeni takip etmeye başladım, Steemit'te her geçen gün daha fazla içerik görmek çok güzel! Elinize sağlık tekrar.

@muratkbesiroglu action speaks louder. i am new to steemit and cryptoworld but today I am encouraged by your testimony and working tips. I will follow you to learn more. Thanks

Really great post sir. I think it is important that people are aware of all of the various support options for new users. The minnow support project is a really wonderful group that helps people just getting started on Steem.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom

#upvoted and #resteemex

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thanks for giving information.what is steem and steem dollar?

How can i find a good content?

Sir how much time it takes to earn a decent amount from steem@muratkbesiroglu

@muratkbesiroglu Merhaba. Botlarla ilgili kazanma yöntemleri yazınızı okudum. Bir süredir tavsiyenizle ve yaptığım hesaplarla botlara oylatma yoluna gittim. Ancak gündür yaptığım hesaplarla botlara gönderdiğim miktardan daha azını geri almaya başladım. Bunun sebebinin gerek Steem, SBD ve Steem-SBD paritesinin düşmesi olarak düşünüyorum. Acaba bu konuda ben mi bir yanlış yapıyorum, yoksa bu zararın sebebi fiyatların düşmesinden mi kaynaklanıyor. Yazılarınızı ilgiyle takip ediyorum. Yorumlarınız ve yöntemleriniz tabiki sizin hedeflerinize göre yapılmıştır. Steemit'te sunduğunuz katkı da bir Türk olarak oldukça değerli. Ben çok zaman ayıramıyorum ancak elimden geleni yapmaya çalışıyorum.

My best is yet to come...

Saludos y mi voto, excelente post que nos permite alimentar nuestros conocimientos y avanzar en nuestras metas y lo que esperamos de steemit y crecer. saludos.

Congratulations @muratkbesiroglu!
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Follow for follow back

I am not expert in this field but if you remain true to yourself and keep posting , then I think you become successful one day. The system is transparent so it needs constant hard work and patience to build reputation. There is no shortcut but hard work will always pay.

Motivational and absolutely amazing tips. There is no shortcut hardworking in every field is the key to success.

if i invest some amount of money for upvoting bot then any side effect on my acount in future?

I Read your all Content approx .i think you are right in witch Title select for the content and Most imported is
every single content wright in ENGLISH language not wright in Mother tongue ...I open link for witch title select for content but you put the link is not English content me be this language turkey or other language ..Thanks for Explain how can use Steemit......

Quality content indeed :D follow me @how-trendy :) upvoting this :)

@muratkbesiroglu, sir you said you left your banking job. I'm also doing a job for my government .
Should I also think about that so I can have more time to focus and concentrate to earn money on @steemit like platform.

I really liked your publication, very sincere and detailed. It is common for many to give up when they don't see significant rewards even though they generate good content, but as you mention, that is not everything, it requires real dedication and to get involved in the subject ... thank you for sharing your experience in the platform, in fact, I started to apply some of your suggestions.

@muratkbesiroglu this post has been literally educating to me and I guess it is to everyone that has read through, it has been a source of inspiration to me to make a better use of my login on steemit to uplift myself and people that read my posts in general, I must confess that I look forward in having a better and closer relationship with you so as to aid my smooth sailing on the steemit community. Thank you.

Very well said @muratbesiroglu in this article. You have explained each and every thing so beautifully.
I have also created one blog post please support it if you like as I m a begginer


That's for this insightful post,am a new member but plans to succeed here,your tips will sure help me in this journey.

great motivational blog thanks for the share mate

Good information.......

Are there more robots guaranteeing fixed or minimum return on upvotes (ROI), like minnowbooster or smartmarket/smartsteem, please? Thank you for your help.

Thanks for the information

Very intresting post for a beginner like me. I like the idea of writing a post in English and also in my mother language. I am going to try that with my next post!

I really wish you won't regret investing money and time in steemit.
No one (among users) doesn't really know what will happen here in the future, but we can all hope for the best

I was lucky to have you on my way even before my account was validated. I started to study how STEEMIT works through your articles. I move forward but slowly because my little availability at this time. Once I will increase time allotted to this work, I think present a content that the steemers will like. To begin I improve my English in parallel. so I have a double job but I am aware that it will pay one day. I thank you for your sharing.

Thank you for sharing these tips @muratkbesiroglu

I am raising money to invest in SteemPower to grow faster here. Being an entrepreneur is the best thing to do in my country because a job doesn't allow me to cover my basic needs.

But I'm sure this is a very good investment, and Steem is a very good technology currency, very fast and safe.

Great advice thank you for sharing. Also I’m a fan of Malcom gladwell



You right I agree with you,I think steemit users successful when he work long time, and investment look like..

@muratkbesiroglu sir can you tell me how to get more power and level for succesful steemit member

I searched the inwards of my deep consciousness to find out what it takes to be succesful on steemit, and after five minutes searching my inner self (with the help of my pilot dog - Pete) I found the answer. One needs to be a a loaded banker!