what will happen to the Russian economy

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Today I would like to devote my article to the Russian economy. What is happening today ?Let's understand. It's no secret that Russia is a country that rests on the production and sale of oil and gas. Rosneft is the world's largest oil company in 2013.According to S&P Global Platts, Gazprom is the largest energy company. Turning to the data for the last year, information can be seen that the net profit of Gazprom in just half a year fell more than 10 times, we can say that almost to zero, and debts exceeded 3.5 trillion rubles!Gazprom's shares since January fell by 25%.Gazprom itself has recognized that anti-Russian sanctions threaten the projects "North stream 2" and "Turkish stream" as the European Commission said that under the sanctions can get: "the Blue stream and Caspian pipeline consortium","Sakhalin-2". According to V. V. Putin, Gazprom's income is only on paper. What about Rosneft?The company's net profit decreased by 20% since the beginning of the year,and the free cash flow by more than 30%,the company's total debt exceeded 3 trillion rubles, the reserve Fund was also zeroed. Many hope for gold and foreign exchange reserves, but there is not a lot of money to cross out loans, bonds, shares of VTB, Rosselkhozbank, Gazprombank.Remains gold which is not so fast to sell and $ 109 billion in government bonds of the us Department, but the remaining money is in accounts in Europe and America.Russian analysts believe that no more than 10% of the gold and foreign exchange reserves are available today.At the end of September, Russia's foreign debt is $ 369.73 billion. How do you think they'll pay? (Let's hope for the best).
As they say in the Central Bank reserves to maintain the Russian ruble remained for 2 months.
Turning to the statistics, you can see that the number of beggars increased by 7 million people, and 22 million people barely make ends meet saving on food and clothing.This is all natural with low wages and higher prices for food, clothing,and com.amenities.
So, what is the crisis not far off?After all, the ruble is directly dependent on oil, the price of which falls, a lot of countries are trying to produce it on their own for example:Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya.
"Hole" in the Russian budget is so big that as they say fin.analysts devaluation is inevitable, but where and how to find the money to if not close, then at least to patch this "hole". After all, anti-Russian sanctions are becoming more and more, exports fell by 27%.
All this is similar to a certain system the essence of which is the mass impoverishment of the population and, unfortunately, first of all, this system hits the less well-off segments of the population...

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