What is my motivation to keep Steeming?


Steemit has become one integral part of my life. I have taken it up as one of my profession I can say that. Currently the Steem prices have gone very low and it really does not give motivation to one to keep steeming at the same pace as when the prices of steem were high. But then there are many who are going on with the same rigor like me. May be with the little spike we may see people getting back into action.

For me I see this as an opportunity to build up on my SP and also to get more visibility in the community. For me the 2 most important factor of being on Steem is to increase my engagement globally with like minded people, learn what they have to share and to earn as much as I can.

We all have goals set for our self. I also have set some short and some long term goals and to achieve my goals I need good amount of finance which currently I do not have hence I am trying to make the most out of it from my blogging.

It is my dream to start a Shelter home for the destitute children in India. This means lot of finance is required as I want to open a place which really means home to them where they get good level of education and can live a healthy life, giving them good nutrition, providing them a healthy childhood so that when they grow up, they are independent and capable of paving out the way for their life.
I do not want to be dependent when I start this venture, so I want to be prepared at the best.
I am aiming at starting this within the next 4 years, as that is the time I also plan to shift back permanently to India.

I am very much relying on my Steem activity to achieve this goal. Whenever I feel lazy or demotivated towards Steem, I just think of this one goal and then it gets me going again. Every single day I remind to myself that I have to achieve this goal and that's what keeps me going.

So what is your motivation to Steem?
Please do share it.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Your motivation and cause is very noble and I pray to God that you will be accomplish that with the help of cryptocurrencies @nainaztengra :D


Thank you my dear. I am praying everyday I am able to achieve my Goal soon as possible.

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Please keep Steeming! You have a great goal. I'm looking forward to learning more about everything and supporting a platform that isn't controlled by the goons of Silicone Valley.


Thank you @optout. Here also you will have some challenges of it's own kind but definitely the freedom of speech is there so I am sure you will enjoy the Steem journey.

I have a dream too - my own house, and I hope Steemit will help me to reach it.
And it's better to get even 1$ than not to get anything.
that's my motivation now;)


Getting a house is also on my list. I am sure your dream will come true my dear. I am not seeing your post since last couple of days, hope everything is going well with you.


thank you! You're the second person who noticed my absence and asked if I am ok....So sweet, dear! thank you for attention! I had a pause because I feel great lack of time. I thought my son would be elder and I would have more free time but no;) Being a mom and a wife requires so much time! and we are doing a new design of our kitchen now, soon I'll show it;)


That's nice to hear you are engaged in some uplifting activities.
You bet a Mom and Wife's job is a never ending one, something or the other always at hand.
Will wait to see your new Kitchen design. Wish you loads of happiness my dear

Interacting with members of the Steem community keeps me around. So many talented and creative people here!


Thank you

Keep it up may be steem price will hike some day soon. Good luck.

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Thank you

@nainaztengra Hope Steem Prices will go higher. After bitcoin rise altcoins are also moving high. Price of steem rise from 0.29 to 0.39 in last few days

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Yes, there is some action happening. Let's hope for the best.

I feel the same as you. This is an opportunity while the prices are low. Once we get back to a higher price we can take advantage of our earning.


Thank you @niallon11, Nothing happens overnight, you need to patiently work towards it and success is your's is what I believe.

Thats such an admirable goal you have set yourself and I wish you all the best of luck with it, I do believe Steem will rise again


Thank you @tattoodjay, yes I am quite confident that it will soar up again and give good returns.


yes we have to stay confident and hope for the best :)

What a beautiful dream for your steem energy and yes, it DOES help to focus and motivate on a daily basis, no? Given your passion for destitute children, perhaps you'd like to contribute that I posted up in @ecotrain's Grand Central yesterday? Great prizes but the challenge also will be donating towards a food security program for indigenous children in Venezuela.

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Yes, I feel when we have a purpose it becomes much easier to focus on our goals. I will surely have a look at your post and do my bit my dear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.💖💖 It is always a pleasure to read your comments, they are always very meaningful.

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