What is it and how does MINNOWSUPPORT work?

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MINNOWSUPPORT is a Support Network that has more than 3000 active members, all of them Steemit users, who can grow your publications, without having to make any payment for this service.

@minnowsupport has the Discnet PALnet channel and has a fully automated system to register in it and to request that our most recent publication be taken into account to be voted in positive way by them.

To register and participate in the Project of @minnowsupport we must join your Discord channel through the following invitation link:



If we already have a Discord account we can log in and if we have not registered yet this is our best chance to do so.

  • Go to the # registration section.

  • Use the $register command followed by our username in Steemit.


The minnowsupport bot will give us an automatic response, requesting that we transfer from our Steemit wallet 0.001 STEEM or 0.001 SBD to @ msp-reg and place as concept a specific memo. Once the system approves the registration, the amount sent will be automatically returned to us.

We can verify that our registration has been successful in the # welcome-room section where we can see a welcome message to Peace, Abundance, Liberty network, the home of the Minnow Support Project.


To request to conside your most recent publication in Steemit enter in the section # upvote, you must use the command $ upvote and leaving a space we paste the link of our publication. The system gave us an automatic response to which we should receive attention.


One of the rules of @minnowsupport is that our post must have been published at least 20 minutes before requesting upvote. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that they will support only one of our publications every 48 hours and that they do not accept Post more than 2 days old.

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