Every body in the world today is looking for a means or a suitable way to earn cash passively, as this may imply steemit has come up with a very good decentralized system of getting money to their subscribers.
But my very question still begins with the fact that it is very hard for a new steemian to start earning cash, even with a lot of followers it still takes years before earning and this is very discouraging and dis-heartning . As for me I am still in steemit just because I have a role model @belemo that always keeps telling me to work hard and earn enough cash. I know how many steemit wallets I have opened and yet I haven't still made any cash of steemit.
Although the struggle is really tough, I would like to see steemit to make it allitle bit easier to earn money from their platform as for which I I didnt have a back bone to support me I would not be where I am today. Most people have left steemit because of how hard it is to start as a young steemian.
This is about a month since I joined steemit and I haven't even made anything and I want you all to encourage me thank you guys..... Thank you.

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