Is Steem Dying A slow death

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Is Steem Dying A slow death

Like the Frog

This is what I am see the Steem price fall down the ranking of the coins

We all we are in a Crypto bear market Steem Price is up today but down on the year. Its trying hard to get back to $1 but its very low now at $.82. Its not good for everyone involved the lower the lower the price the lower it will stay lower.

Its on the back of You tube and these products running more ads and in this market Steemit should be gaining market share but it not.

I cant see in short term Steemit bouncing back in a crypto bear market we need a change in the climate more money into crypto I don't see this happening because of the people that have lost so much money.

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Number 4 gainer today on coinmarketcap. SMT release coming within 6 months. Steem's future is looking very bright imho.


Whats SMT ?


Smart Media Tokens.



sell low buy high is your strategy -LOL


lol yeah for sure

I think the price of Steem will fall further but someday I expect it to moon. It might take a year or two or even more though.

Steem will never die. If you analysis Bitcoin history then Bitcoin fall from moon to earth many times but again reach moon. Steem will be pump again but sometimes we have to wait from a month to a year.


Hello Friend how are you? for the Venezuelans this low is very bad change several steem does not reach us for much, I know several who have left steemit


Yeah it might go up in future but now is need for sure

@newmarket65, In my opinion, at the moment the Crypto Sphere is driven by the prices of Bitcoin because it holds the most of the domination. And when it comes to the Steem Economy, then for sure some exciting updates will going to come and let's hope that from there on we will going to see effective growth.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂