Unique Village Plastic Bottles, All Houses Here Are Made of Millions of Plastic Bottles

3년 전


In the interior of the Panama forest of 83 hectares, there is a unique village called The Plastic Bottle Village, where the houses of its citizens are made of millions of plastic bottles. As a form of environmental care, these nature lovers have managed to establish as many as 120 homes, clothing boutiques, yoga practice sites and small parks. Whereas for the next stage they have planned the construction of fruit gardens, as well as medicinal plant fields, so that they can be useful as alternative medicine ingredients.
the existence of a unique village plastic bottle cannot be separated from the role of Robert Bezeau, an environmentalist. At the time he had just occupied the island of Colon in Bocas Del Toro, he found many tourists and indigenous people there to throw plastic bottles carelessly by the beach.


Initially, he just cleaned and collected the used bottles for recycling. But finally he had an idea why not just use these bottles for house construction.

In addition to using building materials that are fairly cheap, the comfort of the occupants will not feel too hot while in the house so they no longer need cooling air conditioning.

And even though the houses here are made of traces of plastic bottles, don't doubt about their durability. Because in addition to being strong still using a flexible iron bone design, it is also claimed to be anti-earthquake shock. Very cool, unique house made of plastic bottles.

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