If You Work Hard You’re Gon Be Lucky

8개월 전

Listen to this original content created by me. Don’t discriminate but criticize.

If you work hard, you gon be lucky
Working night and day like a donkey
Your life go sweet like honey
Nobody go play you like a monkey

I woooork hard I’m not lucky
Working night and day like a donkey
My life now sweet like honey
Baby don’t you play me like a pockey

Yeah yeah yeah
Calling me a junkie
Yeah yeah yeah
Say wetin I Dey do
I Dey waste my time
Calling me alaruwo oo(noise maker) x2

But I calculate
After calculating say me meditate
After meditating say me negotiate
After negotiating say me never gon be late
Never to be late to the top

Oh eh

Alaye oya farabale malofarawe
(Calm down and don’t compare)
I be alien singer I come from far away
I’m here to stay stay never run away

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