Steemit begging for advertisers on Twitter

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It's sad to see Eli Powell and Steemit actually begging for advertisers on Twitter. I think the best option is to participate in Brave browser ads program. It's a win win situation. For both Steemit and its users.

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It’s either ads or continue to sell off large amounts of stake and continue to tank the price so no one would be interested! It’s a means to an end for now! You can always use brave to block it or just use another front end like busy

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I'm not so sure it's begging, per se. While it is disappointing that they haven't been able to stabilize financially, they are taking a reasonably smart route. Steemit has viewers, global reach, and a respectable MAU count. It's a good place for advertisers looking for new space to work in.

Lord knows we'll probably wind up doing the same for Vimm pretty soon, too. Though I agree with the brave sentiment. The only downside is cashing out BAT is not the easiest right now

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Focus on the user, all else will follow.

Steemit needs DAUs.
Focus advertising on bringing in more users, please.
Till then, is Twitter advertising one more #Steemit Inc cash burn?

PS: Would you like me to help you clean up that copy? @andrarchy
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  • Bring in more users
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