Testing posting capabilities post-HF20 and without minnow delegation


Post from 2018.09.28, posting it now as I couldn't do it earlier.

Today HF20 news hit me! I'm blocked from doing most of the operations on steem. According to https://steemd.com/@ookamisuuhaisha I've got whopping 100% VP and 100% MP and can't do a thing after utopian-signup's +15SP delegation for my accounts was retracted.

At the time of writing, I've got something near 0.26SP that gave me Max-Mana of ... 518M.
That's 0.5G.

Now, I find myself not being able to:

  • vote (cost 2.8G mana)
  • transfer (2.7G mana)
  • comment (!14.2G mana!)..

There are other kinds of operations with different cost. For example, I also tried redeeming my whopping 0.004SP of pending curation rewards. Operation failed claiming that it costs 0.61G..

Crazy. Literally, crazy. I can't even accept the bonus..

In the incoming update (https://steemit.com/steem/@steemitblog/hf20-update-restoring-continuity) the platform is going to solve the problem by "allowing anyone to do approx. 10 times more operations". They will boost all RCs by 10 times.

Well, that will be something. I will be able to do 2 votes or 2 transfers.
Or 0.3 comments. Maan, seriously?

While I was chatting about the issues with people on Discord, rampit asked:

ok i get it. Posts are considered as comments right?

Hm.. So maybe, maybe posts are not comments?
Even if a comment cost 14G, maybe I'm able to write a post?
I immediately tried 'resteeming' something to see the cost - bang! rejected, it costs 0.898G..

Ok. I'm writing this post now. Let's see how much does it cost me in RC!
After publishing it, if it succeeds at all, I'll try editing it to include the incurred RC cost.

I'm really curious now. Can I post having just 0.518G mana?

Result: No way. Posting the text above needs 20,364,801,642 RC. That's 20.3 GIG!
After expected 10x RC boost I will be able to do 0.25 post with my full mana :|

2018.09.29: I tried to post this text yesterday, but failed. Let's see If I can do it today, right after when the RC rules were adjusted and planned 10x adjustment was applied.

Result: nope. "Account has 720927053 RC, needs 2125412027 RC"
Alrighty. I don't have 10x mana, although apparently at least my max-mana was recalculated to 0.72G..

I managed to claim my tiny 0.004SP reward, that boosted max-mana by a tiny little bit not worth mentioning at all.

Also it seems that the costs of operations were updated:

  • posting the same original form of this long post now costs 2.12G
  • comments 1.6G
  • votes 0.280G
  • transfers 0.260G

That means that the 10x rule was in fact not about boosting mana power, but reducing cost of operations, so the same amount of mana ca do more. Alright. LGTM.

Still, it means my account can do 0 posts, or 2 votes, or 2 transfers with full mana.
Aaww :|

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