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Hello Everyone,

We got the chance to be on The Steemit Podcast series: Decentralized Entrepreneurship and Marketing hosted by @andrarchy. The whole discussion can be found here. We tried to share the insights we’ve gained building multiple products in the blockchain space from our Steem account creation service, to our organic community building platform,

Podcast is also live on Youtube which you can check here:


In order to increase the visibility of Steemit's Youtube channel we thought about launching this campaign. Since, Youtube is the best search engine for videos, we would like to see STEEMIT's official channel to grow, which can possibly bring us more eyeballs.

Steemit's official YouTube Channel:


  • Every valid entry is eligible for a small upvote on their comment based on our own discretion.


Start date: 21 - Apr- 2019
End date: 28- Apr- 2019


Upvote & Resteem this post. Share "Proof of work" in comment section of this blog


Increase Steemit's Youtube Channel's Subs.

PROJECT/CLIENT DETAILS – Background Research

Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media website, which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM for publishing and curating content, and is owned by Steemit Inc.


  1. Subscribe to Steemit Inc.'s Youtube channel from the link provided in "Overview" section.
  2. Post screenshot in the comment section of this post by @oracle-d.tasks.
  3. Resteem & Upvote this content for more visibility.
  4. Tag 5 more Steemians in the same comment where you are posting the screenshot.
  5. Watch some of their videos if you want to or share with some of your folks who might be interested. (Optional) This would help the channel improve their watch time, ultimately a chance to earn more rewards through Youtube Monetization. One more way to help Steemit Inc. with revenue generation.

Please follow these guidelines for best results and high upvotes:

  • Please do not use spam accounts to make multiple comments or multiple subscriptions on Youtube. You might get added to our blacklist for doing so.
  • Only one comment per user is allowed.
  • Follow all the guidelines properly.

|| Follow @oracle-d.tasks for future tasks ||

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Completed All The Tasks! Like to Invite @ramta @fender @tommyhanse @barbro @babsboard

Here is my proof :


This post has received a 17.73 % upvote from @boomerang.

Another interesting task. C'mon guys

@ferrate @burlarj @xawi @mango-juice @rehan12 @udezee @donefezy

Lets work on this!

We tried to share the insights we’ve gained building multiple products in the blockchain space from our Steem account creation service, to our organic community building platform,

Truly, the @Oracle-d community building platform is organic. I am glad that you are a part of my #steempreneurship story. Keep catalysing the business spirit in us.

Interesting task!

Post resteemed
@Evegrace, @Liltom002 @Maxdevalue @Prettyglo @You34 @Imaluv54 please check this out


Thanks for the mention, I'll share mine too

wooaw....steemit on youtube. This is a great initiative.
@burlarj @afolwalex @ifeoluwa88 @rehan12 @udezee @fredkese come and subscribe

This is really an interesting task. I have subscribed to the youtube channel. My proof of work is below:

I would like to invite some of my friends to check this out and do the same. @sayee, @bobinson, @sathyasankar, @inuke, @steemflow, @goodguymate, @jatinhota.


I'll check this out for sure, thanks.

Another great task by oracle-d, get on board my guys @ferrate @rehan12 @ifeoluwa88 @mango-juice @king-oghie @bala41288

Just subscribed. Can't participate on this because I don't like to resteem and this post has a resteem requirement. Thanks for letting me know about the SteemIt youtube channel.

Great initiative @oracle-d, kudos, guys lets help out, @mcsamm, @itoroarchibong, @elyon, @coineagle @john-robert

Screenshot (63).png

Upvoted and Resteemed

Amazing task friends. Let's start working on this and make it a great success..
@certain @sumit71428 @amar15 @hafizulla @ajks

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Hi @oracle-d!
Congratulations for your great work,
Here are my required tests
for the contest:



@rosnalyguerra @wendith16 @leomolina @juanmolina @betzaelcorvo


Love to see this amazing task as usual from you @oracle-d,


Upvoted and resteem. Below is my screenshot. Inviting the following: @wil.metcalfe @practicaleric @amico @outlinez and @blacklux


  ·  2년 전

This is an easy one, long time subscriber here and have also enabled notifications (hit the bell icon).

Are you guys subscribed as well? If so, leave a comment on this post ;)
@bozz @slobberchops @d0zer @blewitt @cryptoandcoffee

I've also liked all their videos and I think I already have a couple of hours of watch-time combined ;)

I've subscribed when andarchy upload his video with the everypedia founder. I like andarchy how to explain and discuss about steemit with anothers. And andarchy is a great figure that I believe will bring steemit more valuable again.


Let's guys help steemit bloom again
@calprut @aamirijaz @chuuuckie @azwarrangkuti @mobi72 @mamun123456 @iqbaladan @sabari @sanach

Great Initiative by @oracled-task and you I know the steemit community is about rising to the moon again keep the good work up and we are all in support of your Good work.
I will like to invite @ackza, @surfyogi, @bleepcoin, @bookoons, @yensesa, @aquacy, @ferrate.

Screenshot (776).png

Another enthusiastic task. We are really enjoying being part of orcle-d task .
I would like to call my some steemit friends to participate in this task

Thank you brother providing such a awesome task.

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Here is proof of activities.

Really good tasks and move to use your audience to push steem on other social media platforms!
Resteemed and subscribed of course!!
@artakush @buttcoins @neopch @greencross @sodom @freedompoint @kevinli

Keep going and promoting our lovely blockchain!


I didn't know Steemit had a Youtube channel

My screenshot:

@oivas, @artgirl, @jacos, @lamochilademaye, @maparari


Thanks @jadams2k18 for pointing me to this post. 😊

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Oh interesting.

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Wow! That is really great initiative to reached our #steem Community a good position on the YouTube.
I am happily Invite my Friends Like
@ashikstd @hmetu @suntree @jahangirwifii @rdxhuda @madushanka

This task is interesting.
Check out guys : @xyzashu , @libert, @steemflow, @mehta, @foxkoit

Here is my proof of work :

I would like to invite my friend's
I also like and subscribe your YouTube channel thanks

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Another great task.....
I would like to mention my friend

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You can mention me as your friend 😉.

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Lol look at you being a productive steemian and doing your part to spread awareness. :)

  ·  2년 전

Another amazing task from @otacle-d get Ready for earn rewards.
@ajsharma333 @kunfupanda @vcs @alonewalker @certain

Indeed this is a great idea, kudos to @oracle-d for this wonderful work.
Here is my proof of task below


I'm inviting @donnest @oivas @afolwalex @nmalove and @imbigdee to participate.


Amazing task..

Here's my proof of subscription


I invite @chibuzorwisdom @lordjames @sistem @emmycapable @donnest

Love to subscribed and shared the video to everyone, so that they will know about the decentralization system.

Let's do this new task @happyphoenix @dwclowns @julianhorack @gethachan @ekonugraha

I shared the video on twitter



I have subscribed to the YouTube channel. And this is proof of my work below:Screenshot_20190425-164302.png

Great one @oracle-d, working tirelessly to spread Steemit to the whole world.


I hereby invite @bookoons, @zyzymena, @jeline, @ilukzymoore and @lebey1

Subscribed! Proof of work below I'd invite @movement19 @professorbromide @vladivostok @silvertop @kodaxx to check it out.

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Guys,, @suheri ,@herryazmi11, @andestra ,@aldy ,@muhammadrizki96
here another task to do from @oracle-d

Upvoted , Resteemed and Subscribed.

This is great task for the minnows like me. Awesome YouTube channel to learn more about @oracle-d and steem. I have subscribed and informed my fellow steemians. Guys check this task and steem YouTube channel.

@drakoscliff @hungryanu @blakkstorm @devkant79 @peerzadaabid

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Am welcoming all of you to go along with me in doing this @julietisrael @taylor10, @ikrahch, @chireerocks, @madushanka



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  ·  2년 전

Thanks for yet another task i am inviting @aamirijaz @sanach @calprut @monajam @abdulmanan guys come and check it out

Love this oracle tasks and love to promote the Steemit YouTube channel. Upvoted the post and resteemed it.
Just hit the Subscribe button and pressed the notification Bell.
And would love to invite some close Mates..

Thanks for being with me.

Rahul (@rdradhe)


Nice task from Oracle-d and thanks for inviting me rdradhe..

Surely do this task and inviting some of my friends.

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This is a great task by @oracle-d.task Upvoted and resteemed and subscribed to steemit YouTube channel.Guys check this out this is great @lorreli @srgg @devyleona
@amricunda @winterstalk @zylad @zfp @aevaran

Dear @oracle-d, I do the list. @oracle-d and @andrarchy help steem users much and I thank to them. I invite
My friends @blacloud.smt and @yakuppaslan to follow these two important steemer. I also invite @the4thmusketeer to follow these important steemer.

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@sasaadrian @ericet @softmetal @htliao @aaronli
subscribe the youtube channel together.

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Now this is what I wanted.
YouTube is the place which can give more exposure to Steemit and finally thanks to the team of @oracle-d for taking this much needed task.
One more thing, ask people for some cool videos and their thoughts about Steemit, so that it could be uploaded on the channel giving it a more realistic touch.

Lets do this very simple task Steemit folks @travelgirl @iamjadeline @priyanarc @verasj @jaynie 💪💪💪

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thanks for the tag. just saw it now!

I love your service Steem.Ninja @oracle-d 😊

Excellent domain name choice.. it's easy to remember 👏👏👏

Promote and review Cryptovoucher services.

I think this was a mistake? @oracle-d


Thanks for pointing out. Updated. :))


Glad I could help 😊

Task completed....
@ferrate, @burlaj, @johndoer123,@sparkesy13, @cicisaja

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A great initiative as more common people looking for a financial alternative will find the steemit platform and realize it's potentials. Creative bloggers may also wander around and switch to dtube so this may be a very good inclusion by the steemit team. @mango-juice @azizbd @acasas @gargi and @nurseanne84 have a loot at this and support it.

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Wow, that will be absolutely great. I will definitely subscribe as soon as possible.. Thanks for this great information. Noted. @oracle-d

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I'm inviting you guys to subscribe @kayda-ventures @ayopeju @ayojewels join us.

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I have subscribed successful.but i am unable to give screen shot here.
So i want others to join this.

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This is another approach to raise @steem to the world. I am calling all vlogers to bounce on board and complete this. @zhangfapei @neilamarcano @bredcovin iskandarishak @abdullah50 @mitchtokita.

Upvote & Resteem done
Another good contest. tag @nonsowrites @samul18 @borishaifa @murathe @dannyeg

Cool task coming up
@dmilliz, @pittsburghhodlr, @emsonic, @honourmaus and @lordjeijo All of you should come and play your role.
Upvote and resteem

Resteem, Upvote Done
and subscribed to YouTube Channel
@maliktalha, @meher04, @afzaal4, @arslan.saleem, @xawi check the task.

That's cool. I'm heading over to YouTube right now to subscribe to Steemit inc. I'll call on my friends to do same; @amec, @eurogee, @smithmadu, @ememovic, @camzy.

Resteemed for added visibility


Thanks for the information b

Subscribe, watching, upvote and resteemd done😍
Join it guys @mhossain @mamun123456 @chandpur @minhaz007 @akbarbd

This is my entry. Give big upvote me

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I am respecting every one of you to oblige me in doing this







Here is another great undertaking, I will without a doubt join and elevate prophet d task to the moon. I approach @realitycheck @joeypark @lorreli @mrwindows @entsie @cryptodonshon @orgoniteog

subscribe done.

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Another extraordinary undertaking...

I might want to specify my companion

@jeffrey24864 @arkecosystem @djennyfloro @shawshank-steem @zetacoin @nevlu123

I'm extremely eager to partake this commitment @oracle-d.

I would like to take an interest this substance @morium.khatunm @sd974201 @cryptocleanse @mysmartnews @maxer27 @stateofthedapps @eoscrash

I subscribed your channel

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Here is another errand @dioritegravel @saltyfish @goldkey @saad31 @sibbir007 @jamesqube how about we buy the voucher.

Mind boggling Stuff before long, I'm surely getting serious on this. @aqualad @virtualgrowth @maggy7419 @hossain525 @dknkyz @lazybug trust every one of you can tackle this as well.

4.- Tag 5 more Steemians in the same comment where you are posting the screenshot.

Sheez! and then, I am here wondering why after the avalanche of comments on this post, no one has tagged me to participate in this piñata so far. ?¿?

  • Every valid entry is eligible for a small upvote on their comment based on our own discretion.

Oh! I see. They all know how much I love a good bunch of rules with so many twists on contests & tasks. Specially when the eventual rewards for our efforts are solely and exclusively subjected to the 'discretion' of the big fishes. Tsk Tsk };)

Guys please subscribe, I have done mine as well. @ayopeju @kayda-ventures

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Another assignment is here folks. we should do it @krotch @ismaelo @aezakmi @shortsegments @derrickthomas201

great task 👍 @oracle-d.This community has been of great help .

work done.
check this out friends @joy33 @surgeontee @proyiese @temilagszy @dammyone
i also watched the video

I invited @midun, @anroja, @p3d1, @mango-juice, @fuad2.
this is an interesting task. let's do it together.


Will partake this; I welcome @jennifer3204, @bheekaran, @mistysummers, @sevendust04, @santuroy1990 to participate in this assignment.

Another Great undertaking nonce again I tag @ssdo @yusmi @redtravels @jacobyu @egonforever @depot69

Resteem and upvote Done

calling my dtuber and vloger companions.

Great task. upvote and resteem
Tagging @Nawmi, @Maria3, @Simran9, @mismi @namtra

Resteemed and would likewise like @rean @cooperfelix @kayda-ventures @tommy-gun @jeffrey24864 @edwinbeutti to get locally available

This is a great information around the steemit blockchain, let me called on @xawi, @burlarj, @ifeoluwa84, @rehan12, @udezee

Hey guys @samminator @greerun @dapomola @captain-tom @adesojisouljay let's support this amazing platform. Subscribe to Steemit's YouTube channel.

Thank you for this channel about promoting steem on youtube. I would like to ask if it possible to promote Dtube the same way for help fund Dtube upgrade.

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Wow finally we can now target the audience of YouTube as well nice work team ill definitely promote it...

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This is one of the easiest tasks so far, ya'll come see this @yandot, @cryptogod2018, @lordjames, @dani512 @pollux.

Done and dusted! :)
thanks for the tag @sergiomendes

Ya'll should hop on this, help out the community :)

I'm glad to spread the message @d_oracle! Anything to help the blockchain!

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Thanks to @oracle-d
Here's an interesting task guys come on join me @happymaxwell @zeuz @philip6 @deandaniel @allaz

I have subscribed and the assignment is complete, this is my proof.
next assignment @syehlah @moersal @dilimunanzar @rijal123 @starlost


Done resteem, upvote
and subcribed to channel

@arslan.saleem, @husnainali4, @xabi, @afzaal4, @healthexpert

Here, I have subscribed to the channel.

Also, are the videos to be uploaded to the channel restricted or all Steemit users can upload there? Let me know.

Hey @sayee, @akdx, @solcross, @ulqu3, @sthitaprajna try this out. 😊

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Wow another task... But i am new in it..
@mdkhairul @torun @obaku @meriln7 @merilsk

I did everything you asked about and even created a post where I tagged most active steemians I know to do the same.

I would tag in the comment : @cryptospa , @behelen, @jeronimorubio , @emsonic , @rehan12 .

Sharing steemit via youtube is a good thing. because of course many people already know about youtube. by sharing it, then Steemit will be known to many people.

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Thanks for the program
Here I am tagging @harpreetjanda @zephalexia @chitnaingoo @chitnaingoo @givememonsters
Here is a proof of subscription

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Hi there @oracle-d!

Task done! Way to go guys.. cheers!

Guys you might want to jump in @audreybits @steemflow @twodorks @gracefu @pauman 😉😁

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Thanks @maquemali 😍

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Am just seeing this post now when I clicked @dearw blog post resteemed. I never knew I am missing a great opportunity needed to be a part of. But, thank God am not left out. I have subscribed to the channel. I will post and resteem it also on my blog.

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Subscribed for quite some time already

Hello there! I've found a new easy task! Just did it! @voteme @jamerussell @senseicat @socky @finnian

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The world must see the potential of steem and it is in our hands @natharmars with the seven77 movement and now on youtube, let make it happen.

Upvoted, resteemed, subscribed

@diamondrich @desmoniac @okahjul @blessedman939 @naijaguy


Subscribed and Resteemed!

Proof of work:

I call @nazishaslam , @seemaabasi , @alinamurtaza , @sannakhaan , @amarra to subscribe this official steemit channel on YouTube.

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm always looking to help out our block chain @oracle-d, how about you guys:

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Was already subscribed


Another epic task...well done
This is the best way to give steemit a good exposure to the world.

@santic @joyart @organduo @mbj @imbigdee

That's really a great attempt, i just subscribed and re-steem this post, Here is my proved.

And here i want to invite @uttambarman, @sajurahman, @steemaddiction, @yaminhossian, @xpilar.

Hi I do this @oracle-D here screen shot for subscribing Screenshot_20190423-011638.png
And also watching this video
Interesting task!! Post resteemed please check
@marjana.islam @noor.bmb @geetaree @sakib @burlarj lets do it together

Lets get some upvote by subscribe @riery @anroja @midun @aulia1993 @p3d1

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Resteemed and follow.

Nice one guys. This is needed.

@dtwo @oduwole @k-banti @infocentral @mpg come on guys

Posted using Partiko Android

Guys please subscribe. I have done mine too @ayojewel @ayopeju @matthewtonyit

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Anmerkung 20190421 214517.png

Upvote + Resteemed, diesen Beitrag. 😊

Very lovely @oracle-d, task completed. I will like to invite @confirmity, @fulltimegeek, @gefa, @gojopeppo and @chrisee. Complete task to earn and promote steemit on YouTube Screenshot_2019-04-25-19-16-55.png

  ·  2년 전

Another anxious endeavor. We are really getting a charge out of being a bit of orcle-d task .

I should need to call my some steemit partners to share in this endeavor

@moonsupark @deechie @jiujitsu @diamond2016 @greenswell @mahassan

Thankful to you kin giving such a great endeavor.

Hi @oracle-d!

Task done!

Tagging you 5 of u randomly from my follower list.
Cheers! 😊
@whatsontrend @siamcat @vicsintar @king-cobra @harmonyval

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Nice task showing my proof-of-work.

And I'm inviting my friends on steem to involve in this task.



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  ·  2년 전

Goodness! That is extremely extraordinary activity to come to our #steem Community a decent position on the YouTube.

I am joyfully Invite my Friends Like

@shakilsh @engrsayful @jamesqube @taiuo34 @bxlphabet @fitinfunfood

Resteem done
I would love my remarkable mates to join the battle @mjtravel @prettynicevideo @romafedorov @sasaadrian

Upvoted and Resteemed.

Proof of Work:

Come and join us:

@katerinamann @soyrosa @d00k13 @frankcapital @elizacheng


I Did it too. thanks for thinking of me!

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Congratulations @oracle-d!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

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great task 👍 @oracle-d.This community has been of great help

Awesome. Any cool activity to help promote the community. I have just subscribed. Will be sharing the proof tomorrow. Since it is 3.30 am now and I just woke up with the munchies lol

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Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.28.18 am.png

I'll tag my ddaily homies @artakush @tibfox @jongolson @neopch @jongolson .

ALSO - My day job is a YouTube Channel Manager. Message me if you need any tips for growth :)

Upvoted, resteemed and subscribed.

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wow, this is a great YouTube channel, everyone will know more about steemit. success for the future.

@koskl @stef1 @anitacarolina @syarrf @djohan

please check this

Done subscribe, upvote and resteem. Here i suggest to my friend to do so too @miniu @crispinhung @joelai @auleo @honoru

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Hello steemians come and support the youtube channel for more visibility

resteemed and upvoted and followed

Posted using Partiko Android

Another great task @oracle-d.
Here is the screenshot of announce tasks:
Join the task friends: @zoneboy @honourmaus @rabiujaga @crypto.piotr @lebey


I call on my friends @Idyjoy @You34 @Thechurch01 @Anicom @Kufray to join this @oracle-d task to bring more awareness to Steemit's youtube channel

I just did thanks for every opportunity


Am inviting @uchenna @lordjames @jesse12 @kilatunzii @udezee to join me

Wow this is a great Task by Oracle-D.

Guys let do this task