The price per steem user is going down!

5년 전

Since last week, I've been following discussions on the valuation of social media companies. And many people tend to talk about this magic number of $10 per user as the holy grail. So, since then, I've been following the decrease in price per user at steemit! As of now, my script tells me that:

> Market Cap is $ 262660789 and total users is 37231 with $7054 per user

Where as last week we were at $12K per user (albeit the market cap was higher).

Hopefully this trend will continue which means that the number of users grow!

Here's the script for anybody to try it out:

(It requires python 3, lxml and requests.)

#stats #scripts #steem #steemit #redditherewecome

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Wow the numbers sure are climbing!

Hi Oscarp.
Thank you for your interesting post!
Maybe the reason lies in the strong growth of users, but only a moderate growth of Steemdollars. In consequence the average value sinks. What do you think?


Yes. That may be the case. What I'm willing to believe is that there will be an exponential growth in users and more linear with users that will eventually converge into something stable! For non-believers, this progression might help them understand the potential of the network effect [1] on STEEM.