Steemarket is online! Buy/Sell your artwork for Steem!

3년 전

After a couple of months (or more?), I finally am launching my SHOWCASE to buy/sell artworks and craftworks for Steem

STEEMARKET is the website that host the showcase.

Why a Showcase and not a shop?

Because the sales are to happen in the community, from a direct contact between buyer and seller. I'm not a gallerist or a  vendor, and besides I think the art community on the Steem blockchain  must do its part. Artists must do their part, here and in the art market as it works today!

How can you buy? Here is how!

How can you sell? Here is how!

At the moment, as you can see, there are just artworks by me and by my wife @silviabeneforti in Steemarket. Hey, we are artists! Obviously we are the first ones to show our artworks there.

Update: @marty-art has his first artwork added 

But every artist on Steemit can put his artworks for sale there. And IT IS FREE.

No, you can't upload your pics by yourself on Steemarket. I didn't want an automated website. There are plenty of automated art shops online. I want to receive the photos and the infos and the prices of the artworks in the dedicated chatroom on (thx to @pfunk that created it for me). It means a lot of work more for me, of course, but it means also a direct contact between me and the artist that wants to be shown in my website. THAT's my revenue: helping a community to grow up and be part of it. (Yes, I hope also to get money from that. In the future. Perhaps. For now, let's build it.)

Artists often are not so "social". I know it. I'm an artist and I deal with that environment since 1992. COME ON, colleagues! Move your asses! ;)

How an artwork will look in Steemarket? This way

Or like this:

I will post updates with the new artworks added and the sold one every weeks.

We will organize online auctions too.

Come and join, artists and art lovers! Let's do it.

I'm going to make the website better, of course. With your help and your suggestions. :)

Tagged artists:  @aishwarya, @africangold, @aksinya, @alex-zerr, @allfabeta, @allforthegood, @anca3drandom, @anandkphoto, @aneblueberry, @andrew0, @andrianna, @anikanam, @allstarrunner, @aniestudio, @artguy, @artwithflo, @art21, @barbara-orenya, @billyjohnsonart, @camilla, @catsmart, @cgame, @chessmonster, @christiesnelson, @coloringiship, @comealong, @christiesnelson, @dana-varahi, @danilamarilu, @daydreams4rock, @dcrockete, @deborahmurphoils, @drawingsbymilena, @dreemit, @dottie, @edgarsart, @elementm, @elewarne, @elgeko, @elena2017, @em3di, @englishchivry, @errymil, @everlove, @exe8422, @fayehalliday, @flowerpowerart, @fractalizer, @fumansiu, @funkit, @ginasarasini, @giraffeonskates, @girlbeforemirror, @goldenroom, @granturismo89, @gric, @groundcontrol, @harshalachopra, @havok777, @heartrose, @henry-gant, @hhelenbby, @hilarski, @hopehugs, @inber, @indiandigitizer, @izabellablue, @james7, @jameshsmitharts, @jameslano, @jangaladesigns, @janiceduke, @jankasparec, @jessamynorchard, @josephmoyers, @juanmiguelsalas, @juliakponsford, @jyezie, @kalemandra, @karmashine, @katharsisdrill, @ken-and-jane, @krizia, @kryo, @lapstjup, @lauralemons, @leoplaw, @lighteye, @lightsplasher, @littlemozart, @lloyddavis, @louiscpt, @luckyfellow, @mada, @madlenfox, @marty-art, @marty-art, @mariandavp, @mechart, @mayasky, @meesterboom, @merej99, @michaelmcdermott, @michaelstobiersk, @mindfreak, @mikkolyytinen, @milenamilak, @mprgrmmr, @motivator, @mrssignificant, @mystisoul, @nadversion56, @naquoya, @natureofbeing, @nature.sauvage, @neonartist, @nicnas, @nikosgyftakis, @nin0000, @nitan, @nonameslefttouse, @oceansoul13, @ocrdu, @omwith, @onlyifisayok, @opheliafu, @paniopan, @paolobeneforti, @peterheckmann, @pcste, @pixielolz, @phoenixmaid, @prakashghai, @prostosun, @pyrowngs, @rachelsvparry, @randolphrope, @rbennett, @reddust, @reneenouveau65, @revostrike, @richguy, @robyneggs, @rubens9119, @rubenalexander, @sanakumar, @saramiller, @seisges, @serkorkin, @sethlinson, @shady, @shortcut, @siloe, @silviabeneforti, @skapaneas, @stitchybitch, @sofi-m, @soyjosluis, @spaceginger, @splus, @stargarden, @stephenking989, @straydays, @sourcebird, @sumsum, @supernalbeing, @synesthesia, @tarazkp , @tasartcraft, @thebatchman, @the01crow, @thedrollyears, @thetruthbomb, @therealpaul, @tracer-paulo, @toonpunk, @throughwindows, @trueart, @twirble, @ubik, @unusualconcept, @urielromeo, @verbal-d, @veronicavaldeon, @villainblack, @voodoolizard, @voronoi, @winstonwolfe @yadamaniart, @woman-onthe-wing, @woodywood143, @wordsword, @wvm, @xochicotta, @xtrodinarypilot, @yoganarchista, @yuccarose, @yusaymon, @yuslindwi, @zenithwombat

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that's is a brilliant idea put into reality.
I also started to recover some old art skills inspired by Steemit.
Maybe this is where the experiment will develop and platform for artists and art lovers...


I wanna become a steemit artist. That's my new life goal.


thx! I hope so


I totally agree. Steemit really needs more trading. @paolobeneforti thank you for adding value to the platform.

Awesome work, @paolobeneforti, thank you for putting the effort in! I will be happy to join and showcase my work :)


your artwork is now added to Steemarket :)


Thank you very much! :)

Really well done, that site looks amazing, I like how it touts it is not a shop but a showcase.


thx! now I'm adding more artworks to it ;)

Wow, this is freaking awesome! No joke, check out the site for some of the coolest art you've ever seen!

Hell yes!

I'm going to prepare some special works for this project of yours, thank you from the bottom of my heart Paolo, you've always been a huge influence on my steemit experience.


you're welcome. thx to you! :)

I do not know if I understood correctly how it works, but I'm very interested in selling my works here. I will try to understand better, if I still have doubts I can ask you? @paolobeneforti


sure you can :)

Thank you for tagging me. What a brilliant idea. I am bookmarking this page and will check it out again tomorrow. Off to bed now 😴

thank you for the post, great info

Loving this idea. Following, upvoted and resteemed!! Thanks so much. I absolutely love this community.

Great idea i hope it all works out for you.
I wouldn't call myself an artist,but i do appreciate art and i would even purchase something myself.
Well done,keep up the good work.


People who appreciate, and better yet purchase, art are greatly appreciated. :)

Great idea! It is ideas like these that will change the Steemit culture and grow our community in such a large way. I am happy to see a true organic idea like this. I believe that if executed correctly this can and will be a big hit. I would like to extend my help if needed. Thank you for your hard work at creating this platform amazing. Best of luck - Goldblock

very cool idea, hopefully it takes off.
get some food for all those starving artists and budding painters who need validation.

I didn't get an invite :( Guess I'll have to crash your party :)


now you got it --> @artbysua ;)

looks nice, see how much it will be used

Thanks for sharing! Links to your site and post were included in wiki pages about Art and Steem Ecosystem. Thanks and good luck again!

Brilliant idea ! I would love to put some of my pieces up ! Thank you for making this ! Will try to get on the chat !

Wow this is exciting!! Great idea. Can't wait to submit my work 🤗🤗🤗

@paolobeneforti In true blockchain fashion no more middle man! Brillant my friend, Absolute Brilliant! when can we steem chat i would love to participate. I would absolutely love to participate.

Awesome work!! Congratulations! :D

  ·  3년 전

thank you i will try to sell my art here )

Really is wonderful what you have created here. I have some original commissioned paintings of Draft Horses that can be made into calendars and used in other mediums such as posters and cards. The aim was a way to raise funds for my special project.


great! you can offer the prints for sale if you want :)

Great idea and well done!


thx @aksinya. would you offer an artwork for sale? :)


I will think what I can offer..I am not in Moscow till August..After I come back

Hi @paolobeneforti. This sounds like a fantastic idea my friend. Hope it is successful. I would appreciate it if you added me to your list of artists. I am a pencil portrait artist. Thank you.

Hope your day is going well!


Thank you Paolo. I really appreciate it and wish you every success with your new venture my friend!

Have a great day!

Cool, good initiative. Thanks for including me in tour list!

Are photographers welcome to join the fun?


they absolutely are! of course, you have to specify size and paper of the print your are going to sell


Great! Yeah that makes sense. Would appreciate if you could pop me an invite!


no invitation is required. if you want to offer an artwork for sale, just post photo and infos in the dedicated chatroom on :)


Oh right, my fault! I'll get to it soon :)

Thanks for the invite @paolobeneforti !
What an awesome initiative this is :)

A lot of the talented artists on Steemit will appreciate your effort.

Resteeming this post to 10,000+ followers.


I hope so :)

looks interesting... great to see the ecosystem growing!

Very cool idea! I think this is definitely going to be a hit! Best of luck!

This might be just the thing for some of these artists on here.

@rawedges have you seen this?

Oh wow, what a cool project!

Great work !
Upv and followed You.
Follow me, cheers!

What a great idea Paolo, can we sell digital copies of our work, ie. High Definition/Quality images, to others in order for them to download and use how they wish?
Images which can be printed to a very high standard or used for commercial ventures like reselling prints.


Great! I will organise some images for this purpose!

Nice one. Tell me if you ever need help with the site/programming :)

please anyone here who will like to share advice and opinion on sex education? there is a move we plan to make and we will appreciate advice, opinion and instructions. please feel free to share your view on this

thank you

I guess I'm sad that I wasn't invited :/


sorry, I used an old list. now you are invited :)

Very cool idea!
Does this apply to artwork such as designed costume pieces - like my steampunk hats?
(Such as the ones seen in this post?


sure. just send more than one pic and a good description :)

That's really cool idea. We submitted post with wallet art and possibility of having sellable pins at steemit posts, would something like that be possible? Thanks!


I guess you can submit that :)

Haha, so true regarding not being social, I'll get to work this Monday, I'm doing a fast and detox this weekend...I'm very grumpy😏

really creative

This looks awesome! I'll look into this when I have a bit of time! Thanks :)

You are brilliant! Keep me aware of the opportunity! I paint as well

Thanks for the mention. I will hit you up on that chat. I have 4-7 items for you to review.

This is awesome. I plan to submit some of my art.4702_PriorToThought_joelBowers.RisingRims.jpeg


I think we take just proper art at the moment :)

It is really great platform for the artists like us, as by profession I am a 3D artist, so is there any work for me there. I am also a graphic designer but my main job is 3D artist.


I guess you can offer for sale some HD pics or vectorial file, perhaps

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how do I submit my work to you to post?


you did it! :)

When I click on the discord link it goes to a blank page in discord...


sorry. I think it works now