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I've been around the block here on steemit a few times, so I'll offer up some observations.

These are just ten things that newer users may experience here on steemit. I am certainly not trying to be exhaustive, but thought that I would touch on these. Many of you may agree with what I share here, and for any newer users experiencing any of these, just know that you are not alone!


At first, you'll probably go through the skeptical view of steemit. It'll seem "too good to be true" and may even seem like an impossible opportunity. I'm guessing that the majority of steemians once felt this way. I know that I did, and when my intro post showed those dollar signs next to it, I really began to wonder about what it all meant. As it turns out, steemit is for real, and while it may be "too good to be true," it is still true!


This is usually the phase that newer users enter once they find out that steemit is for real. Among other things, potential money is a great motivator. I think that all around the world, so many people have a hard time making ends meet, so any opportunity to potentially get ahead an really motivate people. At this stage of the game, you'll probably put in a lot of effort trying to make some posts and hope to get noticed by some whales.


Sure, you'll check the trending page and see people earning hundreds and even thousands. Then, you'll check back on your page, and see that your most recent post is still worth a nickel. You'll read through a few posts on the trending page and may not even be impressed. You may compare them to some of your recent posts and believe that your posts are even better, and you may be correct. You'll get confused as to how your incredible work can go unrewarded and yet some guy on the trending page is raking it in with infantile nonsense.


After being confused for a while, you may get frustrated. What you may not realize is that some of these other steemians have been here for years now and have built a lot of relationships. Some of their rewards are more of a reflection on who they are, who they know, and what they've done rather than the rewards being an accurate reflection of the value of their content. Even if that is so, you'll have the opportunity to get frustrated. Don't let it get to you though.


As you continue, you'll find that some people have actually read your posts. Not only that, but they left you a real comment to let you know, and it was encouraging. Perhaps someone else finally found one of your posts and they even had some Steem Power, which allowed you to finally make a couple bucks on a post. At this point, you're not only making friends, but you've started to make some money too, and that is encouraging!


As you continue on with steemit, you may suddenly realize something. A lot of the negative internet interaction that you've experienced elsewhere online is for the most part absent. You're not as worked up or stressed out when you're spending time on Facebook. Suddenly, you find the internet to be more peaceful that you remember, and that makes you feel relieved.


The more that you read and interact, the more you may feel inspired to create. Maybe you stumble onto a photo contest post, and pick that camera back up. Maybe you've been trying to write a book for years and steemit inspires you to release it chapter by chapter, starting with the few that you've already written, and then finishing the book as you go. Perhaps you've always been looking for an outlet for your poetry, artwork, or music. Suddenly, you've got some followers all around the world who reward you when you share it, and they are waiting for your next post.


While a downvote or negative reputation may gray out posts or comments, steemit is uncensored. Maybe you've ran into censorship issues on YouTube, Facebook, Sola, or somewhere else. Maybe you haven't. Either way, perhaps you've tasted the uncensored freedom that steemit provides and have finally be encouraged to really share your thoughts on some touchy topics or sensitive issues. This freedom can certainly be enjoyed here!


Whether it is about blockchains and cryptos or just knowledge in general, steemit is a great place to learn and grow. Many of us here have learned a ton of things on a wide variety of subjects. Many intelligent and helpful steemians exist in ever corner of our platform and a lot of us have been challenged to learn all sorts of new skills; I know that I have! Even in areas that we already have an understanding many of us have been blessed to be able to discuss, share, and interact with others from all around the world who are enjoying the same hobbies, dealing with similar situations, or researching some things that we are too.

10: HOPE

This is the final one, because I have saved the best for last. For many reasons, many of us have experienced hope on a new level. Maybe it came from cashing out some crypto and paying a bill. Maybe someone encouraged us when we really needed it. Maybe we love documenting things on the decentralized blockchain. Whatever it may be, steemit has become a community of hope for many of us, and it's made the world a better place to be in many ways too. If you have not yet felt this way, I hope that you hang in here until you do! Be blessed!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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Thanks @papa-pepper that was a good read...I also passed the majority
of these 10 points ✌️

you have spoken like a true steemian , like a true king of steem its very hard for some people its really hard for poeple to be around its mind mindbogglingly hard but its way better than facebook


It can be tough, but it's still the best thing going. I was hoping that this would help people to realize that they are not alone and we all go through it. Hopefully, new steemians will stick around and be blessed. Thanks @monjan.


you are most welcome papa.


True! Been in that way too as new one :D


What's hard about loving yourself and sharing that love with others?

Steemit seems to only become difficult for people when they associate steem with money and treat content creation like a job..

If we associate steem with love rather than reduce true currency to worthless money, everything is easy except dealing with capitalists who want to reduce your currency to money.

Maybe that's what you guys mean by it being difficult. The part where everyone seems to be reducing our currency to money and behaving as capitalists do.



What makes steemit different from facebook and other platforms is not just the liberty of content being used by monopolies but also the freedom to earn from ones content , ok lets be realistic steemit has not yet archived the number of users that make facebook exiting and effective what makes steemit unique is people earning an if they can not earn then they will not be interested.


That's a good point. I also think that the content is ultimately a lot better if it is created with a passion and love, instead of a capitalistic plan.


Steemit seems to only become difficult for people when they associate steem with money and treat content creation like a job..

Very good point. I've seen this happen to many.

Good stuff papa-pepper, thank you for taking the time to write it up. This is an accurate rendition of the Steem blockchain. It is what you make it, who you follow and interact with.


It is what you make it, who you follow and interact with.

Very good point!

I'm quite new, but I have done some interaction on steemIt. I think this post nails most of the good points to find on the internet: here we can find personal improvement through learning and a sense of community without the "internet trolls".
Nice post @papa-pepper.


Right, I love the sense of community!

Wow man that has been put into words greatly. You have described the journey of a minnow like myself from the introductory post to becoming a whale. I think I'm at the frustration and the encouragement stage both at once. I'm getting frustrated that some people get rewarded for regular stuff, but I accept that they have worked really hard for this over time and I totally understand that now. Anyways I think it's such a good post to describe the journey on steemit. Thanks


A lot of these things can happen at the same time. It seems like an emotional roller coaster for a long time, that is for sure. Good to see you at a 47 rep and growing, just hang in there!

My life on Steemit has also followed so similar to the mourning process:

  1. Shock and Denial
  2. Pain and Guilt
  3. Anger and Bargaining
  4. “Depression”, reflection, loneliness
  5. The upward turn
  6. Reconstruction and working through
  7. Acceptance and hope

lolz...i am here for you man...we will grow together


Welcome to Steemit brother.

It was thanks to these points that I chose Steemit as a means of helping other people. I decided that if I was just going to help financially, it would not do anything, except temporary material benefits. If I give them knowledge of Steemit, it will help my friends and acquaintances to reveal their talents here and get a promotion for it. Develop and decide for themselves what is most important for them.


Nice! Teach a man to steemit....


It is necessary to change the mentality of people. In the meantime, they have little faith in virtual rewards ...

You definitely nailed it, Papa. You also saved the best for the last. The early frustration is always evident, and passing that stage, always set the tone for the other points to follow. That stage is really vital. I know few people who fizzled out when they noticed they don't warn much. I know how little my intro post fetched me and even after several months too. Some of my posts still struggle, but then, what can i do? The prospect is always higher than now. I know how inspired, blessed, and helped i have been, since steemit. Not giving in to frustration is key. Well done sir.

Superb post my friend, I have resteemed with pleasure for our newer members in the newbieresteem network, we number more than 500 now, and the advice in this post is excellent. Thanks bro.


Great! I hope that it blesses and encourages many!

1 and 4 are my main hang ups. Steemit is overall a rad project thought. hope to see more members in the near future.


Yeah, I can understand that. More people are joining by the day though!

And best of all is the Community!

I remember my journey through all this phase that you've outlined. It's like you copied my Steemit journey and summarize it in this post.
The fear,
The joy
The rage
Then self doubt when my post wasn't paying
Engagement gear engaged
And now, fight for the survival of the community.

I never knew my voice could have this much value just so soon. Long live the Steemit community.


fight for the survival of the community.

I'm with you @lordjames!~


yuup...emotional roller coaster lol Steem on.

Oh that frustration phase, I remember it and am over it now :) It messes with your creativity where your whole focus should be, I learned and got inspired a lot, and I know a lot of others and me create real value here, even if it is just for one person. I never got such lengthly and honest feedbacks like here on steemit, and you recognize them immediately, , those are worth more than any number under your posts.

Dear @papa-pepper, yes it is true, it’s all true. Everything you stated, I have felt, firsthand, especially the frustration. I find myself obsessing over it sometimes. I wonder if I’m not as smart, witty, or as special, as I thought I was. I know that Steemin is a long term, lifelong pursuit, yet I confess, that there are times, when I see what’s going on, like the crap between @Haejin and @Berniesanders, and I say to myself, this is no different than my regular life. People fighting and clawing at each other, each believing that they are right, and fighting over who will win out against the other. I’ve studied both sides of their argument, and I can’t find a winner. They both lose, or perhaps in their minds, they both win, but regardless of the judgement, the whole power struggle makes me sad that it has to exist. I guess that’s life though; survival of the fittest and what not.

 I am fairly recent here on Steemit, and I have an idea that I would like to present to the friendly, and random lot of folks that found me interesting enough to follow. I think it is a good plan, and perhaps it isn’t even an original plan, but it is my plan, and I’d like to follow through with it soon. I’d like to discuss it with you at some point, if you have the time and inclination to do so. It’s not subversive, like auto bots, or abusive, like paying for upvotes and resteems. It’s a communal effort plan. If you’re interested in hearing my plan, just let me know. I’d be more than pleased to share it with such an esteemed member of Steemit, as you are. Thank You for your time, and all the effort that you put in here on Steemit, to encourage, and help it, and its members, GROW. 👍

Right or wrong..... The Judeo-Christian understanding of sin present in all people fits very accurately. Anytime money is involved the expression of the sin is stronger. In some places, like between parents and little babies...maybe you don't see it. But it seems like it is there in everyone.

Anyway, just find other Steemians or communities here where people are helping people and stay there... For now, ignore the stupid stuff. Good luck,


@healthy-Home, thanks for the insight and advice, it sounds like a good plan. I’ll watch my P’s and Q’s going forward, for sure.

This post is so true. I'm new here on steemit and I feel like it can be the best platform out there, but you really have to work hard at it and give it your all I'm finding that out more and more everyday. Nothing in life comes easy so that's why I'm not going to give up and I'm going to push my self harder every day to become a better blogger here on steemit. Thank you @papa-pepper for your advice and your support here on steemit.

The last time i sat down to read your post, i sent you a digital hug because it felt like you read my mind that morning. Now it's happened again...
I opened a lot of pages to read on the net this morning, most of them about Aristotle (a project I'm working on), and some on steemit. I ended up closing all the tabs on steemit so as not to crowd my tablet's memory, but i didnt close this, dunno why...

When i read that number 1 and two, i was happy i didnt. I woke uo this morning thinking "how on earth is money allowed to be made this way?" It still feels too fucking good to be true, pardon my language. But this morning i was just talking to myself, that perhaps i would get a message soon saying i have made enough money, and i should leave the steemit space. Lol...
And about the frustration, very true... But as my favorite steemian @yallapapi (you're my third favorite, after @karenmckersie) would say, its a capitalist system. Whoever wishes to be on the trending page has to buy his/her way there. The funny part being that its like buying a front page ad, only this time, your fee for buying it is returned to you after a few days... A wonderfully rigged capitalist system. .

Anyways, i totally feel your article, dope!

Oh What the hell, take another digital hug... 👻👊


Thanks! I certainly know how you feel, and great point on this one:

Whoever wishes to be on the trending page has to buy his/her way there. The funny part being that its like buying a front page ad, only this time, your fee for buying it is returned to you after a few days... A wonderfully rigged capitalist system.

Digital hug accepted and returned!

wow very appreciated post
@papa-pepper i am very thankfull to you for such good post .
steemit is very best platform . we need some awarness to do best on steemit.
best of luck and thanks . its very good post


Thank you very much @topstoriez! I hope it helps some folks.


Yep it help me a lot . is always the best. It really gave me both intellectual and financial freedom. Love you


Glad to hear it!

this is an important comment for lovers of steemit @ papa-pepper thanks for sharing, regards from mimam.


You are welcome. Thank you for checking it out!


thanks @ papa-pepper you are the best friend

Hello, I think your post is great and will help us a lot, thanks for your advice. regards @papa-pepper


I am glad to hear it. Tell me, what was your favorite part about it?


in general all your content is very good and it helped me a lot in the inspiration, I hope to have you soon by my blog :( @papa-pepper

Thanks for this always appreciate good content. I'd add fun! Gotta have fun, cats love fun 😺

Thanks, @papapepper, for telling it like it really is. Some people come expecting something different and are disappointed rather quickly.

steemit has become a community of hope for many of us, and it's made the world a better place to be in many ways too.

I would have to agree. It is a community of hope (and encouragement). And it has made a difference in so many people's lives.

I’m currently travelling between #4 and #6 Lol. I might jump on #7 and dust that old Nikon D300


Dust that camera off! Photography is fun!

Great and encouraging info! Thank you!

i think i am standing between 4th and 5th phase
it is like you have shared my experience

I love this! And the best part "Hang in here until you do!" Steemit is a blessing for me. God bless you more @papa-pepper! 🥂


That's right! Hang in there!

Couldn’t agree with you less, you spell out everything there. From top to bottom. You’ve nailed it. Thanks.

I would say I experienced all of those emotions on the roller coaster we call the first few months on Steemit lol.

Great post for anyone new! Don't give up, persistence is key.

That was beautifully stated. That frustration is a recurring problem in some ways - you may be making a buck or two a day right now, and still watching your account value go down... and that is totally outside of your control. You may write the greatest post ever, but if SBD are tanking that day or week... bummer, dude...
Thanks for the encouraging words, timed so well!


A recurring problem to be sure!

The same feeling here..I hope one day I will be able to cast really bigg votes!

hiii Sir @papa-pepper, 100 % true saying, i fully agreed and thankful to you for guiding and sharing your personal experience here about Steemit. Your all the words are precious and very helpful for all specially new comers. Thanks a lot and Stay Blessed.

You've said it all sir, am most times confused as to how people make huge sums with their posts and how that after i engage time and efforts to make great articles and posts, i still remain in the ''Nickel region'' By the way, am almost one month old on steemit. it's your steemit babygirl @steemcenturion

that's right papa ,,,
all the stages ever felt by everyone in steemit ,,, there is a unique sense of its own very interesting ,,, sometimes funny when we realize it ,,,
one thing that always i remember from your message on every your post 'dont waste your time online, invest it with steemit',,, :)
I got a spirit,,, from that,,,
And so from this post,,,,
Thanks papa for sharing this,,,,
I hope u always be succesfull,,,
You and your family give the spirit for all,,,

Nice post, very inspiring. Makes me feel guilty for not taking the time to write a proper post yet myself.

I hope someday I can earn my living from steemit. Thanks to you all!

What you shared with us from the tips and guidance is really useful to all, so you deserve to thank and appreciation for your beautiful work and your effort with us.
Thanks dear @papa-pepper

my account is 42days old but still learning from many resources.
thanks for this post :)

I wish you would add the videos you made a while back too. Or update them and repost it. Your videos really helped me in the beginning


An updated version may not be a bad idea.

@papa-pepper Great post! Great points. Steemit comes with a learning curb. Today I've finally reached my 60 reputation :D and when I first joined, you were one of the blueprints I try to follow. You're a great role model/definition of Steemit. Thank you for this info. Best wishes to you always :)


Nice! That 60 looks great on you. I was upvoting a post of yours earlier and couldn't help but notice you've gotten some nice payouts! That only can happen when we don't give up!

You are 100% very correct sir. This is the stages everyone of us should be aware of. No one wants to go through number 4 which is FRUSTRATION cause sometimes when you don't get upvoted you get frustrated. But to me persistency always win the race at the end.

I am at the frustration stage! It's so good to read this post, a good reminder to not give up.


Yup, that stage can come and go, or maybe not really go. Just stay at it!

Hello! excellent post!, thank you for do it and share it!. according to your post i want to translate this article to spanish. Please let me know if you are ok with this! thank you


Please do! Let me know when you are done and have it posted!


It's ready!! you can check it out here

Frustration? No didn't get there yet. Still high and happy with 0.34 which is 0.30 now. Life is good.


Life is good! Thanks @stranded!

I still feel frustrated on occasion after all this time. I came across a girl today whose simple 2 minute post got a $100 payout. I then noticed that the same whale was upvoting all of her posts, so that she always got about a $80 to $100 payout even with her two sentence posts.

I didn't want to hate on her or say anything negative because some of her posts were actually quite good too. However, there is definitely a bit of nepotism going on and that's still something that I think we in general need to work on.

I am a newcomer ,,, guide me to become a great whale


Post, comment, upvote, be happy, repeat!

Suddenly, you find the internet to be more peaceful that you remember, and that makes you feel relieved.

What are your thoughts about the flag wars and hatred towards bots then? Although I think, that inside of communities it's pretty peaceful, they don't behave necessarily like this towards other communities.

I do like your motivational/idealistic approach, though :)

Pretty accurate. It’s def the best platform if social media isn’t your thing but want a place to blog and interact with people who genuinely want to create and perhaps benefit from it along the way.


That's right! Personally, social media was never my thing.

Right now I'm around the 4-5-6 range, and looking forward to 7-10!

Thanks a lot for motivational content @papa-pepper. Every new steemian should read it and hope for the best. One day it will come to the one who will be determined. I am hoping the same.

Very inspiring and interesting post.

I have been on steemit since last 3 months and i can say for sure that all of this is true. Most of the posts that end up on trending page are there because they used upvote bots. They pay to be there. Thus it is important to concentrate on work. You will definitely make it big one day.

After reading point from 1 to 5 hahaha I lived it in first person hahaha :) That is where my journey so far has led me :)


Lol,yeah, you are not alone!


I will come back some time from now to tell you if I fall into the 6-10, until half of it you could have been perfectly a seer for me ;-). I am fairly new, barely one month and a half, I'm still torn between the skeptic and the enthusiast :)

Very interesting.

in order to achieve success in life, we must be optimistic, requiring brilliant inspiration and community support in stemit so that we all achieve one goal. thanks for the guidance @ papa-pepper

thnanks for motivation and inspiration

Currently around frustration phase :)

great steemit read. 😇

this is very interesting, steemit is a livelihood for nowadays, all people are now much thinking about steemit, including my own @papa-pepper,

Great post, how does the upvotes work? I see a % can be chose default 50% so what does 100% mean?
Thank you

this is reality, and everyone who wants to succeed in life, must face it. you are a true steemian, an inspiration! I appreciate. bless up bro!!

Well, I needed this. Reading these 10 things to except on Steemit hit home and pretty much in the right order. How weird is that? But I am loving it here on Steemit. I've only been here about a month but woo hoo, it's fun and engaging and I do have hope. Thanks for a lovely post for those of us who need a little reminder of why we're here.

I am one of the newbies here on Steemit, and this post is excellent in describing all the different phases a newbie will go through. It is very revealing indeed to know that other people have similar experience. Thank you for posting this!

Thank you so much for documenting in black and white the journey that new Steemians go through, @papa-pepper. And Thanks also to @hopehuggs for resteeming so I could find it.

I think this is an important road map simply because Steemit is so different from everything else out there, that making sense of it is an evolving thing. And this introductory road map will help in that process.

On Monday, I'll celebrate 30 full days of being here and I just feel pleased and very grateful. I truly feel that I was 'led' here.

Every day I get new ideas about new posts I want to create. I began a weekly 2 daily posts/15 comments on Steemit per day challenge last Sunday, did my first two DTube videos yesterday> I've always wanted to learn both fractal art and trance music and I wrote the first three of a brand new series on the former last week and am actively researching the latter so I can start on that too.

I would NEVER have accomplished all that on my own blog. Nor would I have made the few dollars that I have simply because I'd stopped blogging for years. Steemit's changed all that. I feel so Blessed to be here and It can only get better. Thanks again for mapping out some of the early Steemit journey. I'm resteeming this but will also link to it permanently in a new type of post I'll be doing every week because I think it will help a LOT of new Steemians.

I'm totally stuck between 3 and 4 ATM. Also feel like I should spend tons of time I don't have to understand Steemit properly and manage my way to step 5 +. I guess it will come at some point if I create a new habit of coming back often. Thanks for this post, it is inspiring to see that there is much more than where I am now :)

I enjoyed this post @papa-pepper ... but I think there was one stage missing... 'defeat' or 'throwing in the towel' .... I have been around since July 2016 and took 3 months and many articles before I earned my FIRST 10c. Then the first curator programme took off (I think 'curie'? ) and I got noticed then things went well and I interacted and made friends and then there was a hard ofrk and the manner in which rewards got paid changed... and for 7 days I was in 7th heaven 3 digit rewards for all my posts ...(I am in Africa) ... more than equalling my months salary... and then...after those 7 days ...'pooooof'. 200 votes would give me $1.20... 4 hours spent on an article would give less than a $ ...which led me to write this article Farcical Upvotes ... and shortly after I just threw in the towel. I started powering down and made peace with walking away from Steemit. I could develop a simple Wordpress website in 5 hours and get paid a guaranteed $60's ... also many of the friendships I had built... they were fading away as more people left.
So what brought me back? Certainly NOT the rewards as they are still negligible, but the many people contacting me on Steemit.Chat asking me where I had gotten to, was I okay? Also, when I heard a tune from my dim and distant past which evoked memories.... I wanted to share this, and tell a nutshell... I missed the ability to put my thoughts down just because I wanted to, and the enjoyment I get when someone responds positively to my post. I believe the quality of my posts has deteriorated as I am no longer willing to spend hours researching and compiling quality posts which go unnoticed .... but I do believe I still add value to the Steemit community. {sigh}...glad that is off my chest!!!

Thank you for the post for us newbies! I can so relate to all of these.

I'm feeling the hope! When I just started I wasn't all in, my post barely got any views and I saw all the crap making money and wondered what was going on. But my friend who introduced me to the platform encouraged me to keep posting and exploring the community.Now I'm addicted, I'm still not making much but just the fact that I'm improving my writing skill for articles and poems is really a good feeling. I'm grateful to be here and grateful I found your post.
PS: I'll check out he animal posts later. This types of posts really interests me. Followed.

Thank you for your post, it is an inspiring message to all of us who are new here, you are so true and i can relate it.

really welcoming and calming. i love the post...thanks for the encouragement

Very helpful article for the new people here on Steemit. I was wondering if could translate it into German and perhaps into Spanish as well? and what the requirements are as far as accreditation photo etc. goes!