Hey Steemit eliminate the Bots !! ..... Hey Weku watch out for the bots !!!


Hey my people today I bring you a short reflection but of great content. These are the so-called Steemit bots, those that make your experience in that community not so pleasant.

These bots call what they are called, (here below I leave the image given by steembottracker.com), as you can see this is pure business and money, there are even companies behind these bots.


These "innocent" bots, encourage us to make original and splendid publications, send them to them to be voted and generate high profits. It is good to highlight we are all here with the intention of sharing, growing but also receiving profits that allow us to survive in our spaces and countries, but it is quite the opposite with bots, because it does not depend on your effort or originality, EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON THE VOTES THAT ARE PURCHASED PRIORLY, THROUGH THE BOTS.

You will be more or less successful depending on what you are willing to pay and what you have for this. In other words, Weku remains an option of cooperation and possibility of the poor (with access to the network), so that they can start a path to overcoming and receive through their effort an economic contribution that helps them overcome their current situation.

Steemit is being eaten by mafias and financial actors, what has made that community a "how much is it worth?", Breaking the social essence of the original idea and becoming another big investor business, pulling the social masses to disappointment and failure .


To conclude although Weku is in users and financial infinitely smaller than Steemit, Weku can overcome Steemit socially and cooperatively, making a true social alternative. It should only depart even more from Steemit and if it is not possible to undermine a currency to adopt, for example the Ether.


On Steemit I would recommend putting the brakes on the bots or finishing entering Wall Street, as a successful business for a few and a filler for a lot.

They are humble considerations that no one considers themselves offended and love each other.


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