Weekly Steem Stats Report - Monday, March 12, 2018

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Welcome to my Steem Stats Report for Monday, March 12, 2018. All data comes directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

The format of the date fields is 'YYYYWW'.
I.e. 201806 is week 6 of 2018 (from Monday, February 5 to Sunday, Februari 11).

1. Weekly number of Posts (including comments)


2. Weekly number of votes


3. Daily active users (per week)

DateActive users

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

6. Weekly Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN

DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2018101,418,074 STEEM1,267,373 STEEM150,701 STEEM
2018091,436,382 STEEM1,117,540 STEEM318,842 STEEM
2018081,396,860 STEEM1,119,937 STEEM276,923 STEEM
2018071,112,070 STEEM6,656,397 STEEM-5,544,327 STEEM
2018061,143,445 STEEM6,650,390 STEEM-5,506,945 STEEM
2018059,247,335 STEEM6,407,731 STEEM2,839,604 STEEM
2018041,093,917 STEEM6,707,362 STEEM-5,613,445 STEEM
Average p/d1,873,328 STEEM2,167,967 STEEM-294,639 STEEM

Largest 'Power ups' last week

Date & TimeFromToSTEEM
Mar 11, 18:22@steemit2@steemit2100,000.000
Mar 8, 23:22@notar@notar50,557.741
Mar 10, 05:26@powerbank@powerbank50,109.250
Mar 9, 02:04@i-d@i-d31,802.773
Mar 7, 20:42@hitwill@hitwill30,420.000
Mar 11, 18:12@steemit2@steemit230,000.000
Mar 9, 18:13@blockways@blockways29,000.000
Mar 6, 03:08@promobot@promobot22,949.559
Mar 7, 05:16@lucreces@lucreces22,652.545
Mar 5, 22:46@rhodium@rhodium20,130.001

7. Weekly Steem Transfers from and to exchanges

DateFrom BittrexFrom PoloniexFrom BinanceTo BittrexTo PoloniexTo Binance
201810972,984 STEEM0 STEEM449,868 STEEM439,635 STEEM55 STEEM534,866 STEEM
2018091,663,085 STEEM0 STEEM322,789 STEEM393,873 STEEM21 STEEM753,980 STEEM
2018081,497,153 STEEM0 STEEM341,977 STEEM601,301 STEEM20 STEEM555,882 STEEM
2018071,020,988 STEEM0 STEEM151,242 STEEM917,895 STEEM171 STEEM476,900 STEEM
201806898,200 STEEM0 STEEM281,145 STEEM1,053,381 STEEM104 STEEM306,139 STEEM
2018052,164,559 STEEM0 STEEM0 STEEM2,327,600 STEEM9,686 STEEM1,592,244 STEEM
2018041,217,869 STEEM1,113,765 STEEM0 STEEM3,129,704 STEEM620,124 STEEM0 STEEM

Largest transfers last week

Date & TimeFromToAmount
Mar 11, 12:09@bittrex@upbit-exchange129,999.990 STEEM
Mar 7, 10:10@bittrex@upbit-exchange109,999.990 STEEM
Mar 10, 23:07@minority-report@blocktrades60,000.000 STEEM
Mar 8, 23:21@bittrex@notar50,557.741 STEEM
Mar 10, 05:26@bittrex@powerbank50,109.250 STEEM
Mar 5, 00:03@alpha@blocktrades50,000.000 STEEM
Mar 7, 06:00@alpha@blocktrades50,000.000 STEEM
Mar 7, 00:56@alpha@blocktrades50,000.000 STEEM
Mar 8, 04:41@alpha@blocktrades40,000.000 STEEM
Mar 11, 13:04@blocktrades@bittrex40,000.000 STEEM

8. Steem Price Update

¯\___(ツ)____/¯ Follow me @penguinpablo for daily Steem statistics.

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Posts dropping and votes increasing; implies less users and more bots.

Great update again CC markets are under pressure and so is Steem but in the long run quality will prove itself.

some serious power downs and seriously to much going to steemit2 account sighhh


Let them go, that's more Steem for us!

Hey Pablo,

Are you able to track the total number of steemit accounts? Would be handy to know active accounts vs total accounts.


You can find the total number of registered steem accounts on my steem block explorer site: https://www.steemblockexplorer.com

Currently 819,291 accounts.


I wonder if the Steem Dollar will always mirror the price of Steem?


I was wondering the same thing... I was thinking if they stay around the same price then by using the trading platform on Steemit to trade SBD and STEEM, you could make 1-4% per day on the fluctuations.


Hmm, that's interesting, and I did not know that.

Mmh, 200k posts less than last week. That’s is a huge decrease! Wonder what can explain this.
Is the whale war takings its toll?
On the other hand more chance that our posts getting noticed!


I think it's due to the lower Steem price.

On the other hand more chance that our posts getting noticed!

That's right!
In addition, more Steem is available in the reward pool :)


I think it's due to the lower Steem price.

Yep, it really seems that the value of Steem is correlated to the amount of posts that are made on the blockchain.


Thx for the explanation.
Personally not so busy with the value of steem. Don’t look at the value now because the value will increase. As long as post, regardless of the value of Steem, your power will increase, which will have much more value in the future.
Or am I missing something?


Thats entirely correct. I think most people know this. But then when the look at the reward$, they see a lower number due to lower steem price and they get demotivated. So I think its a subconscious psychological effect.


It probably is. But they have to see it as an investment in the future.
Most do post and comment for the money. It is ridiculous browsing through comments, even in this post, how people think that they could get an upvote or get noticed.
They forget that a genuine comment or post, is the only thing that works.
I will repeat myself again. I rather have a genuine comment on my post than an upvote. If I do get both, even if it is a 1 cent comment, I feel like I just hit the jackpot. This cause I wrote something down which others find interesting!


Let me add that there is some value of thinking in the value right now. Assuming you just want to make money and if you spend 1h on posting and that brings you 1$ now, you could better work some job for 5$ and invest that in steem at the current price.


That's a good point. Right now it's not really "worth it" for most people to create posts, so they could absolutely follow your advice and invest instead ;)


It probably is. But they have to see it as an investment in the future.

Absolutely true! I personally think that Steem will hit a $100 price per token in a few years, so that means that to me investment, even a 10 cent upvote is worth $10 ;) But of course anything can happen, but I'm ready to hodl for a long time!


Probably a resulting of the overall negative sentiment in the crypto market unfortunately. With that being said, as long as the platform keeps growing it will eventual separate itself somewhat from factors relating to the rest of the market.


While a coin is the backbone of Steemit. I don't relate them. I'm here cause I like to be here and if this does bring some extra cash, I wont decline it.
It will be the facebook of the future.
Just had a long discussion with a colleague during our lunch walk. I was trying to explain how it works. And the only reply I was getting was: ow so it is just a Ponzi-scheme. Need to do some more investigation to be able to promote Steemit better to other people! I just failed miserably.


haha yes, this would be a great steemit post actually. "How to promote steemit to your friends in 2 minutes".


Yeah, it is kind of complicated to understand at the moment... Especially to people outside the crypto world. One of the main things holding Steemit back in my opinion is the new users backlog. Anyone have any idea why it takes AGES to get an account approved? I convinced a friend to join recently, and he has been waiting 3 days now! That is a huge turn off for new members if they have to wait so long to get access!


It believe that at the moment there is some human intervention needed for the approval of new account. As far as I know they are changing the approval process. So it should go quicker in the future.


Good, I hope so. That is a much needed change.

thanks for this crypto news sharing..... i appreciate your post.
keep it up. upvote and resteemit

huhhh this kinda look somehow...what are we to expect?

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The disciple walked up to the lake.

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Lovely and eye opening post. keep it on

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This content should rich with information. Thanks for keeping us informed and for sharing.

Posts with very useful information

People were not so active in the last week,can it be because of the low Steem price?

This content is rich, insightful and very detail.

@penguinpablo I am a big fan of this steemit account as I regularly used to check out your posts to aware of steemit daily reports. Glad that Steemit community growing bigger and you playing a big role in it. Congrats.

Wow 182,234 new accounts in 7 days is awesome steemit is growing crazy and the numbers are showing it :)

thanks for bringing the Steem Stats Report

Very interesting post. Good to see the amount of registrations to steemit is booming! Hope the tech can handle it :)

Great info man!

Price needs to hold $2.00.

Now steemit price is very low how its bigger then

Wow, that is interesting, look how the shitty STEEM price negatively impacts posts and users and comments. I know it has made me a little reticent to post things, it sucks to bid on some bots and then have the STEEM price decline. I wonder if my charity effort would already be concluded if things were better, can you help me help others?