The Secret Truth Behind the Trending Post of Steemit: Two Real Life Case Examples

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“All that glitters is not Gold”

A post you must read to find out the secrets behind the trending post of steemit:

The proverb mentioned above is very true in real life and in the context of steemit it is the accurate.

During my first two months and several days in steemit, I used to think that these people are some kind of magicians. Anything they publish makes a place in the trending list. I had seen them earning more than $500 while I was struggling to earn a single cent. Many of my post from the beginning earned $0.00 reward money.

In a situation like this, I used to get frustrated until I established a connection with many good people in this platform. I have learned a lot for them, so today I realize the hidden truth behind all the trending post in our platform.

Therefore, I am writing this post to show you what I have learned about those posts. I am going to show you how to put your post in the trending list and I am going to give you two real life case examples about how some people do that in steemit.

So my friends feel free to bookmark, share and resteem this post, so that you and the others can learn the things which I am trying to teach you here.

How to make a post trending-The way it works

No it isn’t quality, it is just pure promotion which matters the most when you want to put a post in the trending list. I know a lot of people will try to argue at this point saying that:

“Quality is the one that matters, create great content and the reward will come”

It is partially true that quality matters but only quality can’t put a post in the trending list and earn a huge amount of reward. I have created quality post too because of which I have been rewarded but that reward was nothing close to the reward that you get from a trending post.

So there is no point of talking about quality anymore. Now let’s talk about how to place a post in the trending list:

In order to put a post in the trending list, you have to spend a lot of money on promoting your post. It is because this is the way steemit works. Unlike, Medium or some other social blogging platform, steemit don’t use any manual review panel to create its trending list.

Steemit place the blog posts in the trending list based on the amount of reward money they earn. For this reason, quality is never a major fact to keep a post trending. Anyone with any kinds of low quality content can put their post in the trending list.

Yeah, it is possible and I have seen it many times. Still, I know that some of you will argue, so I have gathered my proof this time. Here in this post, I will show you two posts which are in the current trending list, so that you can go and see for yourself.

Case Example-1(Good)

This post is fresh out of the oven and it is still hot, take a look at it before I go to a further explanation:

Earn alot STEEM & BTC on gamesforsteemians UPDATE | offerwalls | upvotes | games | BETA |

Do you find anything wrong about this post? I don’t know maybe you do or maybe you don’t.

But I do, I can tell that this post is very short and written only for promotional purpose. Then how come this post has earned more than $330? I mean how is this even possible? So let’s take a look at the screenshot below.

I went to investigate the transaction history of @brothermic,the author of this post, and I have found that the following transfers have been made to push this post forward.


Total:212 STEEM and 8 SBD spent for promotion

After running some big transfers to promote his blog, he has managed to earn more than $330 worth of reward. He spent 212 Steem and 8 SBD in total to promore this post according to the transaction details I have gathered from his wallet.

I think he became able to collect a good return of his investment that he spent for promoting his post. Even after deducting the curation rewards, he is supposed to make more or less at least $50-$70 till now. His post is not even one day old, so I think he is going to earn more from it.

The way @brothermic promoted his post is fair. I took a look at his profile and saw that he is really working hard to go forward. It is difficult to reach anywhere in this platform without strategy and promotion. He is spending some money so that his blog get noticed by people.

His blog maybe short but it is original. He is not plagiarizing or trying to deceive people. I went to his post and even left a comment on it.

Still, I won’t encourage you to follow the way he put his post in the trending list. It is because sometimes you may not get lucky and lose some of your money by trying to promote your post.

Case Example-2(Bad)


A concerned member of our community @bullionstackers,instantly decided to take steps against this post

This is a whole messed up post that you can understand by taking a look at it. It’s a shame that we still can’t take it down. I have already done what I had to do. I have flagged it and the rest is up to you.

Know about my 1 month experience & increasing reputation 25 to 56

This one @maria99 has used a stock image, fake personality and bid based promotion service to make this super fake #introduceyourself post trending. See what people wrote in the comment section of this post and you will realize what is happening in steemit.

I guess this post has been flagged by many users of steemit but still we can’t take it down. I don’t want to let this fraud get away with a huge amount of reward money from our reward pool.

This kind of abuse of steemit account shouldn’t go unpunished. So all of you who are reading this post, please come forward to flag it down.

What could be solution in this situation?

I believe that we see this kind of posts in the trending list because most of us don’t care about the quality of the post that we read. We are not playing an active role to make steemit a better platform. We are voting without consideration and only concerned about our sole interest.

To make this platform a better place we all have to work hand in hand. We need to be united against the abuse of bid based promotion service.I believe that every promotion service should have a maximum limit of return like @minnowbooster have.

There is nothing wrong with promoting your post, as long as you do it for promotional purpose but not to make a fool out of people.

Thank you for reading.Support me by upvote,comment and resteem on this post.

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i understand what you are saying in the post however i feel like you should make it more clear for those that are not as aware as i am with the names of many promotional bid bots.
both posts you presented used bid bots to promote their services but the way it seems you worded the post 1 person seemed to use only promotional services to promote their post while the other one used bid bots to slither their way to the top along with their completely fake post/profile/personality.

for those that want to compare here is the friendly neighborhood steem bot tracker site

i just dont want newer people to see this post and think that the 2 posts did anything differently to get their trending page(moneywise) other than the content of their post.
and 2 that bid bots are in some way a bad thing as long as they are used in moderation.

over all great post and i was seriously considering making a post like this myself recently as its only been in the past 2-3 weeks that i realized just how hard it is to get votes on your posts at the level without self promotion at any level be it cash based promotion or having a large active following.
i went down the same road of pre investigation of how anyone makes these huge voted posts and the vast majority of them start with a hefty self promotion which again is fine its just steemit in general presents itself in a completely different way to the average user that expects to get large posts purely on the merit of their content.


Well,this post is about how people make their post trending.It is not about bid based bots or promotion service.

I am glad that you took the time to read my post and wrote a long post.


this quote seems to say differently
"To make this platform a better place we all have to work hand in hand. We need to be united against the abuse of bid based promotion service.I believe that every promotion service should have a maximum limit of return like @minnowbooster have."

it sounds like you are trying to say in your conclusion that services like minnowbooster is the better solution over bid based bots when in reality they are basically the same thing.
people paying money to directly promote their post instead of hoping they will organically earn purely from the content it holds which only happens typically with a large following.


No,actually it is not the same.The other other promotion service take a large bids but @minnowbooster only take 11.89 SBD bids from the normal members and 14.35 SBD bids from the white list members.I have seen people sending 50 SBD to other promotion service.


if you go to the bid bot tracking webpage you can see that you can promote many posts with as little as .1sbd or as much as several hundred dollars with the average usually around $3-5 and you will get varying degrees of return mostly due to the fluctuating cost of steem and typically within a window of 0-15% return its great there are services like minnowbooster i am not telling you to not promote it im just saying bid based bots can be used in small amounts without being harmful to the reputation of your account and should not be seen as only being used to dump large amounts of money towards pushing a post to be huge for trending.


I am also a supporter of bid based bots.But I just say that;at least whatever you write has to be original.Don't create a post with fake image and fake information,then make it trending.See the first example and his transaction details.

He used his money in smart way and made a huge profit.He played it in a fair way.He didn't bend any rules or was trying to deceive anyone and also fee l free to ask me if you want to see your post in the trending list.

Very very important post for me. because I taught, Trending post is all about quality. Now I got a clear concept about that. Thank you @philipkavan.


My friend if you want me to put your post to trending list.I can send you a plan within your budget.I will give you a list of bid based promotion where you can invest money and make your post trending.It is all about promotion,go to the all trending list authors and see how much money they move from their wallet.

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
Check @resteembot's introduction post or the other great posts I already resteemed.

Its all kind of a scam. @booster owes me 22 steem and @boomerang owes me 12 steem coins. I'd spent 18 got 8.50 twice from @booster. Then cuts are taken which left me with 5 and some change. And they do nothing. Also there big players so the will come in last second with there other accounts and somehow decrease values in half. Some dont change though so its weird. I should put them on blast I have all the he proof. Anyways sometimes they pan out sometimes they don't. Kinda fucked that its become this. I dont know anyone that gives away their steem like they used to. So someone figured this new way steem dropped huge. Ya i know when you use minnowbooster a lot and invest in them you get bigger values and less in there vig. Good job. Good luck


Learn how to make safe investment.Do a lot of research about how the other people are placing their post in the trending list and you will figure out how to make your post trending.Spending a big amount of money can put ahead in this platform. Trending posts are not made out of quality,those are made out of money.

Hello, I'm amberyooper, a curator for VostokArmy.
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Thank you for joining us and interacting on the VostokArmy Discord server!

Now use this post as proof that good quality posts does not always get to trending list.


Thanks bro,this is really hilarious comment.It is true,see the amount of interaction people are making in that post.But how much I have earned only $0.29.This prove that quality is not a factor in steemit,it never was.To earn big you have to spend big.

Thanks for this, very interesting. I have been making efforts meeting community, working on my writing and photography editing, and I thought I could never do it, turns out, it's getting a bit better. I finally had some time to sit down and share a bigger quality post yesterday, I decidied first time on Steemit to use a bot thang to resteem or whatever, just to see if it made a difference? For months I get maybe .30 or .50 a post, this morning it made a huge difference as 602 people up voted it and there's 23.00 this morning.. So, for the newbie's, bots seem to be important to use if you have content? On @discord channels folks were talking about not using them. I think this is going to be a huge problem once the masses start joining this platform.. Nice now that the community is small and peeps are looking out for scamers..Thank you for this perspective.


Thank you my dear.I have always said I am not against bid bots or post promotion.When you write something good but nobody notice it,in that kind of situation those can be very useful.Now I am interested to take a look at your blog and know how you are getting more reward.

Quality content is always the best practice for those who don't want to invest in this platform.

When new users after waiting a week or more to get registered on Steemit, they see the trending posts hoping to see cool, new, edgy content. What they actually get is a lump of crap content that neither interests them or just plain alienates them and they leave. Trending needs to be based on real human analytics, not robots and fake votes.


Yeah,it is true.Almost everyone feel in the same way.But my friend problem is there is nothing to do about this in steemit platform.This is the problem of reward driven platform.When it comes to reward then people can buy it for themselves.

Like,I have said unlike some other platforms like medium here we don't have any team to manually select our content.What we have is just a simply algorithm which always show the blogs with the highest earning in the trending list.


I'm afraid it is to do with the platform. Trending should be based on analytics, not money. Engagement and comments and views.


I understand but actually just like I have said it is a decentralized platform where there is no one to manually pick the contents and place them in the trending list.It is a reward driven platform so the blogs with the highest amount of earning always stays on the top.

Still,don't be disappointed if you fail to get attention even after creating something really good.It is because sooner or later people will start supporting you for your effort.