The Magic with Digital Token Micropayments!

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Future Technology will change many things!


The most magical thing that I find with this whole new digital economy is how you can give away something real to a human and get the same effect as if you gave out a huge sum of something. This for me is very magical. I used to mainly review phones on YouTube and showing them to the mainstream masses.


But I never felt that I could build a deeper connection with my audience. Since it was always me that was the King and they were just the passive consumers. The comment system was a disaster. The whole way YouTube designed their platform was to reward shock content and click bait material. That was the only way to grow your channel. You had to play along with what worked. That will say not Trust and Relationship building content. It was more about giving humans a quick hit like a drug. Entertain them for a while. Cash out and be done with it.

I never really understood how I should build a deeper connection with my audience there on YouTube. Since it was so many new followers coming in all the time. I wasn’t able to empower them. I stumbled upon this Steemit platform early 2018 because of my business partner telling me about it. And finally I had the missing piece of the puzzle. Micropayments with 0 fees and fast value transactions!


So what is the magic with this? The magic is how it makes Care, Trust and Relationships stronger since you sacrifice some real digital value to build someone up. You become both investors and partners in a lifetime project. Being connected to the Blockchain and Token system in a new digital abundance network. Micropayments allows you to create value compound effects much faster. It makes value extremely liquid and that also increase the value of that digital Token.

The magic is how you can touch another human with some real digital value. And how you can spend the rest of your life now doing this on a daily basis. It will massively help you to also feel more open and more abundant. You can give someone something real that they can use to get something in the old world. Also you will only be open to receive something after you have given away a lot.

euro-1353420_1920 (1).jpg

Right now micropayments are sort of restricted how it’s still not 100% frictionless. But when let’s say the whole world is connected to Blockchains then you will be able to send value to anyone super easy instantly since every person will have around 50 mobile wallets of value each to spread the risk. At the same time as they can rent out their digital Tokens. All these things that was exclusive to the Banks or Big Companies will now be opened up for everyone. The mainstream masses will get a hold of the big value that will be generated in the digital world.

Because of Technology spreading everywhere and empowering humans in the same fair way. It’s just a tool and if you use it the right way then it will yield massive results! I can see a world with micropayments where every $0.01 get's used in the most effective optimal way. Instead of all this money wasting that we have been doing the last 100 years. Everything will be more optimised to bring us maximum value in return. And we will all have savings ready. These days what people spend their stuff on usually result in a bad lifetime investment. Investment has been complicated and filled with gatekeepers and greedy humans. Now we are making the process of being an investor more natural and frictionless. So everyone becomes one as fast as possible.


Micropayments will also make it so you can sell all your material gadgets mega fast. Without any complicated stuff. When humans can sell anything they have in less than a minute then we will truly create a liquid global market that will create so much more new abundance in the network. And humans will realize more how little they actually needed to be happy. All value not just Tokens will be optimised to bring maximum value in return. The whole real estate market will be put on the Blockchain and become a 100% liquid Tokenized market. Same as what will happen with the Internet. The Blockchain system will be the new safer Internet.

When micropayments happen more then that automatically generates a more abundant feel since you have plenty of daily transactions of verifications. You are not being dependent on 1 simple node in the network. As for example with a traditional 9to5 job being paid once a month. Clearly we have more value in the world than we need. We just need to make it all Tokenized so the value can flow around more liquid.


Cash was very liquid but extremely slow to move around. And it could be destroyed easily since it was physical. Also hard to trace and not super transparent. With digital Tokens and Cryptography we solve the trust aspect and we can generate new transparent digital assets with ease that can have different cool use cases. And energy is becoming more abundant when we are now using solar power more. Also with cash it’s not a good tool in a global market with billions of humans. We need to have some digital value Token that can be used on the internet. Since every human on Earth soon is a smartphone user! This Token Blockchain Era started with Bitcoin in 2008. We are now 10 years in.

There is lots of talk right now of a Steemit micropayment competitor coming out soon but I don’t see it. Steemit is at least 4 years ahead of any serious competitor. Steem Blockchain got many things right but the key aspects it got right was: Transparency how much Tokens everyone has, Fast transactions, 0 Fees, Bandwidth Token and Rent out Power in a safe way! The Steem Blockchain is truly ahead of it’s time. Probably 5 years ahead right now.


If it’s something that we can see when we look back at history then we can see that everything that saves us time and energy and that is faster will eventually get adopted by the mainstream masses. Because literally everyone wants more value in return for less effort. So this digital Token economy is the new gold rush right now.

We are just now starting to do the land grab. Same as people did with Gold, Oil and Land. These Tokens come in a limited supply and different use cases and are scarce. But they will all eventually offer mega-fast micropayments and because they will compete against each other the consumer will get an amazing product because competition will give us only the best! Since we are mega empowered by technology we now can demand to get amazing products! Since we communicate much faster now digitally!


People are so used to the old Banking system that it can be hard for most to see a world without Big central Banks. And a world with micropayments everywhere. But things can change rather quickly when a new digital generation takes over. Since they will have grown up with smartphones and for them the digital world is the real world and the physical world the non real world. Exciting things to come in a world of liquid micropayments!

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I guess the blockchain will spread much quicker than we expect. At the moment I quite often hear the blockchain topic being discussed on mainstream media, whether radio or TV. I am myself not using these mediums, but funnily enough I show up at the right time in the right place where some of those channels are turned on, and suddenly this topic comes up. Or sometimes just the word. Yet all talked about it as being revolutionary and 'the future'. So basically the blockchain is already finding vogue among the mainstream in a very positive way! :)

Fantastic work with this one, kudos


Thank you!

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Great work, and useful post by the ways

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now a days we are hearing a lot that blockchain can change the way we use technology but in reality i could not explore anything till now which is based on this new age technology. I agree that I may be asking for it too early since few big companies have already started exploring blockchain. I am pretty sure that blockchain can change the way of payment and i am eagerly looking forward to see that change. Can you name out some companies which have started working in Blockchain? in your post you explained everything nicely.

The digital token we can be reach to our coin payment and ICO