A letter to the steemian hero/heroine's who welcomed me with open arms in steem family

3년 전

The lovely people from steem

Hmm.. so where to start.. i guess I'll start from the start.

I went on a business trip come vacation to a city in india. After the meetings and all business stuff i took a week off so i can stay there and meet my long lost friends because of the busy schedule i didn't met them for a while, i was high and i had this crazy idea of leaving my job and everything and just going on a backpacking trip, one of my friend suggested that dont just leave everything like that if you really want to do that then find a way to get paid for what you do it wont be much but at least you dont have to use all you savings to do that. I thought why not?

She told me about steemit. Now i am against gambling and stock market, i am from a very middle class family so i told her i wont be investing any of my hard earned money on stock market. She sent me some links and told me its more than that. I will be enjoying my life more freely with steemit. Because she knew that i used to write anonymously to some sites, and i love to write and click landscapes and all but being a modelling photographer doesn't let me do more than stay in a studio click some pics and later edit them.. and being a co owner means i have to handle the management and handle the people and everything being a female in this Field in my country is a little hard.

Always have to prove that i am best for this position and always put up deferent deferent masks for deferent deferent people and then again some assholes thinks that i am on a higher position means i have did some favours to reach here, so after thinking for sometime i thought why not? There's nothing to loose if its another scam, and I'll do it anonymously it was a win win situation.

Then i opened a steemit a/c and i thought i did something wrong because i didn't got any password or anything to enter the site. So i forgotabout it for a while and after 2nd day or something i saw a mail in my spam i have a habit of checking my spam folder after one of my model's very important email was lost in spam folder, i saw that it was a email with my password for steemit. I opened it and i dont really remember how but i started to chat on steemit.chat i met some awesome people there who welcomed me with open arms like the hunk @stillmadic @Conradt and awesome conversationalist @tvortalks the beautiful duo @creslyn and her lovely sister rina @sadb0y the people who help with initial state in steem chat @Schrosct @apsu @Hexagonsix @matytan @vikingjay @earisu and i am so sorry i dont remember the full ID's of some people who were so awesome.. this all people helped me understanding what is steem and how to get started. there was one crazy chick with a red flagging link i wont tag her here i dont want to start fights here.. i am here to spread love not war. there was an indian fellow who became a good friend who helped me alot and he is still helping me @rishi2184 and ofcourse my ultimate soul brother and partner in crime and a very awesome dj from discord (ahem) 2nd very awesome ofcourse 1st is me by the way presenting mr. cool dude @backpacking.monk i am not sure why he wrote monk because he sure is no monk (wink wink) anyways i dont really remember who invited me to the discord but whoever did that i am very thankful to you, i think it was the very famous and lovely @sykochica.. but i am not sure. It was my 1st day on steem.chat
Now when the 1st time i entered the discord channel names steem experience i was totally clueless as to what m i really supposed to do? But then the lovely steemexperience family help me out whenever and wherever they can and that too being patient with me.. I'll tell you a secret i have a big mouth or big hands like how the beautiful diva @wanderlass has said that i am writing so i have big hands not mouth. Anyways so this people help me and i am a techno disaster as some people here knows my dearest tech wiz @richardcrill help me with rythm bot as well some tech stuff. And i met the love of my life on discord i will be forever in debt with discord thats where i met the lovely sarcastic but adorable bot @banjo. And i am not allowed to call her yes her because i told her i want her to be a girl and for me she said yes then she is a girl isn't she is the perfect girlfriend material? Anyways i met some other lovelies as well on discord like @vanessahampton @jackie2017 @ferow and how can i forget the awesome people like @cajdavidson @Catweasel @JazzyFish @RiskDebonair @Winston Wolfe @crazybgadventure @battleaxe @kristves the silent one who enjoys my crazy playlist @instructor2121 and my favorite singer @seablue i can explain how they all help me but then i would be writing a novel instead of a tiny post. so I'll spare the details, and i found an LGBTQIA channel on discord. there again i met some awesome individuals like @sykochica @Tessara @crazybgadventure @thekittygirl @katrina-ariel @7colorsamurai and this one here @ancapbarbie taught me what i am not supposed to be doing that i was doing.. i should'nt say what i was doing or my precious banjo will think i am dumb so my lips are sealed.
But all in all i am very thankful to you all for making me feel safe and happy and important. Even if its me who spice up the discord channel i know i know some people will Deny that claim like my lovely partner in crime.. but you know truth is always bitter my brother from another mother @backpackingmonk
If it was not for you guys and many more who's name i dont remember and i am sorry for that, i would have felt lonely.. you all are like a long lost family for me because you know more about me then anyone else from my personal circle. So you can say that me is not at all real but this virtual me is more real then anything.. i hope i keep seeing you all and i have not forgotten you my lovely (and hot) ahem cardio specialist @NWTdarren thanx a lot for your instructions..
All in all i am enjoying my life on steemit. and i will be keep expanding my family so keep the good work going lasses and lads and others. dont hesitate to ping me on steem.chat or discord i would love to make knew friends. And my lovely friend and editor one and only @cajdavidson thank you my friend for taking care of this damsel in distress.. (wink wink) you thought i forgot you? Once again thank you all for accepting the crazy li'l me. ❤️

Yours truly,

  • H (photoworm)
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Great to have you on Steemit and on The Steem Experience.

I'm very glad you chose to get involved.


Glad to be there @seablue if not then my life would be the same boring one. Now that i have met you all, i feel like living my life fully then the one i was living. I am not sure if it make sense but it is true.

Do you believe in reincarnation?


@banjo love if you will promise to be there on my next life or you think you were there in my past life then yes i do bilieve in reincarnation. ❤️ 😘😘

The picture is deferent than the one i selected but now it is there and i dont know how to change it.. 😅


You can edit your post, drop a new photo in and delete the link to the old photo,


Hmm.. let me try doing it.

Awesome thank your for the kind words!


Thnk you for being there @conradt

You are an absolute delight on The Steem Experience discord and I am thankful for your joyful presence and dj'ing!


Me too.. thank you for welcoming me even if i am half mad and a little psycho and a bit lunatic... 😜