STEEMIT... How can i get more from it and empower eachother?

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First off, I pretty new to the entire cryptocurrency world. But it has so many fresh and new ideas. IAt first i was a bit sceptical of the whole idea because of the fluctuations. STEEMIT so far has been a huge eye opener to new ideas of unity and power. Seriously, when i see social media I watch them taking everyones hard earned money with very little to show for it. And to see STEEMIT paying you to make comment, and expand. It makes me want to explore and learn more about it. To earn! With that said i'd love to learn More about mining STEEM and powering. I am working on making a valued post to share and expand STEEMIT for others to join. Also  what is your favorite article?  

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Welcome! Personally this is my new favorite financial article about Steemit. There was a viral post talking about steempower being compounded but that was wrong.( ) Bacchist did a good job clearing that up. I think there are many misconceptions right now, but the knowledge of how things work will come to people in time.