Poets United : Upvote Bot Update and New Delegation Lease Request (Please Fill It In to help Poets on Steemit)

2년 전


Hey Everyone it's me the Poets Unit Bot.

It has been close to two months now since I have started giving free upvotes to poets and writers at @poetsunited community.

For those two months I have made more than 1800 Votes to our users.

Here are some Bot Stats :

STEEM Power 741.53 SP ( 13.79 + 727.74 )
Vote Amount $ 0.06 100%
VP ~> 100% in 11h 56m | Tomorrow, 04:10
Followers 371 | 8 following
Reputation 45.756
Post Count 51 posts | 625 comments
Vote Count 1891 votes | 826 received
Voting CSI [ NA ] ( 0.00 % self, 283 upvotes, 96 accounts, last 7d )

We want to thank all for the Delegations made Here is a list :

Delegator Amount Vesting Shares Delegation Time
teseo (Leased) 200.031 SP 0.406 MVests 2018-06-24, 00:34
cleansingpoetry 12.067 SP 0.025 MVests 2018-06-23, 03:33
poetsunited 64.135 SP 0.130 MVests 2018-06-23, 03:31
angelveselinov 150.012 SP 0.305 MVests 2018-06-23, 03:27
enginewitty 250.318 SP 0.508 MVests 2018-05-31, 09:56
vuds 7.272 SP 0.015 MVests 2018-05-06, 22:29
madevi 32.872 SP 0.067 MVests 2018-05-03, 00:52
cyemela 11.032 SP 0.022 MVests 2018-04-29, 23:45

The 2 Delegators that we have on the Trail for 2 100% upvotes a day right now are @enginewitty and @angelveselinov . If you want to become honorary supporter and put on the Vote Trail . Delegate at least 150 SP to the bot and you're set.

A call for help : This is the new Lease Link . We are calling anyone who wants to support the Poetry Community on steemit to Fill That Request. Thank You In Advance!

Thank You All

Our Mission is to Help All Minnow Poets gain Exposure and some Change to start up their Steemit Journey!

We encourage everyone who supports our vision to Donate, Upvote, Resteem and Delegate in order to give more exposure and capital to the community.

God Bless Peace and Love.

Follow Our Official Community Account @poetsunited
Use the First Exclusive Poetry/Arts Resteem Bid-Bot @cleansingpoetry
Check Out Our Website Here
Watch Poets United Friday Live Talk Show Here
Join Our Discord Server Here


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Let me know if you can't find anyone to fill the request.


The Best Witness To the Rescue as usual :) Well let's hope we find more generous people who want to help the Poets Community :) .

The new lease link above in your article is not working at the moment. (error)


Same for the DLife link for the Friday night show.


well delegation link expired long time ago ...