No More Trolling and Satire: Changing my focus

5년 전

Well, I had some fun for the past few days. 

In a mind-numbing mildly boring way.

To be sure, I had some short-term giggles, but it wasn't particularly fulfilling (though reasonably profitable).

The essence of trolling and the brand of satire that marked my posts, were to create arguments that were deliberately premised on little research or on a distortion of facts. For the lulz.

This deliberate ignorance gets boring pretty quickly. 

In the sense that I could be investing my time into activities more valuable to me (researching other business opportunities, or growing my current businesses, perhaps reacquainting myself with Maths for example).

I'll be posting less now,  will probably make comments on politics, or any insights that pass through my brain.

To my two or three fans, I think you will find 4chan to be a decent substitute.

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The troll has been converted, glad to see Steemit got it's claws into you. Looking forward to your posts in the future.

Same here , I have been following @ben99
@positive and others
Good learning following others to follow me
Here I am again at STEEMIT

I respect your decision, I was following you since couple days you are a very good writer but I think you should think again about your decision, steemit have just start , things change every day, now there is bots down-voting crappy posts and comments, in a few weeks steemit will be better I believe, good luck, I'm really sad to see good people go away

  ·  5년 전

Yeah but in other places you get nothing for a funny or useful comment.


I just recently posted a funny artical that only got 5 votes so far, its pretty good like alotof my other articles, and alot of stuff i read on steemit! And i get nothing for it! Same with coments, heres a link to a recent one i just posted It seems only the whales friends and girlfriends in bakinis etc. Get upvoted with big money! Or if you come to steemit with a group following from twitter, reddit, facebook. The majority of us can forget it!

  ·  5년 전

I can see you are upset but too me, i am not a content poster. I am just a casual commenter. (i have 0.2 sd and that is more then i have ever earn online) This platform fit me very well. But if u are a blogger, u need wordpress to make money form ads. If you are a celebrity u need twitter and facebook to earn money. Why not just also post it here. Any extra view helps.