Send me your content, get 50% of my SBD! #steemthru @stellabelle

5년 전

Inspired by @stellabelle 's remarkable success, and her shrewd marketing, I'm starting my own Steem-based content distribution network


Write content, and post it on Steem through me!

I will post 4 a day.

You can review my posts to get an idea of how much exposure they get.

Either contact me on or email me at

Look forward to working with you! Hope you #steemthru me!

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To be fair, @stellabelle does a lot of supporting, encouraging, mentoring, and editing for her share of these splits. This is a job for her. It is not just a matter of re-posting whatever someone sends her, though you are free to do as you wish.

You are raising a valid point; there seems to be a market for playing megaphone for the "powerless", at least for now that the distribution is so skewed.

Could be interesting. Any more details? Will you be promoting your content?


I won't be promoting.
You send me content, I post it. And you get 50% of SBD I receive, I can pay you in BTC also.

this is an interesting idea, I'm interested to see how it works out and will hopefully push some awesome content out there.


I imagine it has the potential too!


I could see this becoming a "thing" over time... kind of like sponsored posts on Instagram and the like, only with steemit. I dig it.

👍nice information, success always...

No offense... because I love the idea - but don't you need to be somewhat of a whale to make this work properly?


I mean @stellabelle was not a whale when she started.
She drew the attention of whales, who tied upvote bots to her posts.
I have a modest bot following, which I will aim to expand. If I succeed the effect will be similar to that of @stellabelle


She uses a secret-writer business model which I think is great. What will yours be? Or will you just post anything. I think she has already gained a following with it because users can also trust her content as new, different and gritty.

And I'm commenting about it because I am interested. .


BTW no offense taken bro. You didn't insult me!

Tomorrow I will send you something! Great chance for little users trying to make a name for themselves! Are there any guidelines or I can send you whatever I think is great?