Steemit is Heaven for Camgirls

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The sign that a particular cryptocurrency (or rather crypto-ecosystem) will be successful is if there's a genuine use case.

Well for Steem there are several.

But a particular one I was made aware of recently:

Tips for Camgirls.

Consider this typical exchange:

Camgirl: "I'll show you [body part] for two tips"

Man: "Oh bby can you do it for 1 tip? Also show this [body part] and do a verification picture.

Say hi [man's name]"

Camgirl: "No! Two tips and [body part]"

Man: "I luv you so much bby. So hot, so spicy. Oh bby. I just need this one pic, and I can't afford two tips.

Pls. Just give me this one kindness bby. Just this [body part]"

Camgirl: "Ok! But pay one tip after. Deal?"

Man: "I promise bby. This act of kindness will never be forgotten :) "

Camgirl complies

Man: [exits chatroom]

Camgirl: FML not again...

Now, it costs nothing for the man to upvote the Camgirl, but the click of a button (which he was doing anyways while navigating the site).

The result is that both the Camgirl and the man are pleased, and walk away from the exchange satisfied.

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As I said in Rocket Chat, I am surprised as all hell there have not been a influx of cam girls.

IRL people have to tip these girls with the own money - here it costs them nothing to upvote.

They have no reason not to, and the cam girl has every reason to be here since it removes another barrier for them.


Soon Steemit will be the realm of lonely old men and young whippersnappers hanging out in the #camgirl channel

  ·  5년 전

Do you think this will be good for the long term health of Steem? Will it bring in more people? Porn and cam girl sites can't sell advertising and don't bring in diverse, large audiences. They bring in minimally engaged male traffic. This site depends on engagement and big crowds for its long term health.


I actual disagree tbh. Adult traffic is vast ("big crowds") good content has pretty high user retention and the traffic is pretty diverse (from a trucker to a professional on a lunch break) . Plus people may come for the show, and stay for the content?


I think that is exactly the case. I find it utterly interesting people here clamor for non censorship...until something like this is brought up. Then censorship is ok. It's "not welcome". Why not?


There was a girl who took requests and posted images but dan and some people who thought it wasn't good for steem downvoted her and I think she got discouraged. It's those giant downvotes that scare them away, I think.


Let them operate in their own comfort zones ! Women can contribute better stuff on steem . I adore cam girls though 💃💃


I think everyone should be allowed to express what they wish here, as long as they categorize appropriately, why is there a problem?


You got a point Michael . Let people do as they wish as long as they don't steal nor cheat or scam


Hahaa ! No old men on steemit please 🙀


Thinking further on this, it would be interesting to see how this turned out. People CAN revoke their vote within 24 hours, so the cam girl will need a marathon session or ...


hahaha! Perhaps she can start her show after the payout?

You have an interesting viewpoint there. And yes, I'm surprised too!!

In my humble opinion there needs to be a steem clone released that is changed up to compete directly with sites like

I have always told the beyond bitcoin community (mostly made up of bitshares veterans who made steem possible) that we should have a graphene chain called "sexshares" or something like that built specifically so camgirls/boys can have their own tokens that float on a Decentralized Love you can find certain girls/guys and say "this person is going to become a huge cam star...and I want to buy their tokens before they skyrocket" and invest in them while at the same time giving them capital to buy the necessary equipment and have the necessary funding for everyday expenses as well.

Not that I'm trying to insult you guys, but ya sure seem to know a LOT about camgirls! :wink:


haha! Heard it through the grapevine?

Yeah okay but, I wouldn't show them that dialogue.

I love Camgirls , great post!!!