Use Steemit to Achieve Financial Freedom

5년 전

So I saw some posts advising newbies to reinvest their money in Steemit by default.

There are two questions I think you should consider before doing so:

- Am I able to make an informed decision?

E.g. do you understand the economics of Steem? do you understand potential legal risks etcetera

- Am I financially comfortable?

e.g. would an extra $1,000 make a difference to my life, or can I afford to lose it

Assuming the first question is no.

We're individuals. We all have different lives and are in different financial positions.

To some of us, several thousand dollars is negligible, to others several thousand dollars would enable them  to rid themselves of debt, or could help to pay bills etc...

My advice, if you've earned an amount of money that is significant to you on Steemit, is to consider whether you're prepared to lose that money.

That is whether that money is sufficient to improve your quality of life to some arbitrary degree, rather than just reinvesting it to earn more, based on insufficient information.

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I would say something else to this: don't let the mirrage of "estimated value" mess with your head.
YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT AMOUNT don't loan or buy against that or you risk finding yourself in MORE debt.

Balance in this matter is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for your sincerity.

I would certainly agree with not investing anything you are not willing to lose. Welcome to the wild west, and who knows where we will end up. Especially in 2 years :P

I would upvote, but you usually delete these kinds of posts.

This comes


One of the main reasons I want to reinvest in Steemit is that it helps the stabilize our platform


But if you don't have food in your fridge, or bailiffs knock on your door everyday I don't think it makes much sense to sacrifice your well-being for the platform. My opinion though.