Whaleshares Is Still There

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I know, I know

You don't give a shit but I just figured it wouldn't hurt to throw that out there with all of the people I see saying they are done with SteeRon, Tromit, or whatever just happened. You never know if someone might be looking for a new place to hang out that their money might go a bit further.

Look at it from a financial sense. If you bought and staked $500 worth of WLS (at the prices now) you might get 250000 WLS which would give you 300+ WLS per day from your stake reward. At those same prices, you could make $.60 a day back from your stake reward without posting anything. You just let it sit there and log in each day to claim it. No cross-voting your alts is necessary. You really don't need alts unless you just like them, as I do.

Or you can put some in your stake and some in your tip jar.

Yep, that's a thing too. You can do it all right from the site without having to go to your wallet. You can also put liquid WLS into your tip jar but that is a wallet function.

I put all of my stake rewards into my tip jar though and reward people with it. I feel that my investment is in the platform and the fact that I bought so many tokens extremely cheap allows me to put up or shut up. If the token goes up in price, I will do well. If it doesn't go up, it doesn't matter because other than server fees I only have about $500 invested so far and a whole lot of time. I don't count the time as an investment because this is what I love doing and I used to pay GoDaddy hundreds a year to self publish my blogs, which never made me any money.

So what I do is give out my 300 WLS per day to people that I enjoy on the platform. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with their writing if I like them and think that they are good for the platform. Sometimes I just tip their account directly. You can do that there. I am in a constant state of power down as well, so that any WLS I make from tips can be used to power up several pods so that people can be rewarded well for posting to them. As long as my account stays at the amount I bought, I am quite happy and they are my pods so it's not like I am losing anything.

Why would you give away your tokens?

Well, I don't look at it like I am giving away my tokens. When I was active on Steemit I used to post a couple of times a week. I self voted my posts but I tried to maximize my VP by voting ten times a day. There was a time when I had a delegation from @idikuci that gave me a nickle vote and I used it mostly on @comedyopenmic contestants and judges. I maybe kept a dime worth a week for myself. What's the difference if I use my stake rewards to distribute to others? I know there are a lot of people there that are glomming every token they can for themselves but what's the point? If people aren't getting rewarded, why even have a social media platform? What is there to increase the token value? Like I have told many people that come in wanting to know when the price is going up, "I hope not for a long time because I want to keep buying it."

I have set aside $100 a month for crypto(WLS) investments but switched to $50 crypto and $50 for silver and gold coins so I would like to build up some more before the price gets too high.

Anyhow, that's my big pitch. If you are planning on leaving here and want to check it out, send me a DM in Discord or comment here with your email or something. I can make you an account pretty quick and put enough stake in for you to do a short intro post. (Yeah, it costs DaBa to do any transactions on the network and you don't start with much at 0) Don't worry though. If you are genuine and not just there to crosspost your Steemit articles you should do quite well on your intro. If you want to do it yourself you can also check out the @tutorials account for detailed instructions on getting started. @penderis wrote one of them and didn't even swear. Can you believe that shit?

Oh, and there is also the Whaleshares bank that trades WLS with USD, Steem, and BTS without the huge Rudex fee and minimum.

Alrighty. I am off to bed. You all take care of yourselves and I hope that Steem will keep Steeming on with the other frontends and dapps. I still like playing Splinterlands every now and then, even though I sold my cards. It's actually fun playing bronze and silver.

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Tip me then I tip you :) But yeah I think the tipping is a pretty good model and at least separates it from all the platforms regurgitating the same things. !tip 1


Better than all the curation groups here paying themselves out the ass while giving out 3% votes to erryone else :joy:

Nah I feel you, tipping can be confusing sometimes, especially during tip wars :joy: but, I think it works pretty well in avoiding the scammers. Thank the fucks they are all leaving

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