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Greetings my lovely real friends of Steemit!

This is not a ranting post...well I think most of you know me quite well by now, I am not of the ranting type of person! Today's post is actually a special request to many people out there on Steemit....PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME!!!

Let me explain! (I am sure there are many cases same as mine!!!)

When you look at my profile, you will see that I have 1181 followers...many will think this is great achievement after only 4 months on this platform!!!

I have seen so many people making celebration post when reaching a 1000 followers, but I have never done so and I don't think I'll ever do one!!! The reason why is simple...continue to read below and you'll understand my personal point of view!

Do you know that out of that 1181 followers...252 of them are DEAD FOLLOWERS...meaning they have not been active for aver a month!!!

And the biggest shock is this one...811 of the 1181 followers I have are GHOST FOLLOWERS!!! They are active Steemians who didn't engage with me in my last 100 posts!!!

When you take out all of these dead followers and ghost followers, I am left with only approx. +150 real followers! This is the true number!

I am actually very happy with this number of followers, as I don't like seeing big numbers on my profile just to make me look good!

This is why I am making this request to especially those GHOST FOLLOWERS, please unfollow me guys!
Why you click on the follow button and never engage with me!? Why do you follow me and you seem not interested in my posts?

If you again look at my profile, you will also notice that I follow only 102 people and regularly update this list btw!
I follow only steemians who are engaging, replying to comments and also those with the same interest as me!
Nearly everyday I make my best to check out all the posts made by those I am following and I most of the time drop a comment.
Maximum I will be able to follow is 125, more than that will be impossible for me to keep track and have a nice real time here!

I have never understood how someone can follow 1000s of people and engage with them all, I would like to know that secret!!!

If you wish to check your dead followers and ghost followers, check this awesome application made by @sjennon and @pilcrow called : Spectacles!
Below is the link :


How many dead and ghost followers you have!?

What are your views on my point of view!?

Looking forward to a healthy conversation with you all!




The SBD made on all my posts moving forward will be used for sponsoring the Steemit Iron Chef 2017!

Anyone wishing to grow the prizes and be a sponsor of this unique contest, please do let me know!
You are most welcomed!

Thank you!

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hey bro great post:D lot love your best friend:D


Hey brother, thanks so much for stopping by on my post! I am so happy you enjoyed the post!


hey mate what you mean?


I was just thanking you for reading my post brother. I was so happy to see your comments!


hehe in 20 hours i can make good votes:D waiting for 100 percent: power thanks bro

How can they unfollow you if they àre already dead. ☺


My message if for the ghost followers my friend, not the dead ones!


Just kidding you know.😄

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much I've been hellish busy and having a nightmare with steemit but I'm not going anywhere bud :-)


I fully understand sometime we get so busy in our life and it becomes difficult to cope with the reading/commenting. Like right now I am so busy and now I am catching up on my replies! But I always make my best to at least drop 1 comment per week on the people I follow post!

I too enjoy reading your iron chief posts but don't comment but will do so at your kind asking. Peace.


I am not forcing anyone to comment on my post my friend, it's all your decision. But talking from my point of view, i believe it is a support for authors when we at least once a week just drop a meaningful comment.

Hello Progressive Chef!

I would like you to reconsider your conclusions about how 'ghosty' or 'dead' we really are. Ghost refer to your last 100 posts - people who comment a lot -like you and me- we can hit 100 posts in a few days! That means some of your ghosts might just have taken a break for a few days.

Dead followers, on the other hand, actually haven't posted, commented or upvoted on anything for at least 1 month. So it is very unlikely that they are seeing this article by you.

I am going to keep following you, against your wishes, because I like what you do - and I want to see the updates about your banana trees ;p I follow you for me, not for you. Your followers are not yours, they are us. I choose who I follow and do regularly try to unfollow those who are not posting content that I enjoy receiving in my feed.

But I may become a ghost from time to time, life is busy, my feed is full and sometimes - I just need a break. Its not about you - its about me.

Love and light!


This is beautifully written my friend, i really appreciate such comments! I am so happy to read that you enjoy my posts, this is so encouraging!
In fact, to notice my ghost followers, i no need to look into that app...using my common sense and seeing the comments on my posts, i already know who are serious followers and who are not!
I was having a messy home feed in the past too...but since I cleared my 'following' list to have only great authors, my home feed is so healthy with original posts only!


That is great to hear! I have also been pruning my following - Its important to keep only the people that bring us joy and laughter - happiness and learning - that help us to see the beauty of life ;p

you're exactly right, followers is the most meaningless statistic, and it's an issue about how many people sign-up here and leave,,, it's troubling about the turnover, growth has been stalled lately


You said it perfectly here mate! We are seeing quite some new comers everyday but they most quit very soon!
Everyone needs to know that it is mainly engagement will make you grow here on the platform. It is hard in the beginning but if you wanna succeed , you need to do it!

That is a fascinating​ app. It is definitely​ an interesting concept of how to classify followers.


It is really one of the best apps out there mate! Do try it and you will see many things there!

I enjoyed reading your pre-iron chef posts, but as you wish my friend. Unfollowing.


You are the most welcomed mate! Wish you a great time here!

I didn't know about this app! Moreover, I didn't know that we can have dead and ghost followers, and then I was thinking what's going on with my followers? Mystery solved! Thank you so much for this information! :)


This app is really great my friend! With it you'll see who your real followers and supporters are! I hope you go through it and keep it handy!

"Why you click on the follow button and never engage with me!? Why do you follow me and you seem not interested in my posts?"

I enjoy reading your content. I often have nothing to comment on it, but do read it. Just because I'm not engaging with you (or many others) regularly, doesn't mean your content isn't being enjoyed, or that we aren't interested in your posts. I can say if I wasn't interested in your posts, I'd certainly unfollow (within some time period of noticing my lack of interest in the content)


It's great to read that at least you enjoyed reading my post my friend, I am so happy reading this!
Getting feedback like this is really very encouraging for authors my friend, a small meaningful comment from time to time is really a great support!


I totally understand the support that the comments give. I love checking in and finding that I've got 4 or 5 comments to reply to. I'd love for it to be 10 or 20, but at the moment just having half a dozen is a pretty good day for me. But for every comment, there's around 10 votes, which is also nice. Even when most of them seem to be automated things, it's still some support.

Feedback also allows us to improve, so I'll try to be better at giving it more often

Lol...looking forward to the Steemit Iron Chef!


Thanks so much @dylanjacobson! Glad to read your comment here!

Hi Bro... @progressivechef... Very nice post... Even I was thinking of writing a post like this... Well done. But one thing. Since the servers were slow last week, the number of readers might have decreased...Even I could not read so many of my friends posts, which I was otherwise doing regularly...

One good thing.. Hearty congratulations once again for winning the contest successfully for the second time!! I just saw your name in my son's blog. Did you know this??

What a surprise!! You are the winner again!! Give one recipe for a sweet!! Let's celebrate... :) :) :)


Hello sister, maybe you are right, with the downtime things have not been so easy! I hope to see more engagement in the days to come!
Oh yes I did saw this on your son post! I am so happy to win for the second week in a row!
Time for celebration sister!
Thanks so much for the super encouraging words!


:) 👍👏

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Totally agree with you mate. You always provide detailed and engaging comments on my posts, and I really appreciate that.


Thanks so much for stopping by my friend! I always make my best to read all posts from all the people i follow on a regular basis and engage which i believe is very important!

I have resigned myself to the fact that you can never get to everyone Chef, so what I have decided to do about this is to make sure that I upvote comments that have some substance to them and counter back with an equally weighty comment. On average, I would say that I have about 30 core followers who I communicate with on a very regular basis. I have found that this has actually allowed me to get to know people, even better. I don't worry about dead or ghost followers but what that means is that these statistics don't offer me very much in terms of giving me the ability to change my own strategy.


You are absolutely right my friend! I would love to have only 30 followers instead of the 1000's!
I am also quite same like you, engaging regularly with some 25-30 regular ones.



hahaha! This is a nice coincidence mate! I think many people thinks the same but they do not voice it out!