Where have I been? Where am I going?

3년 전

Hello Steemians!


With my mom

I have gotten a lot of messages, comments, and emails about my whereabouts in the past month, and finally got the courage to make a blog post about it.

A month ago, I decided to take a couple weeks off of Steemit, and the internet in general. I got kinda addicted to being connected 24/7, and between FB, Steemit, IG, and some games I play; Stardew Valley and Stratego- I started to get quite depressed.

So, Rob sent me home to the province for some much needed rest and relaxation; To visit my family and to get outside on the beach :D

Since I had a plan to be gone for almost a month, I delegated my Steem Power to @boomerang, so I could still earn while being away.

When I got back to Cebu, I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a new platform that is doing very positive things- So I had to make the hard choice, and power down. For now.

I do love Steemit, (and of course all the great friends I have made here), but for the next few months I will most likely be AFK for a bit.

The good news is; Once this new platform kicks off, I will be able to return to Steemit with a vengeance!

Steemit is awesome, and I urge everyone to continue investing and reinvesting in it- However, if it becomes too much- Or it makes you stress, take a break!

(Special thanks to Rob, for helping me edit my words here, for this blog)



Bodyboarding with my little brothers

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You have to do what's right for you. I think once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity is pretty self-explanatory. Always go for it!

Glad to see you are with your family. Your mother looks beautiful! What happened to Bon and Lence? Have a great week!

Hi there! :) oh, so that's where u went.. =p well, g'lucl=k to u whatever u decide to do and thanks for supporting me, even if I am supposed to be one to support/help u more, since i can remember ur intro post way back when.. =p tc always,



We missed you so much,Ate!. Stay healthy and safe. .

We love you so much!

The boys are looking for you. 😘😍

Thanks for replying back on fb sis.
always good to see you. Missin you a lot.
glad that you are fine and your family.
stay strong, message me anytime.
Thanks for your advice, will keep that in mind.

You take care always.
Talk to you soon
Love you xoxo


No. Thank you for being a true friend.

Miss you more. I still have to go through some unread msgs on fb (tambak na naman eh) haha

Keep in touch. XOXO


I was a bit worried but thankful na nag reply ka ok na yon sakin:)
basta alam kong ok ka dyan. Ok naman ako same pa den wahaha
how's your cats and Nana? Hope they are all ok.
Yong fans mo sakin ka hinahanap sabi ko babalik ka soon.

We adopted Bella (a stray cat) tas nagka baby sis .
I'm a granny now wahuhuu
His name is OREO kapangaln ng pusa mo hihi

Take care. Love you always xoxo
work mode pa ko sis. later muaaaa


I am happy to seeing you today. @purepinay How are you doing and your family? Excited that you are doing great over there. Thanks for your worm advice, we would keep that in our mind. Misssssssssed you so much. Stay blessed and keep fit.


Been missing you Ma'm @purepinay on Steemit, thanks for the auto upvote, but you're powering down...Would you share to us about that new platform with more details? I guess it's interesting.


so true may pren @sunnylife. I was wondering din talaga bakit di na ako nakapagbasa ng post mo @purepinay. At least we know now. It's always good to be back. Welcome back my dearest friend @purepinay.


yes ma pren busy lang sya:) kelangan den nating mag relax relax minsan hehe
salamat ma pren, chika tau soon xoxo

Good luck to you with your new adventures! It’s always good to hear from you :)

Heyyy!! I've been missing you <3 I hope that you're doing well. How have all your plans been going? And will you tell us what this platform is? :D I'm really curious. I hope it's a success and brings you so much more, so that you can reinvest in the platform again, on Steemit and in your own life.

I did notice that you delied to boomy and ever since you did that and I told my friend, he started using Boomerang as the prime example of how to earn when you have more than 5k SP :D

Really looking forward to the time when you'll be coming back :) I myself don't think that I'm too addicted, although Steemit does take many hours in my days. I hope to find a balance soon. Real life awaits!


I missed you too, Sharon! Gosh! It was hard for me not to open my steemit account... imagine a person trying to quit drugs hahaha!

hah,a I will. Me too *fingers crossed

I have to wait to finish some projects here and still waiting for some documents.

I hope everything is well on your end.



@purepinay your mum is so beautiful and you also looking cute. Stay strong and my regards to your husband.

You do need a rest. It is not even good to have ourselves hooked on social medias. God bless you @purepinay! I feel you and I was even out of steemit for the past weeks now for to do something diff. Out of social media world. Just happy to see your post so timing that I checked mine.

God bless!

Go for it Gilaine!! You rock!!
But I do miss you so much!!!!
Sending months worth of Bear Hugs to you my beautiful friend!!
Muah!! x0x0x

Hello friend , it’s been quite been quite a while since you posted here , we miss you friend . We really do
We all hope you’ve been fine.
Wishing you well in life , don’t forget we love you
Your mom looks so much like your sister . Smiles happy investing

hello, gel @purepinay long time no sees, its been a while your not posting here.

I'm so happy and on behalf of steemitdavao, thank you

all members are upvoting on your beloved post.
thanks also for supporting us.
and we are so happy for your come back post.

take care always

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Good to hear an update from you.
The computer and social media is not giving the same value as real contacts and it makes me also depressed to spend the whole day infront of the computer.
I hope your investment is good. And never go all in in just one thing.
I love bodyboarding with my sister and Merri, too ;-)

Hi my dear lovely friend @purepinay
how are you?..and How are all of your family?..dear very nice your photography..
i really love your all post all time...and i support you all time....dear @purepinay
I've seen them going on many posts, you've helped them...You are a very rich man...so #please help me..
#please help me..
#please help me..
#please help me..
#please help me..
#please help me..
I am very poor #guy
thanks for sharing with us this post...


That helps the other God will help him


Thank you so very much for helping,
my dear lovely friend @purepinay
And I hope you'll help me all the time

hi dear @purepinay.. how are you ..
i am new to your blog..
you and your mom really very beautiful..

I love your post.

Good luck to you! :) See you when you come back. Have fun with your adventures! :)

Welcome back @purepinay I miss your awesome post!

All the best for you there sis...

Take care Gil!!!! <3 Glad to know you had a relaxing vacation. ^^

hope you'll come back for good here on steemit soon

It's great to see you appear in my feed again. What's the new platform you're working with @purepinay?

I love this post conveys happiness and freedom

Great to have an update from you. It has been a while since your last post actually. It feels good to know you’re fine and I totally wish you good luck in your other project.

Plus, how are your family members doing? It is always fun time with family, hope you had fun despite your rest and relaxations.

Cant wait to have you back on here, thank you mightily for your support in the community.

Have a wonderful time.

Wonderful post
i like it very much

I remember you saying you felt a little stressed about things. I am glad you took some time to refresh. Congrats on this new opportunity. Hope to have you back soon:)

Strike a balance of using your time. Spend time with yourself and your family. You deserve it! 😉

You are so popular on steemit world everyone is waiting for you post i think you are busy on others projects best wishes for that one it will bring success for you which you have done in your mind hope so that you will back here as soon as possible you are supportive personalitu looking awesome in fantastic moody vission keep it up witj great wishes God bless you more as you expectation

I like the way you said to come back in Steemit with vengeance 'coz I feel it these days. I wanna revenge but it's against the law of God for in the Bible it says in 1st Peter 3:9
" Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing."

Take care Geliane. I was very depressed 'coz I I felt like my skills are not great and I lose supporters. Sometimes I think it'd better to just power down but I too love Steemit. This is my home. I will wait for you soon. You have a wonderful boyfriend anyways for taking care of you and for editing your content. Good luck to the new opportunity.

This post has received a 47.9 % upvote from @boomerang.

Awwwwww I miss you sweetheart. And I hope you get back soon again.
You and Mum look so gorgeous. Wish you success in the new project. Muahh

you are look in great happy moment. be happy in all stage of your life

I am glad that you are back ate Gilaine. It's been a months since you didn't post.

Ate @purepinay welcome back :) thank you sa tanang tabang hahaha

Take a break, @purepinay! You deserve it! 😊 And whatever you'll be working on soon, wishing you the best of luck!

This post has received a 12.89 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @purepinay.

Nice to read your post again @purepinay. Good luck with your new investment when you came back home. Keep safe always

oh..that sounds interesting sis! yes true having a break is good for you and for all of us too! enjoy!

I think it's great that you decided to leave for a month to not be sitting in front of your computer all the time! I'm sure your family was excited to see you too :) It's important to take a break and to know your limits, so that you're still out there and live a happy life! :)

it's nice to see you back Gillaine ;*

Happy that you had great opportunity coming , you are blessed :)

keep the connection going, i'm glad to see you active for a while here.

I was away for a month and i started posting again this month, the first thing i noticed was your auto upvote and i didn't know how to reach out to you. I just woke up to this post and i'm so excited that you are okay.
Thank you so much @purepinay

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Congratulations @purepinay!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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looks like lots of fun

Hello friend @purepinay, a joy to hear from you, that you are well, that you have been resting and now in a new project that gives new energy to your renovating impetus. It's great that you decided to take a break to release what made you feel depressed and stressed, what causes these symptoms is not good and the best thing is what you did, to get away and look for new airs. Sometimes life asks us for changes that motivate us and give us an alternative to look to the future in a more beautiful and joyful way.

So continue with your plans with that energy characteristic in you and courage that you are a special person who illuminates what surrounds you, I congratulate you for having made that decision for your sake, we will miss you but everything is for your overall wellbeing, happiness always friend.


Hello @purepinay.. its nice to see you back again..
im happy to see you with your mom..
thank you for all your unending support for a newbie like me..
God bless you more and more... ❤️❤️❤️

  ·  3년 전

Hello poh, medyo matagal-tagal dn ng kunti bago ka ng post uli.,
Sana poh makilala din namin yang platform na yan at makasali nmn poh kami,. lalo na poh kaming mahihirap hehe.

Sana magkita tau sa cebu pagnapunta kami dyan.

PS, mana ka poh pala sa kagandahan ng mom. God Bless You and your family poh.

Woah! I miss reading your travel blogs!!!

Good to know about you, dear friend, it is seen that you spend wonderfully well, very happy and beautiful, greetings and infinite blessings.

  ·  3년 전

You seem to having a lot of fun. Like we say in my local parlance, which isn't really local? I want to be like you when I grow up , that's ironical right? Given that I'm 24 and ageing.
Well, I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavour, and don't take too long before you come back so we don't miss you too much.

Lots of Power and Love to you and Rob!

Please do not answer any comments, just read and feel happy about it. Sings of depression should be a big red alert and taken very serious.

I am very happy to see your post again @purepinay! I am checking everyday to see if there's an update on your feed. Glad you find time now. 😄Whatever decision you make I am supporting you 101%. I would also like to thank you for the support you're giving me. You're a blessing to us in this platform! Stay gorgeous and God bless you always!😙😄❤

Hello. This is good bro, it's encouraging.

Wonderful idea is necessary to disconnect, but back friend. A welcome hug.

wow, it's good to read your post again.
but it should be before you rest you should make a little post about it. so we as a big fan you do not worry, stress and lack of enthusiasm.
hopefully you always make the right decision. thank you @purepinay.
regards your follower @longberry.

Hi Gilaine - I'm so glad to hear from you and many thanks for your upvotes. I'm still trying hard in this nuthouse and all I want is a nice boyfriend to send me to the province with my family. But I don't have any of that! I'm re-thinking everything about my life now after reading your post.

I'm sorry to here you are leaving again and so happy it's for a good reason. I hope you will return soon. You are just the type of people steemit needs and I wish wish wish...

woah. I miss you sweetheart. And I hope you get back soon again.

how are your family members doing?

Good luck sa new venture mo. :)

So glad to see you take the deserving break and relax on the beach with your family. I know how that feels, because I love the beach and I think it is the best place to get some peace, rest, relaxation, and just overall healing from the inside and out.

  ·  3년 전

such a great summer with your family Gil!

Welcome back @purepinay & be with steemit.

que hermosas <3

I don't know where to look for you,so I asked @sunnylife maybe she could explain why it's been so long you've posted and make comments on @surpassinggoogle post but all she said is that you will be back soon

Your auto upvote is what I see first whenever I post, thanks so much for this cos it help me making as much as posts I wish to post cos I know your auto upvote will surely come

Thanks much I really appreciate

Welcome back Ma'am Nice to see you again. How are you?

I remember going through a post by Rob, having no idea whatsoever about him being your guy and I read this part about how he met you and I, In fact made a comment stating that was such a adorable story to hear and then I realized that you were the girl he was talking about haha .. So cute you guys..
So, when will you tell a detailed tale of your love story?

First of all, it's great to have you back on this platform. It's difficult to make you believe how bad I felt without seeing you around for the past month. I didn't know anything about your whereabouts. Sometimes, I thought you might have left this platform or you have some other plans to work on. Anyways, it's good to see you after a long time and that too with your mother. Please pardon me for saying that your mother is more beautiful than you. She's gorgeous and both of you look great. I pray for both of you from bottom of my heart....

Welcome @purepinay. We've been missing you.. God bless!

I am happy you're back! lol

What platform? Tell me.

Hiii My Sweet Friend @purepinay Wellcome back and feeling glad to see you again active here, I really miss you a lot and send you many messages also asking about you from your sister @gerel. I felt that in your absence the attraction and beauty of steemit become fade. Its fine that you spent a time at home for rest and relaxation. after seeing the picture of your mother I find the hidden clue of your beauty because your mother is also so beautiful and attractive lady.My best wishes always for you and Lots of Love and kisses for you. take care.

Wow!!! Its nice to have you back @purepinay, for someone who is supporting newbies like me who is not really good in this platform, I wish you to stay on steemit, but if you need to be AFK for awhile for your own sake, that would be ok.
Best wishes @purepinay 😚

Quote: "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a new platform that is doing very positive things"... Interesting!

Can you share something about this new platform, @purepinay?

may your good genes thrive

Thank you for the upvotes while you were out :) We are excited to see what you are cooking :) keep safe and god bless!

Hello ganda!😍
Kamusta ka? Kaya pala tuwing pupuntahan kita dito sa wall mo wala kang blog. Masayang pagbalik ganda @purepinay😍
Salamat ng sobra kasi kahit na wala ka anjan kaparin lage nagvovote sa post ko. Miss you ganda!😘😍

nice to see you back again @purepinay!! God bless you and the rest of your family...:)

wow. Welcome back @purepinay Good to have you back. I am glad i am following you already. And i am sure to gain alot from your posta henceforth.

How have all of your plans been going? and could you inform us what this platform is? I hope it is a fulfillment and brings you a lot extra, so you can reinvest in the platform again, on Steemit and to your very own life

Go to where your heart will lead you. God bless your way, @purepinay!

Good luck with your plans @purepinay. I wish you success.

Hello beautiful! I'm new here and it's just sad that I won't be seeing your post for weeks or months. Good luck to you future endeavors!

Dear gilaine Thanks for the support and your input here and looking forward to the New platform ....... and for now untill later big Kiss from holland CUSOON

Good for you! It seems things are looking better for you and you are heading in the right direction. Good luck to your decisions!

I was feeling the same thing. I need more time with my kids sometimes and less time holding my phone or computer. I am so happy for you baby. You look amazing and happy btw.

And your mom is awesome. Love you guys. Good luck znd have a great weekend. ♥️💋😚

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Nah! Still don't forget to give some time for your precious eyes to relax. You're still gorgeous as your mom. Glad to know you're in a vacation. Stay healthy and pretty @purepinay! <3

Welcome back you have been missed!!!

Oh cool. So that's why. Life is indeed better when we're connected to nature. Sad I didn't see this sooner to upvote it with my dust upvote. 😂

Thanks for your upvotes, truly appreciate it. ❤️

(I'm curious what investment that is. 😂 Maybe we can join it too?)

Alam ko na kung saan nanggaling ang kagandahan mo @purepinay .....

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Now I know kung san kayo nagmana ni @gerel... Your mom is pretty as you two.... Have a great day ms. Gilaine... Hope to see mire post from you... 😘😘😘

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You look really happy!♥
Good luck to you with your propose! It is good!

It is great to see you investing your time and hard work into other things!

very beautiful photo

A very interesting story, I'm also a true steem lover, and I really want to make friends with people who are more motivated than me. I really like you, and seek knowledge from you.