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I am not big in to believing what media is pushing down everyone's neck right now about this being the greatest threat to everyone blah blah
However due to my father suffering from copd and asthma and having been in hospital 3 times in the last 3 months it would be silly to take any risks to his health.
I took my child out of school last week and stopped working myself last week too.
So plenty of time to relax???
Well not really kinda hard with a 5 year old either lose him to youtube or step up and entertain him.
We did reading 'Jack and the beanstalk' and some writing practice and topped off with some numbers wow
We grasped the concept of adding multiple numbers we got as far as 2+2+2++3+2
Soon I will have him trading for me with more success I would think.
Any ideas of how to keep entertained in these weird times?

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With us it works this way.
We wake up between 7-8 am instead of 4 am.
The children start with the search for their homework. Each teacher dumps it somewhere else on the internet. The biggest part is filled with homework.
In between we do house chorus (yesterday the laundry, today the garden and dishes). We eat and prepare meals together and chat about... (homework, history, drawings, family, the Coronavirus theory..).
One child started walking with one dog daily (every day a new one).
I try to put a limit to the time spent to homework but it's hard. After homework is done they watch a bit television.
Our days go fast and are short. Children from 4 years old have to go to school with us so they have the same full days as the rest. You can teach yours a bit, let it play or keep itself busy for a while too. Start a new hobby. Tell a story together, make it up in turn say a line ir two, learn how to photograph (10 items starting with the same letter) etc. 💕


Sorry missed your comment totally agree great advise. He is hooked on the ps4 so i am trying to get him away from it. Took him to the field today and made him do a few.laps and some sprints that tired him out lol