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Not played many games for about 20 years.
To be really honest they dont make any sense these days (old man talk).
Back in the days you got a game played it nonstop until you 'clocked' it. Basically finished it as there was a finish.
Now the games just go on and on with no ending, mainly to make money repeatedly off consumers.
Since the start of isolation it has been a bit boring so we decided to get a ps4 mainly for my 6 year old.
We have been playing fortnite which i really dont get the outcome of but it is fun.
Managed to finish 6th in solos which i think is pretty good considering only played a handful of times. Either I am half decent or the rest are lame. Probably the later.
We also have street fighter now that bring back some memories.
I played 26 fights and didnt lose a round including 12 perfects - still got it.
My boy thinks i am the 'sickist' player, which i suppose is the best bit. Some of the players have changed but the moves remain similar if not same for.majority of characters which is cool.
It is a change to the norm of work, sports betting, work so make a change
Back to gaming👍

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