**Be Patient.....You will be WELL Rewarded for your Time at Steemit**

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Be Patient.....You will be WELL Rewarded for your Time at Steemit

  1. Just Post Good Content i.e Legitimate and Ethical

  2. Increase your Followers to get more exposure for your Posts

  3. Increase your Steem Power (SP) to get more exposure and Influence

  4. Increase your Reputation to be more influential at Steemit Platform

  5. Maintain your Voting Power above 80% to gain it back daily

  6. Daily Make 2 to 4 Posts at Steemit traffic Rush hour

  7. Read Posts and Comment frequently but with relevance

  8. Create strong affiliation with Followers and other Fellow Steemians

  9. Just Work Hard to Follow above Mentioned STEPS


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(Key of SUCCESS is to HELP Each Other in GOOD FAITH)

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That's what I would be interested in too, how do I increase my voting power?


Please visit www.steemd.com/@username here you see all your stats ....presently your VP is around 50....dont upvote till it reaches 100% ...Whenever you upvote it lesses @2% and it recovers daily 20%...so you have to maintain 80% level.... if you have further querries please do contact me at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014290569795 ...always there to help you in good faith
you can also check steemit guide for more help https://steemit.com/steemit/@rajag234/steemit-guide-and-tips-for-newbies-at-steemit-community


Thank you i needed this post! as I was running out of steem and starting to lag, and this helped to give me a new inspired look at things, regards Gez........

"Maintain your Voting Power above 80% to gain it back daily"-How? How can i increase and decrease my voting power?


Childhood memories: why are they so difficult to recall?

I Caught The Sky Changing Colors

Never Be Afraid To Stand Alone

Don't Look down, Don't Ever Give Up


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ok followed and upvoted your last post.... Tip: Complete your profile , dp and check your stat at www.steemd.com/@username


ok thanks but my question was How can i increase and decrease my voting power?


bro this is explained in this posts first comment and read and learn


what is vests?


share ....


sorry make me clear please, vests means share or you share post about vests?


its ok...plz consult dictionary it will clear the concept

I love this post. I appreciate content that is to the point.
can you offer any advice on whether to invest in steem or not?
I don't have much money so I can't invest 100s of dollars :(

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Hi @rajag234!
Thank you so much for sharing this. It inspires people to keep going and work hard. Together we will build an awesome community here on steemit.


You are welcome ...check also my post Steemit Guide ..it will help you more in growing your earnings

These are some really good tips. I have to increase my SP :)


yea you have too.... contact me i will guide you more that how to increase SP at Fb


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And i will follow u too

Which is the rush hour in steemit ?


its your observation ....when you see more traffic is on steemit ...post at that time....

@rajag234 Hey brother, I'll be following your posts and replying with my usual. lt will sometimes be fun stuff, but I'm all about posting things that are relevant and will help people come together as a community of like-minded people: giving each other a hand up.

As I'm sitting here dictating into Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, which I'm doing a comprehensive learning review on in the near future, I think about the fact that I want to so desperately go and have a coffee first, before I dictate this because it makes my brain feel better.

It's telling me that I'm already at 537 characters, but now it's 587 characters.

This thing is absolutely amazing. I think I'm going to buy version 13 student edition and if people like this comment that will help me on my way.

On my previous playground called Laura strikethrough Laura – – see Dragon Dictation is not perfect yet but like anything, you have to learn how to use it, and it's trainable, just like a dog. Just like you, the Royal you. I mean. I guess that means we.

There I just trained a new word. Quora.com

There see, it's not very hard at all. Like learning how to type, which was one of my questions that I asked on Quora.

you see, I really believe that, just like typing, being here on steemit is something that is a learnable skill. So, in the same vein as your post, onwards and upwards and keep up the good work I saw in this very first post before I followed thee.

That last paragraph was the only thing I did not dictate. It was faster than the dictation..but, its all about repetition and as I go along I will be keeping everyone apprised of the end result. Supposedly one guy wrote an entire book in 3 days.

In this post. While little bit disjointed because I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Pro version. Double space and,… I won't tell you where I downloaded it from, but I will say that I will keep my promise that if it helps me write quickly, efficiently and with great alacrity. I will then purchase it and I hope that anyone that sees my posts that say Dragon dictation NaturallySpeaking 12 Pro version, will support me by clicking the upvote so that I can spend that $75-$500 [will you look at that, it actually put the dollar signs and the –]. Double space. (still have to work on training that!

I was wondering, can I steal that gift that is hanging at the bottom of your posts that says thank you for your vote, comment re-steam. If you liked my post, that is.

See, I read it backwards, and I do not have the editing skills on Dragon Dictation NaturallySpeaking 12 Pro version yet to do complex selection and copying and pasting.

Thanks for the MORNING STEEM motivation!


So keep up the good work my friend.

LIKE minded people: giving each other a hand up


Thanks For reply ...sure Key of SUCCESS is to HELP Each Other in GOOD FAITH)

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