Friends love


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Friends will be forever
Friends are my strength, friends are my motivations,
Friend is my love 1
Friend means suddenly flashing light in the dark,
Friend means a promise
"I'm on the side"
Friend means crossing a friend's path with his hands
Friends trust me 1
Want to tell a friend "
"Love you so much"

Friends are always a free flow of friendship. Like free birds. It is not possible to introduce a friendship in one word or just in a song or just in a poem. It is never possible to express the depth of friendship. How many poems-stories-novels have been written about friendship!
Have I ever thought of whom I consider a friend, why call him a friend? Don't think Friendship does not judge a specific relationship. Friendship is not a prisoner in age.

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Education-finance-religion does not mean friendship. There may be an illiterate boy and a friend on the street. There is no saying that friends need to be educated. Sometimes an unhealthy person becomes a friend of life. Holy friendship is found in friendship. To this day, no one has ever been able to say when a friendship occupies its place, and neither can in the future.

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