Love is immortal


Some soul relationships become more than blood relations.

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Relationships do not lose, nor change. We change the names of animals.

Love is a feeling, you can never forget the day you first met him. You will remember everything he read that day, how he spoke, what was talked about. Even today, the feeling of a good feeling will spread in your mind.

Love is the name of the most powerful and sacred feeling in the world. We love father, mother, brother, sister and family since birth. But at a certain age in human life, love changes. Although strange to hear, it is scientifically proven to make you love the smell of your favorite man. Everyone wants love, but it's not everyone's luck. Unfortunately, even if your loved one loves someone else, love or respect for them will not diminish.

"Love is like a hidden object, not letting anyone know it, not knowing it."

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"There's nothing like expressing love, I love you wherever you express, love ends there."

To love someone is to love deeply. If there is suffering in love, there must be sacrifice. Must have the mentality to sacrifice. And the one who loves the most is suffering. It must also have the capacity to endure. Some are happy to receive love, no one is happy, and others are happy to see from a distance.

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If you want to avenge love for some reason or take a hateful step like suicide, that is to say, you have not truly shown love.

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